10 Best Affordable 4K TVs for Gaming in 2023

Gaming in 4K resolution transforms the experience with crisper detail and immersion. But 4K TVs with gaming features still come at a premium. Thankfully, there are now quality, affordable 4K TVs for gaming for under $1000/£1000.

Choosing the right budget 4K TV for gaming depends on factors like refresh rate, low input lag, HDR support, smart features, and display performance.

Getting a balance of price and must-have gaming specs elevates gameplay without breaking your budget.

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10 Best Affordable 4K TVs for Gaming in 2023

10 Best Affordable 4K TVs for Gaming in 2023

Here are 10 of the best affordable 4K TVs for gaming available in 2023:

1. Hisense U6H

The Hisense U6H provides a superb 4K gaming TV for the price. It includes a fast 120Hz refresh rate, Auto Low Latency Mode, and HDMI 2.1 support for under $500/£500 in smaller sizes.

The screen’s full array of local dimming heightens contrast while gaming. Google TV OS gives easy access to streaming and Stadia. Expect smooth, responsive gameplay at an affordable price.

2. TCL 4 Series

TCL’s entry-level 4 Series delivers responsive 4K HDR gaming performance on a budget under $400/£400.

Features like Auto Game Mode reduce input lag, while HDR brightness boosts visual pop.

The Roku smart platform makes navigating gaming and streaming services simple. For casual gamers wanting an affordable 4K, the TCL 4 Series is ideal.

3. Hisense A6H

Priced below $500/£500, the Hisense A6H still offers great gaming performance from its 60Hz panel and HDMI 2.1 connectivity.

Support for Auto Low Latency Mode ensures responsiveness for fast-paced action and first-person shooters.

Built-in Google TV offers gaming apps and streaming conveniently. While budget-friendly, the A6H brings good sharpness and speed for gaming.

4. LG UP70

LG’s affordable UP70 Series provides low input lag and fast response times, ideal for gaming through HDMI 2.1 ports.

At under $500/£500, gamers get a smooth 60Hz 4K display plus gaming enhancements like auto low latency mode.

WebOS smart TV features like Game Optimizer allow customization of settings to your games. The UP70 series keeps costs down without sacrificing gaming speed.

5. TCL 5 Series

Step up to TCL’s 5 Series under $600/£600 for even faster gaming performance thanks to THX Certified Game Mode reducing input lag. The inclusion of QLED tech also boosts color vibrancy to make games pop.

With Google TV built-in and Dolby Vision HDR support, the affordable 5 Series brings many premium gaming features.

6. Hisense U7H

Hisense’s U7H provides more premium gaming specs like a 120Hz panel, HDMI 2.1, VRR, and ALLM at an affordable mid-range price under $700/£700. Brightness reaches up to 600 nits for a nice HDR pop.

Google TV includes convenient access to game streaming services. With crisp response and vibrant 4K graphics, the U7H satisfies demanding gamers on a budget.

7. Samsung AU71

Samsung’s entry-level AU71 Series presents outstanding 4K picture quality through Quantum HDR technology under $700/£700.

It enables 4K @ 120fps, VRR (variable refresh rate), and ALLM (auto low latency mode) for gaming.

The Tizen smart platform easily integrates gaming and streaming services. This price gets you stellar visuals and responsive play.

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8. Sony X80K

Sony’s affordable X80K 4K TVs provide the brand’s renowned picture processing under $1000/£1000.

Smooth graphics and responsive gameplay come through HDMI 2.1 support, ALLM, and 60Hz refresh rates.

Google TV offers all your favorite gaming and entertainment apps in one place. The capable X80K models demonstrate you don’t need to break the bank for excellent 4K gaming from Sony.

9. Samsung AU8000

Samsung’s AU8000 4K TVs deliver stellar contrast and color through Quantum HDR powered by quantum dots.

Gaming responsiveness comes from Auto Low Latency Mode and 60Hz refresh rates under $700/£700.

Samsung’s great smart TV platform offers all leading gaming and streaming services in one place.

At this affordable price, the AU8000 brings great gaming performance.

10. Vizio V-Series

Vizio’s entry-level V-Series 4K TVs offer great gaming specs under $400/£400. ALLM ensures fast response for gaming while variable refresh rates prevent stuttering. HDR10 and HLG boost picture quality.

SmartCast integrates apps and voice assistants for gaming convenience. Partnered with an intuitive remote, the affordable V-Series provides a complete gaming package.

Gaming Features to Look for in 4K TVs

When selecting an affordable 4K TV for gaming, prioritize these key gaming-focused capabilities:

  • Fast refresh rates – 60Hz, 120Hz, or higher prevent lag and motion blur.
  • Low input lag – ALLM or Auto Game Mode enables fast response times for gameplay.
  • HDMI 2.1 – Newer HDMI standard enables 4K 120fps gaming and variable refresh rates.
  • Variable refresh rate – Syncs display with console frame rates to prevent screen tearing.
  • HDR support – High dynamic range boosts contrast and color for added realism.
  • Smart TV system – Integrated OS gives access to game streaming services.
  • Next-gen ready – Ensure specs work with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Budget 4K Gaming TV Considerations

When buying affordable 4K gaming TVs, expect that:

  • Most have 60Hz panels, with 120Hz models costing more.
  • HDR is often basic HDR10 rather than advanced HDR10+.
  • They use edge LED lighting without sophisticated full array local dimming.
  • Low input lag is enabled through Auto Low Latency modes rather than dedicated gaming modes.
  • HDMI 2.1 ports are still limited on budget models. Some only support 2.0b.
  • Smart systems are basic compared to premium models. But still offer needed apps.

The key is balancing price while getting the most gaming features you need.

Making Games Look Their Best

While affordable 4K TVs are very capable, you can further optimize gaming:

  • Enable Game Mode to reduce input lag, latency, and picture processing.
  • Adjust HDR settings like paper white nits for ideal contrast per game.
  • Set sharpness lower to reduce edge artifacts that can occur.
  • Disable motion processing to eliminate input lag and artifacts.
  • Set the color temperature warm if the image seems too cool or blue.
  • Increase brightness for SDR games to intensify image vibrance.
  • Use audio passthrough for uncompressed game audio.

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To Sum Up

Gaming in 4K doesn’t need to be extremely expensive, thanks to new affordable models from Hisense, TCL, Samsung, and more.

These feature-packed 4K TVs under $1000/£1000 provide stunning graphics and responsive play needed for today’s consoles and games.

Carefully examine refresh rates, gaming modes, and HDMI 2.1 support when buying a lower-cost 4K TV for gaming.

Prioritize the key specifications that enable fast performance for your favorite games while staying on budget.

The gaming experience doesn’t have to suffer just because you choose a more affordable display. New budget models prove you can game great for less.


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