10 Best SHAREit Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

If you’re like me, you’ve probably used SHAREit to send files between your devices before. While SHAREit is definitely one of the most popular file transfer apps out there, there are also some good alternatives.

There are actually lots of great SHAREit alternatives that can get the job done just as well or even better.

With new apps popping up all the time, it’s worth exploring some new options – especially if you’re looking for something with extra features beyond just transferring files.

In this post, I’ll share my picks for the 10 best SHAREit alternatives you should check out in 2023.

All of these apps make it super simple to wirelessly send files, photos, videos, and more between Android, iOS, Windows, and other devices.

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What Does SHAREit Do?

SHAREit Alternatives You Should Use in 2023

SHAREit allows quick transfer of photos, videos, documents, music, and more between phones without the internet.

It creates a Wi-Fi hotspot or uses Bluetooth to send files quickly between devices. SHAREit is convenient but suffers some drawbacks like slow speeds, privacy concerns, and disruptive ads.

10 Best Apps Like SHAREit

Here are the best SHAREit alternatives to try for fast wireless file transfers:

1. Xender

Xender lets you easily send any file, app, photo, or video between devices. It creates a Wi-Fi hotspot to transfer without mobile data.

It has reliable transfer speeds of up to 40Mbps for large files. Xender’s simple interface is free of annoying ads. It works smoothly across Android, iOS, Windows, PC and Mac.

Xender is great for sharing media, apps, and documents locally between friends and family without the internet.

2. Zapya

Zapya is an extremely versatile file-sharing tool that allows the transfer of music, videos, photos, documents, and apps.

It uses wifi to establish local connections between devices and transfers files rapidly without mobile data. Zapya works seamlessly across Android, iOS, Mac, PC, and even Tizen OS.

Zapya has handy features like chat, games, music downloads, and backup tools alongside fast file transfers. Easy to use with no ads.

3. Instashare

Instashare is designed specifically for superfast local file sharing. It uses direct Wi-Fi hotspot connections or Bluetooth to transfer files between devices reliably without the internet.

Instashare has an intuitive minimalist interface without annoying ads. It lets you transfer files to multiple devices simultaneously. Useful built-in file manager.

4. SuperBeam

SuperBeam lets you wirelessly transfer files, apps, photos, and videos between phones and tablets quickly using wifi or Bluetooth.

It automatically chooses the fastest connection method. SuperBeam has robust transfer mechanisms for efficient, reliable file sharing. No ads and a clean interface.

5. TrebleShot

TrebleShot enables easy sharing of files like photos, videos, music, and documents between Android devices over local wifi hotspots without the internet.

It has a simple intuitive interface and works reliably. Open source ad-free app great for Android to Android file transfers.

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6. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere allows hassle-free sharing of photos, videos, music, documents, and more between devices using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspots, or cloud transfers using 6-digit keys.

It transfers files quickly without using mobile data. Send Anywhere works seamlessly across Android, iOS, Mac, and PC with configurable privacy settings.

7. Portal by Pushbullet

Portal is a file transfer tool from Pushbullet. It lets you quickly share photos, videos, and docs between your own devices logged into a Pushbullet account.

Portal uses your existing internet connection for fast transfers. It works great to sync files across your phone, tablet, and laptop seamlessly.

8. ShareZone

ShareZone enables easy sharing of photos, videos, music, and files between Android devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

It uses local Wi-Fi hotspots to transfer files without mobile data. ShareZone has a clean interface and is easy to use with no annoying ads.

9. Mi Drop

Mi Drop is Xiaomi’s fast, stable app for transferring photos, videos, music, and docs between Mi devices locally.

It uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct to transfer files reliably. Easy to use with no ads. Great for sharing between Xiaomi devices.

10. Files by Google

Files by Google offers an easy way to quickly share photos, videos, music, and docs with nearby Android phones.

It uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspots, or web URLs for fast file transfers without mobile data. Clean interface optimized for Android.

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To Sum Up

I hope this list of 10 best SHAREit alternatives gave you some new file transfer apps to check out.

Whether you need a simple wire-free sharing solution or want extra features like cloud backups, cross-platform compatibility, and media streaming – there should be an option on this list to suit your needs.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with a few different ones to see which you prefer. And please share in the comments if you have any other favorite SHAREit replacement apps that you think deserve a spot on this list!

Happy wire-free file sharing in 2023.


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