10 Best Places to Buy PS5 For Cheap in US

The Sony PlayStation 5 remains one of the hottest gadgets following its Nov. 2020 launch. With extremely high demand and limited supply, finding the best places to buy a PS5 for cheap is tricky.

We will take a look at 10 great options for getting your own PS5 without paying scalper prices.

Over 15 million PS5 consoles have been sold worldwide, but they frequently sell out within minutes of restocks.

Ongoing supply chain issues coupled with scalpers using bots have made buying a PS5 directly from retailers difficult.

However, with the right timing and some savvy shopping techniques, you can still obtain a PS5 without emptying your wallet.

We’ll outline when and where to buy, bundles, price ranges, accessories, and tips to maximize your chances.

Keep reading and you’ll be playing Spiderman: Miles Morales on your new PS5 in no time!

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When to Buy PS5

10 Best Places to Buy PS5 For Cheap in US

Retailers receive ongoing restocks, often multiple times per week. But exactly when those new allocations arrive is usually a mystery outside of the company.

Here are some patterns to watch for:

  • Weekday Mornings – New stock typically comes on delivery trucks on weekday mornings before stores open. Online restocks also tend to happen 9 a.m.-12 pm on weekdays.
  • Thursdays & Fridays – Restocks are most common leading into weekends when more people are available to make purchases.
  • Holidays/Black Friday – Special bundles and discounted pricing are sometimes offered around major holidays and shopping days.

Follow Twitter accounts that tweet real-time PS5 restock news and turn on notifications. When you see an alert, be ready to click fast. Persistence and good timing are key!

Best Places to Buy PS5 For Cheap in US

Here are 10 best places to buy PS5 at reasonable prices:

1. Direct from Retailers

The best way to get PS5 for MSRP is to buy directly from major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, GameStop, and Sony when inventory drops. Prices are:

  • PS5 Digital Edition – $399.99
  • PS5 with disc drive – $499.99

Be ready to place your order immediately once stock appears. Consider both local pickup and delivery.

2. PlayStation Direct

Sony sells PS5 consoles directly through PlayStation Direct at standard MSRP. You can register for exclusive invitations to purchase when inventory is available.

3. Warehouse Stores

Check warehouse stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s Wholesale for PS5 bundles included with games, accessories, and PlayStation Plus memberships. These provide extras at reasonable combined prices.

4. Official Sony Refurbs

Sony sells refurbished PS5 consoles directly from their warehouse for $25-50 less than new ones.

All refurbs are thoroughly tested and cleaned. This is a rare way to get discounted PS5 pricing when available.

5. Local Classified Listings

Scour Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, and OfferUp for lightly used PS5 consoles being resold locally. Meet in a public place and inspect closely before purchasing.

6. Antonline Bundles

Retailer Antonline regularly gets PS5 inventory for discounted bundle deals like a PS5 + extra controller + game for around $660 total. Sign up for alerts on their site.

7. GameStop Pro Membership

Joining GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Pro program for $15 per year provides early access to some restocks. You’ll also get extra trade-in credit and a subscription to Game Informer magazine.

8. Third-Party Amazon Sellers

While many Amazon third party sellers drastically overprice PS5 consoles, some reasonable offers can be found with diligent searching and price tracking. Sort by Newest Arrivals.

9. PlayStation 5 Giveaways

Enter reputable giveaways for a chance to win a free PS5 console or bundle. Check official Sony social accounts, popular gaming streamers, and major brands running promotions.

10. Follow Restock Twitter Accounts

Accounts like @PS5StockAlerts, @SpielTimes, and @Wario64 provide reliable, real-time updates about PS5 availability across major retailers. Turn on push notifications so you never miss a restock.

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Price Ranges to Expect

Here are typical price ranges for buying PS5 without paying scalper premiums:

  • PS5 Digital Edition – $399.99 MSRP (retail), $360-380 refurbished
  • PS5 Disc Version – $499.99 MSRP (retail), $480-500 bundled, $450 refurbished
  • Bundles – $600-700 depending on games and accessories included

Accessories & Extras

Don’t forget extra PS5 controllers, charging stations, headsets, cameras, games, PlayStation Plus subscription, and more. Shop sales and bundles.

Tips to Actually Buy PS5

  • Sign up for stock tracking alerts on YouTube, Twitter, Slickdeals, and other deal sites
  • Prepare accounts with payment info saved at major retailers
  • Use laptop/desktop and mobile to shop – whichever loads fastest
  • Don’t give up! It may take multiple tries but persistence pays off

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To Sum Up

Despite ongoing shortages, you can get a PS5 without lining scalpers’ pockets by following restock accounts, striking at the right times, and pouncing on bundle deals and discounts when available.

With some effort, you’ll be victorious. Enjoy next-gen gaming when you finally score that coveted PlayStation 5!


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