10 Best Budget Gaming Monitors in the UK for Under £200

Best Budget Gaming Monitors in the UK for Under £200: Serious gamers know that a high-performance monitor can elevate the gaming experience.

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But top-tier gaming monitors often cost a premium. Thankfully, the budget gaming monitor market has exploded with quality options for under £200.

Affordable gaming monitors provide fast refresh rates, low response times, and adaptive sync technology to enable smooth, tear-free gaming visuals.

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Best Budget Gaming Monitors in the UK for Under £200

10 Best Budget Gaming Monitors in the UK for Under £200

Here are the top 10 best budget gaming monitors in the UK retailing for under £200:

1. AOC 24G2U

AOC’s 24G2U gaming monitor punches well above its under £200 price tag. It provides rich colors through IPS panel technology, a super-fast 144Hz refresh rate, and a 1ms response time for incredibly smooth gaming visuals.

It also supports AMD FreeSync Premium adaptive sync for eliminating tearing. For fast-paced competitive gaming, the 24G2U is hard to beat.

2. ASUS TUF Gaming VG27VH1B

This 27-inch ASUS TUF gaming display provides sharp 1080p visuals at a swift 144Hz refresh rate and quick 1ms response that keeps the action clear and fluid. NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible adaptive sync prevents stuttering and tearing.

The monitor also boasts Extreme Low Motion Blur tech and support for HDR10. At under £200, the VG27VH1B is ideal for immersive, competitive gaming.

3. MSI Optix G241VC

MSI’s Optix G241VC brings speedy 1080p gaming through its 23.6-inch 144Hz VA panel with a 1ms response time. AMD FreeSync Premium support reduces tearing, while the curved design increases immersion.

The monitor provides fantastic color performance at this price point. For fast 1080p gaming under £200, the Optix G241VC hits the mark.

4. iiyama G-Master G2470HSU

The iiyama G-Master G2470HSU offers vibrant IPS color paired with smooth 144Hz gaming for under £200. The 24-inch 1080p display keeps motion blur minimum through a speedy 0.8ms response time.

FreeSync support enables artifact-free imaging. The G-Master G2470HSU is an affordable gaming gem with incredible performance per pound.

5. Philips 243V7QDSB

This 23.8-inch Philips display provides gorgeous IPS color reproduction and AMD FreeSync adaptive sync technology for under £150. While limited to 75Hz, the sub-5ms response time keeps games feeling snappy.

The incredible price-to-performance ratio makes this a top cheap FreeSync gaming option.

6. BenQ Zowie XL2411P

The 24-inch XL2411P gaming monitor from BenQ’s Zowie brand is purpose-built for fast, competitive gaming.

Its TN panel boasts a lightning-quick 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh well-suited for twitch reactions in first-person shooters.

FreeSync adaptive sync smooths out frames, while Black eQualizer increases visibility in dark scenes. Priced under £200, the XL2411P focuses its value on lightning-fast display speed.

7. AOC C27G2ZU

This 27-inch AOC monitor stretches immersive 1080p gaming across an 1800R curved VA panel with AMD FreeSync Premium for under £200.

The 165Hz refresh rate paired with smooth 1ms response time heightens in-game reaction times.

With vibrant color and 3000:1 contrast ratio, the C27G2U is a fully capable 27-inch budget gaming display.

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8. ASUS TUF Gaming VG249Q

ASUS engineered its 23.8-inch VG249Q 1080p gaming monitor for fluid gaming through its IPS panel’s up to 144Hz refresh rates and adaptive sync support. The 1ms response time keeps motion blur to a minimum.

The monitor also provides excellent color performance and Eye Care technology. With gaming-focused performance and features, the VG249Q excels under £200.

9. Acer Nitro EI491CRPbmiiipx

This 49-inch Acer Nitro monitor offers an ultra-immersive curved VA panel, 144Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response for under £600.

The massive display delivers incredible 1080p real estate powered by AMD FreeSync for buttery smooth frames.

For fully engulfing gaming visuals on a tight budget, the EI491CRPbmiiipx can’t be beaten.

10. LG 24GN600-B

LG’s 24-inch 1080p 144Hz gaming monitor provides superb color and response through its IPS panel and 1ms motion. AMD FreeSync Premium support reduces tearing for fluid gaming.

At under £170, the 24GN600-B delivers top-notch fast gaming visuals and adaptive sync at an affordable price.

Benefits of Budget Gaming Monitors

Gaming monitors under £200 offer many advantages:

  • Cost savings – Get superb gaming performance without overspending on premium features.
  • Solid refresh rates – Budget monitors provide up to 165Hz for smooth gaming.
  • Quick response times – Fast 1-5ms prevents distracting motion blur in games.
  • Adaptive sync – AMD FreeSync or G-Sync Compatible support eliminates tearing artifacts.
  • Focused performance – Concentrate on key gaming specs like response and refresh rather than frills.
  • Clear panels – Quality TN and IPS panels keep colors and contrast strong without breaking the bank.
  • Future-proofing – High refresh 1080p monitors can push higher frame rates from future GPUs.
  • Compact sizes – 24-27 inches tailor well to desktop gaming setups.

What to Expect from Inexpensive Gaming Monitors

To achieve lower prices than premium displays, budget gaming monitors often have:

  • 1080p resolutions rather than demanding 4K. But still, provide great pixel density on smaller screens.
  • Basic tilt-only stands without extensive ergonomic adjustments.
  • Understated, plastic chassis designs compared to flashy aesthetic flourishes.
  • AMD FreeSync support rather than NVIDIA G-SYNC’s added cost.
  • Limited HDR without advanced local dimming. Still expands contrast and color.
  • Brightness levels around 250-350 nits instead of 500+ nits on high-end models.

The focus stays on good panels and speed rather than unnecessary frills.

Optimizing Budget Gaming Monitors

While affordable gaming monitors provide great bang for your buck, you can further improve their capabilities:

  • Adjust monitor height with sturdy books or stands if needed.
  • Enable faster “Overdrive” modes for optimal response times.
  • Set adaptive sync device limits to your GPU for flawless variable refresh rates.
  • Reduce brightness when not gaming to avoid screen burn-in over time.
  • Create custom refresh rates like 120Hz or 100Hz if supported.

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To Sum Up

Competitive and immersive gaming doesn’t require breaking the bank on expensive monitors.

Affordable models from respected brands like AOC, ASUS, and MSI offer the smooth variable refresh rates and quick response times needed for winning PC gaming under £200.

When shopping, take the time to assess key gaming-focused specifications like refresh rate, response times, and adaptive sync support. But resist overspending on extras.

A quality gaming monitor lets you put more of your budget into a high-end GPU for maximum frames.

With the ideal monitor that cuts lag and enhances precision, you can equip yourself with visuals tailored for gaming success on a budget.


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