How to Borrow Data From Glo in 2023

The Glo borrow me data code was changed as a result of the merging together of the Ussd code by all networks in Nigeria by NCC.

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The amount of data you can borrow depends on your monthly income and cell network credit history.

This implies that you can borrow more data the more you recharge your device and utilize the borrowing service.

This article will explain how to borrow data from Glo with *303#  so you can always browse the web without interruption.

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How to Borrow Data From Glo with *303#

How to Borrow Data From Glo in 2023

It’s not at all difficult to take data from Glo. Only if you meet the following requirements are you eligible for this service:

  • You have a registered SIM.
  • Additionally, you have utilized the network for at least three months.
  • You are eligible to use the Borrow Me Data service if you meet these requirements. All you need to do to begin is Enter *303# and select an option from the menu.
  • A list of choices will then pop up, asking you to borrow data or airtime.
  • Select the specific number for “Borrow data” for this stage.
  • After completing this step, a list of the data quantities you are entitled to will show.
  • Select the things that will best serve your needs and submit.

You can start browsing the internet immediately as Glo credits your Data balance. It’s important to remember that how well you recharge affects how much data you get.

Prices for Glo Borrow me data

The equivalent data value that you get when borrowing the following amount on Glo Borrow Me Data is shown below:

  • You can get up to 40MB for 50 Naira for one day.
  • 100 Naira would allow you to borrow at least 60MB of mobile data. This is also for one day.
  • 200 Naira – This sum allows you to borrow up to 200MB for 5 days.
  • You can use this for 500 Naira to get up to1600MB for a week·
  • You can borrow up to 3200MB/3.2GB of data for 30 days if your limit is at least 1000 Naira.

NOTE: Please take note that a 15% commission will be applied to whatever data price you borrow

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Borrow Me Data Service from Glo?

When qualified users’ data bundles expire, their airtime runs out, or their subscription bundles can’t be enabled due to a low balance, this service enables them to seek data credits.

How Can I Meet the Requirements for This Service?

You must be dependable, have a spotless use history, and have been a Glo subscriber for at least three months.

How Can I Make a Glo Borrow Data Service Request?

Call *321# or visit the website to borrow. A prompt will appear requesting your confirmation, and then proceed as instructed on the menu.

How Long Does Glo Borrow Me the Data Loan Last?

The data loan has expiration dates. Each time a loan choice is displayed, its expiration date is also displayed. Some loans are good for a day, while others are valid for 2, 3, 5, or 30 days.

If you do not repay the loan in full by the due date, it will become ineligible for usage, but you will still be obligated to pay your network provider the full amount of the loan.

How Can I Pay for the Data I Borrowed?

The remaining money and your network provider will be automatically deducted from your subsequent recharge.

Does Glo take a Transactional Fee for Borrowed Data?

Your mobile network operator does not offer these loans at no cost. A service fee is applied to each loan.

In Nigeria, all networks impose a service charge of 15% of the data bundle’s airtime value.

When it’s time to make a repayment, your network provider will deduct the airtime worth of the data and a 15% service charge.

I Tried *321# But Received No Response.

Please try submitting the request once more if you can. There is a chance that the system will receive many requests and/or experience brief outages.

I Tried to Use Borrow Me Data, but I Was Informed That I Was Ineligible

There are two possibilities for this:

You may be new to the network and haven’t had your account for four months yet. For additional details, kindly review the terms & conditions.

Perhaps you have an unpaid loan. Before reapplying, you must first resolve this.

I Requested the Borrow Me Data Long Ago, but It Was Just Taken This Week

This can result from a delay in the network sending recharge messages to our system. However, Glo system is designed to recover airtime as soon as it learns that you’ve reloaded.

However, if such notifications are received later than expected, it may postpone the deduction of airtime after any one of your reloads.

What Happens if I Obtain a Loan While Using Me2u to Purchase Airtime?

The cash will be acquired. Any transaction that credits the subscriber’s main account results in recovery if they have a loan.

If I Don’t Repay My Loan Within 72 Hours, What Would Happen?

You won’t be able to access the Service until the full amount is paid, and it will have a bad effect on your credit rating, which is necessary for acquiring larger sums in the future.

Can I Take Out a Second Loan Before Paying off the First?

No, you can’t get another loan until you pay off the first one.

Why Was I Charged N575 for an N500 Data Loan?

A 15% transaction fee is assessed for the service “borrow me data.”

When Do You Start Deducting From the Remaining Balance if I Borrowed N500 in Data but Already Had N1000 in My Account and Haven’t Reloaded Since?

Within 72 hours of the Borrow Me Data service, the deduction will start from the borrower’s primary account.

If I Change My SIM Card, What Happens to My Borrow Me Data?

As long as the grace period has not yet passed, which is currently set at 72 hours, your Borrow Me data service is still active and will be available after you replace your SIM card.

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To Sum Up

To borrow data from Glo you only need to dial *303#. Your account will quickly be credited with Data to use for internet browsing.

As a result, you won’t have to skip that online meeting, special event, etc., because your data plan has run out.

All you have to do is borrow money to repay it later.


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