10 Best Cheap Gaming Keyboards Under $50/£50

The best cheap gaming keyboards under $50/£50: Serious gamers know that peripherals can impact gaming performance and experience.

But top-tier gaming keyboards often cost a premium. Luckily, quality budget options are now with great features under $50/£50.

Affordable gaming keyboards provide fast, responsive inputs for quicker reactions and better control.

They cut costs by reducing unnecessary bells and whistles without sacrificing core gaming capabilities.

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10 Best Cheap Gaming Keyboards Under $50/£50

10 Best Cheap Gaming Keyboards Under $50£50

Here are 10 of the best cheap gaming keyboards under $50/£50:

1. Havit Mechanical Keyboard

The Havit mechanical gaming keyboard delivers satisfying clicky blue switches, rainbow backlighting, and rugged build quality for under $50/£50.

The ergonomic wrist rest maximizes comfort for long sessions. Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover ensure accurate gameplay inputs. For an affordable mechanical gaming keyboard, Havit is a top choice.

2. Logitech G213 Prodigy

Logitech’s G213 Prodigy offers versatile membrane switches tailored for gaming under $50/£50. LED backlighting offers customization while the spill-resistant design adds durability.

Gaming-specific keys allow mapping shortcuts and macros to enhance play. The G213 Prodigy brings Logitech’s gaming pedigree to an affordable price point.

3. HyperX Alloy Core

The HyperX Alloy Core packs great gaming performance into a compact, portable design. Quiet, responsive membrane keys get the job done for gaming while sliding under budget at around $40/£40.

The aluminium body provides desktop stability while remaining lightweight for on-the-go gaming. A mighty mini option perfect for tight budgets.

4. Roccat Magma Membrane Gaming Keyboard

Roccat’s Magma membrane keyboard offers slim keys with fast presses and quiet operation perfect for gaming under $40/£40. Six programmable macro keys allow customization for your favorite games.

The compact, sleek design conserves desk space for mouse movement. With AIMO intelligent lighting, the Magma brings premium Roccat quality at a budget cost.

5. MSI Vigor GK20

MSI’s Vigor GK20 gaming keyboard is packed with capabilities including RGB backlighting, programmable keys, and anti-ghosting technology for under $50/£50.

The aluminum top plate gives stability while still keeping weight light. For affordable MSI gaming peripherals, the Vigor GK20 is a sure bet.

6. Dell KM636 Wireless

Dell’s wireless KM636 keyboard and mouse combo enables cable-free gaming thanks to a reliable 2.4G wireless connection.

Whisper-quiet keys allow rapid inputs without disturbing others for under $40/£40. Convenience features like hotkey media controls and a volume roller boost productivity too. A great package for the money.

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7. VicTsing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

VicTsing’s mechanical keyboard offers clicky, tactile blue switches, RGB backlights, and all keys programmable for macros under $40/£40.

Heavy-duty construction sustains rough gaming usage while the gaming mouse included provides a complete budget desktop setup. Get responsive precision keystrokes for less with VicTsing’s combo deal.


EVGA’s Z12 keyboard stands out with premium aesthetics including sleek RGB edge lighting despite its budget cost under $40/£40.

Quick response times aid precision while convenient media keys simplify volume and playback control. EVGA applies its hardware expertise to craft an excellent low-cost gaming keyboard.

9. Logitech K120

Sometimes basic gets the job done, which Logitech’s no-frills K120 keyboard exemplifies for under $15/£15.

While lacking extras, it provides fast, responsive key presses for smooth game controls thanks to a reliable membrane design. Spill-resistance adds durability to this highly affordable workhorse.

10. NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard

NPET’s gaming keyboard combo includes a full keyboard with quiet tactile switches, RGB backlighting, ergonomic wrist rest, and high-DPI gaming mouse for under $40/£40.

The package offers a complete desktop gaming setup an an unbeatable budget price point.

Benefits of Budget Gaming Keyboards

Affordable gaming keyboards under $50/£50 offer many advantages:

  • Cost savings – Get great performance without overspending on premium features.
  • Portability – Compact, lightweight designs make transporting to gaming sessions easy.
  • Responsive keystrokes – Tactile mechanical or fast membrane switches allow quick reactions.
  • Customizability – Programmable keys/macros let you optimize for your favorite games.
  • Basic backlighting – Essential RGB or single color lighting aids visibility for night gaming.
  • Gaming partnerships – Products co-designed with gaming brands like MSI and Roccat.
  • Complete desktop bundles – All-in-one keyboard and mouse packages available.
  • Core durability – Solid build quality where it counts in gaming areas.
  • Budget-friendly extras – Small conveniences like media controls and wrist rests.

What to Expect from Cheap Gaming Keyboards

In order to keep costs low, affordable gaming keyboards under $50/£50 typically comprise:

  • Entry-level membrane keys rather than more expensive mechanical switches. But still fast and responsive.
  • RGB backlighting limited to presets rather than per key programmability.
  • Plastic chassis construction versus higher-end metal alloys.
  • Core gaming-focused extras like programmable keys rather than full macro pads and additional ports.
  • Wired connectivity for consistent low latency performance.

The focus stays on providing the essential gaming capabilities rather than unnecessary frills.

Optimizing Inexpensive Gaming Keyboards

While budget picks offer great bang for buck, you can optimize them further:

  • Adjust keyboard settings like polling rate and repeat rates for your preferences.
  • Set backlighting to a static color to increase visibility.
  • Use a keyboard tray or surface to position your hands optimally.
  • Assign macro keys to multi-step game commands to simplify input.
  • Reduce keyboard layout size if too large for your desktop space.
  • Clean regularly to prevent debris buildup affecting key presses.
  • Handle carefully and store in bag/case for transport if planning to game on the go.

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To Sum Up

While premium gaming keyboards have super customizable features, excellent budget options provide the responsive key inputs and rapid commands needed for winning gaming.

Affordable keyboards from trusted brands like Logitech, MSI, and HyperX offer the essential performance capabilities for under $50/£50.

Take time to assess your must-have functions like customizable macro keys or RGB lighting. But resist overspending on unnecessary extras.

An inexpensive keyboard allows spending more on other vital components like headsets, controllers, and laptops.

With a quality budget gaming keyboard, you can equip yourself with responsive controls to outplay the competition.


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