How to Replace an iPad Battery- Is it worth Replacing an iPad Battery?

Do you regularly have battery issues with your iPad? If it doesn’t charge well, drain fast, or refuse to charge then it’s time to replace it.

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Thanks to Apple’s ingenuity, your iPad should last several years if you take excellent care of it and utilize it appropriately.

However, because they are consumable, iPad batteries ultimately lose their effectiveness. Hence, you must change the battery if this occurs.

You can find all the information you need regarding replacing the battery in your iPad in this tutorial, including whether doing so is worthwhile.

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How To Replace an iPad Battery

How to Replace an iPad Battery- Is it worth Replacing an iPad Battery

If your iPad’s battery is acting up, you have two options: trade in your old iPad for a discount on a newer model or replace the battery to give it a few more years of life.

Here are several options to replace your iPad battery:

1. Replace Your iPad Battery at Applecare

To replace your iPad battery, visit Apple’s iPad Repair support page and follow the prompt to schedule an appointment. You can also visit the physical store.

Apple will change the battery for a fee of $99 (plus $6.95 for shipping and tax).

However, if your iPad still has its original or an extended warranty that’s still valid, Apple will replace the battery or the whole iPad for free.

You can see if your iPad is still under warranty by entering your iPad’s serial number into Apple’s warranty checker tool.

Before handing over your iPad, back up your data to avoid losing information. Once you give your iPad to Apple, the repaired or replaced one should arrive within three to five business days.

2. iPad Battery Replacement at Authorized Repair Shops

Some shops specialize in repairing iPad screens and batteries. You may find these repair shops, even in mall kiosks, that charge less than Apple.

If you choose this option, make sure Apple authorizes the repair shop for repairs. Authorized providers are trained and experienced.

Using an inexperienced repair person may lead to more problems. Hence, Apple might not fix these issues if an unauthorized provider caused them.

3. DIY iPad Battery Replacement

You can replace an iPad battery with the right tools and skills. Only attempt this DIY option if you’re tech-savvy and willing to risk damaging your iPad.

However, remember that repairing your iPad yourself will void its warranty if it’s still under warranty.

If you damage your iPad during the process, Apple will not provide repairs.

here is how to replace the battery of your iPad yourself:

What You’ll Need


  1. iPad Battery – $27.99
  2. iPad Display Clip Set – $15.99


  1. Metal Spudger – $2.99
  2. iFixit Opening Tool – $1.99
  3. Spudger – $3.99
  4. T5 Torx Screwdriver – $5.49
  5. Additional tools as required

Step 1 – Preparing the Display Assembly

In this initial step, you’ll safeguard the iPad’s display. If it’s already cracked, follow these precautions:

  1. Cover the entire display with overlapping strips of clear packing tape to prevent further damage and maintain structural integrity.
  2. When working on the cracked glass, be prepared to use a metal prying tool to remove it. Always wear safety glasses and avoid damaging the LCD screen.

Step 2 – Removing the Display Assembly

You’ll begin prying the display assembly away from the iPad’s aluminum body in this step. Be cautious not to damage the display or the clips holding it in place:

  1. 14 metal clips are securing the display assembly. With your opening tool, ensure you pry around them, not through them.
  2. If any clips break, replacement clips are available for purchase.

Step 3 – Separating the Display Assembly

Insert a metal spudger between the top part of the display area and the rear panel assembly. Rotate it away from you to make it easy to release the tabs along the top edge of the display.

Use a second metal spudger to keep the tabs from snapping back into place.

Step 4 – Releasing the Front Panel

Carefully work along the right edge of the iPad, where metal clips hold the front panel to the aluminum back.

Lift the front panel’s left side up and move it to the left to clear the tabs from the backplate. Pry gently, and if you encounter resistance, try another spot.

Step 5 – Detaching the Display Assembly

Pull the display assembly away from the back panel by its bottom edge. Do not try to remove the display, as it is still connected entirely.

Step 6 – Disconnecting Cables

Disconnect three cables attaching the display assembly to the logic board, including the Digitizer, Ambient Light Sensor, and Display Data Cable.

Step 7 – Removing Digitizer Ribbon Cables

Use your plastic opening tool to flip up the flaps holding the digitizer ribbon cables in their sockets on the logic board.

Ensure you’re flipping up the retaining flap, not the socket, and pull the cables straight out.

Step 8 – Detaching the Ambient Light Sensor

Use your plastic opening tool to gently pry upward and remove the ambient light sensor connector from its socket.

Step 9 – Disconnecting Display Data Cable

Flip up the metal retainer by its black plastic pull tab and pull the display data cable connector away from its socket parallel to the logic board.

Step 10 – Removing the Display Assembly

Fully detach the display assembly from the rear panel assembly.

Step 11 – Working on the Logic Board

Pry the side button connector and speaker connector up off the logic board. Carefully flip up the ZIF ribbon cable holding flap near the headphone jack and pull the headphone jack ribbon cable to disconnect it.

Step 12 – Removing Logic Board Screws

Remove the screws securing the logic board to the rear panel assembly.

Step 13 – Lifting Out the Logic Board

Use a plastic tool to carefully pry the dock cable connector off the logic board and lift the logic board out of the back panel assembly.

Step 14 – Detaching Speaker Assembly

Remove the screws securing the speaker assembly and the dock cable. Remove the single T5 Torx screw that secures the middle of the dock cable to the back panel assembly.

Step 15 – Disconnecting Dock Connector Cable

Remove the screws securing the dock connector cable to the rear case.

Step 16 – Shielding the WiFi/Bluetooth Board

Use your opening tool to remove the plastic cover protecting the WiFi/Bluetooth board and dock connector cable.

Step 17 – Removing Antennas

Remove the WiFi and Bluetooth antennas from their sockets on the WiFi/Bluetooth board.

Step 18 – Lifting Out Dock Connector Cable

Take the dock connector cable out of the rear panel assembly.

Step 19 – Rearranging Components

De-route the speaker cable from the left side of the battery case and the WiFi antenna through its channel in the speaker assembly.

Step 20 – Removing Speaker Assembly

Raise the speaker assembly and push it forward until the ports clear the bottom side of the lowercase. Take out the speaker assembly from the back panel assembly.

Step 21 – Loosening the Battery

Pry the battery up from the lower case by gently using a spudger. Continue to increase the gap by wiggling the spudger along the right side of the battery.

Step 22 – Detaching the Battery

Insert the spudger under the top edge of the battery and separate the adhesive until the top of the battery is free from the rear panel.

Step 23 – Removing the Battery

With enough clearance, use your hands to peel the battery off any remaining adhesive, removing it from the rear panel.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully replaced the battery in your iPad WiFi!

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Is Replacing the iPad Battery Worth It?

Before selecting whether to replace the battery or get a new iPad, it’s crucial to consider the following aspects of your device:

1. How Old is Your iPad?

It could be a good idea to get a new iPad online or from the Apple Store if yours is no longer operating as it should due to physical damage or aging.

Your iPad may have served its purpose for a very long time, but it may become slow and unresponsive as it ages.

2. The Condition of the iPad Battery

The battery health function, which lets you know how well or poorly your battery is holding up, is likely familiar to most iPhone owners.

There are still ways to determine the condition of your battery, even if Apple has not included this as a feature in iPads.

3. Does Your iPad Have a Warranty Left?

To find out if you can quickly receive a battery replacement, it’s crucial to check if your iPad is still covered by warranty.

Apple will repair the battery or offer you a new iPad if your iPad is still covered by the normal warranty, which is good for two years, or by Apple Care+.

Follow these procedures to see if your iPad is still covered under warranty:

  1. Go to Settings on your iPad
  2. Select General > About iPad.
  3. Locate and choose the “Serial Number” option.
  4. Copy the number.
  5. Use your browser to navigate to the Apple Support website.
  6. Click the “Check Coverage” link at the top of the website.
  7. Click “continue” after pasting the serial number into the space.

The webpage will now display information on your iPad’s warranty, including the date of purchase, current warranty status, and expiration date.

You may contact Apple Support for assistance with repairs or replacements if your iPad is experiencing problems and is still covered by warranty.

Remember to verify the warranty status before contacting support because warranty coverage may vary based on the nation or area where you purchased the iPad.

Visit Apple’s website and file a repair request if you have an Apple Case if your iPad is otherwise functioning OK but has battery problems. There’s no reason to get a new iPad if all you do with it is play games or watch movies.

It might be wise to check out more recent iPad models because they now include many features you might not know.

Significant improvements have been made to iPads recently. By moving up to a newer model, you can even find a new use for your iPad.

How Can You Tell When the Battery in Your iPad Needs to Be Changed?

We have created a list of definitive symptoms that you need to look for to determine whether your iPad needs a new battery after years of evaluating and testing iPads.

1. A limited battery life

The battery in your iPad can stop properly holding a charge over time. As a result, you might need to charge it more frequently or see a significant loss in battery life after just a few hours of use.

Additionally, you could find that the battery drains more quickly while using particular apps or services like viewing movies or utilizing GPS.

2. Poorly executed

The battery may no longer give enough power to operate the device at its optimal speed if you notice your iPad is running slowly or it takes longer for apps to launch.

This scenario could be more obvious when utilizing resource-intensive programs or features like gaming or video editing.

3. Overheating

A bad or broken battery can cause your iPad’s overheating issue. This might put people’s safety in danger and make handling uncomfortable.

It is essential to cease using it right away and get the battery checked by a professional in such a situation.

4. Swollen battery

Your iPad battery must be changed immediately if you notice it has enlarged. The battery may have expanded due to wear and use, injury, or production errors.

It can be dangerous and ugly to have symptoms like a bulging back or a popped-out screen.

5. Power off at random

If your iPad frequently crashes without warning, the battery can no longer maintain its charge.

When you’re working on anything important, this might be frustrating. Restarts or shutdowns happening frequently are a symptom that the battery needs to be changed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does It Make Sense to Replace the Battery in an Old iPad?

Examine your iPad’s age, if software upgrades are available, and any other potential issues to see if the battery can be replaced.

The battery should be changed if the device is between three and five years old, has no serious problems, and is in good condition.

What Does It Cost to Replace the Battery on an iPad?

You can acquire a new battery for your iPad for nothing if it’s still covered under warranty. However, if your warranty has run out, sending your iPad to Apple for repair and receiving it back from them might cost you up to $110.

How Long Does the Battery on an iPad Last?

The typical lifespan of an iPad battery is between 5 and 7 years; however, issues with the battery might arise as early as 4 to 5 years after first using it.

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To Sum Up

The iPad’s condition should be considered if you’re unsure whether to replace the battery. If you believe your iPad will still work for a few years, replacing the battery can be useful.

It could be time to consider buying a newer model if it starts slowing down. We will try our best to help you if you leave a comment if you have any queries regarding changing the battery in your iPad.


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