Why itel Phone Keeps Restarting (And How To Fix It)

itel phones are popular for being affordable and reliable. However, some users have reported frustrating issues of their itel phone randomly restarting or powering off without warning.

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An itel phone that keeps restarting can disrupt your calls, messaging, web browsing and using apps. But there’s no need to panic if your itel mobile is stuck in this reboot loop.

In most cases, a few smart troubleshooting steps can help diagnose why your phone keeps restarting and how to resolve this problem for good.

Let’s explore the various causes and proven solutions to stop your itel smartphone from restarting unexpectedly.

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Understanding What Triggers itel Phone Restarting Randomly

Why itel Phone Keeps Restarting (And How To Fix It)

Before we fix the rebooting issue on your itel phone, it’s important to understand what’s causing it. Here are some of the common factors that can make an itel phone restart by itself:

1. Outdated Software

Older firmware versions tend to be more buggy and prone to performance problems. A flawed OS can cause spontaneous restarts.

2. Too Many Apps Running

Excessive apps running simultaneously can overload the RAM and processor triggering sudden reboots.

3. Overheating Issues

Consistent overheating due to heavy usage, dust build-up or direct sunlight exposure can force automatic restarts.

4. Faulty Power Button

A damaged power button or button getting stuck can cut off power and reboot the phone.

5. Weak Battery/Charging Issues

Low battery levels or loose charging cable connections can also lead to abrupt shutdowns and restarts.

6. Memory Problems

Insufficient storage space or corrupted memory due to crashes may restart the phone.

7. Multiple Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Too many data-intensive widgets and live wallpapers drain resources that can restart the device.

8. Incorrect Date and Time Settings

A significantly incorrect date/time due to an incorrect timezone can confuse the system and cause restarting.

9. Jailbreaking The Device

Bypassing security controls via rooting, and jailbreaking makes the OS prone to malfunctioning.

10. Dropping or Physical Damage

Physical impact from drops can damage components leading to unexpected reboots.

11. Malware and Viruses

Harmful malware or viruses might infiltrate from suspicious sites and trigger restarts.

12. Faulty Power IC Chip

A damaged power IC (integrated chip) can cut off power flow abruptly restarting the phone.

Now that we know the potential reasons, let’s look at effective ways to troubleshoot and stop the random restarting on itel phones.

Troubleshooting Steps To Fix itel Phone Restarting Randomly

Follow these systematic troubleshooting tips to diagnose and resolve any issues that are making your itel smartphone restart itself repeatedly:

1. Check For Overheating

Use the phone normally and check if any overheating occurs before the random restart. This indicates an underlying issue.

2. Identify Problematic Apps

Boot the itel phone in safe mode. If it stops restarting here, then third-party apps are causing it.

3. Update Phone Software

Install the latest itel firmware update to patch bugs causing restarts.

4. Reset App Preferences

Go to Settings > Apps > Reset App Preferences to clear instability.

5. Wipe System Cache Partition

Enter recovery mode and perform a wipe/clear cache partition on the itel phone.

6. Check For Physical Damage

Inspect the device carefully for any external damage that could trigger internal instability.

7. Backup Data And Factory Reset

Backup contacts, photos, etc. and reset the itel phone to factory out-of-the-box state.

8. Ensure Adequate Storage

Delete unnecessary files, and clear caches to ensure sufficient storage space available.

9. Limit Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Remove data-intensive widgets and live wallpapers that drain resources and restart the device.

10. Adjust Date/Time Settings

Set the correct date, and timezone and verify the time format is correct on the itel phone.

11. Check Battery Health

If the battery drain seems abnormally quick, get the itel phone battery checked and replaced if unfit.

12. Update Apps And Security

Keep apps updated. Install antivirus to scan for malware that could cause restarting.

13. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Do not keep itel phone exposed to prolonged hot sunlight as it can warm the device.

15. Get Qualified Repair Service

For hardware faults like IC chip issues, or motherboard issues, contact a qualified repair center.

In most cases, the restarting should stop after trying the above fixes. Let us now look at some additional precautions you can take to prevent random restarts on itel phones.

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Tips to Prevent itel Smartphones from Restarting Repeatedly

Here are some best practices to adopt that can minimize instability and abrupt restarts:

  • Avoid installing too many new apps in a short span. Add selectively.
  • Limit unnecessary background services/processes via Task Manager.
  • Disable widgets and live wallpapers not being used regularly.
  • Use lifeguards and phone covers to prevent physical damage from drops.
  • Update your itel phone and installed apps regularly.
  • Turn on auto-restart and auto-update features for apps.
  • Shut down your phone safely atleast once a week.
  • Charge the phone effectively and avoid using it while charging.
  • Add storage via SD card if the internal memory is full.
  • Install reputed anti-virus and anti-malware tools.
  • Clear app caches, browsing history, and residual files periodically.
  • Maintain phone within optimal operating temperature range.
  • Avoid bypassing security controls by rooting the device.
  • Reset phone to factory settings if performance deteriorates.
  • Visit only trusted websites and don’t click suspicious links.
  • Keep your itel phone’s components dry. Don’t use it in the shower, rain, etc.

By being mindful of these best practices, you can avoid many common factors that typically cause an itel phone to keep restarting randomly.

Customizing itel Phone Settings to Prevent Unexpected Restarts

You can also customize your itel smartphone’s system settings aligned to your usage and prevent random restarts:

Battery Settings

  • Optimize battery charging
  • Set battery saver to kick in earlier
  • Show battery percentage indicator

Display Settings

  • Lower screen brightness
  • Set shorter screen timeout duration
  • Disable auto-rotate screen

Date and Time Settings

  • Select correct timezone
  • Disable automatic date and time setting
  • Choose a suitable time format

Security Settings

  • Set screen lock with PIN, password or fingerprint
  • Enable device admin apps to boost security
  • Turn on Find My Device service

Storage Settings

  • Check memory used and available
  • Set auto-delete for residual cached files

System Update Settings

  • Enable auto-check for system updates
  • Notify when new updates are available

Make it a habit to optimize these settings based on your usage patterns and keep the itel phone running smoothly without random restarts.

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To Sum Up

While occasional restarting may happen on any smartphone, consistent random reboots are not normal on itel phones.

The good news is that with the right troubleshooting approach, you can easily identify and resolve the specific issue triggering restarting on your itel device.

Software instability, overheating, power button faults, low storage, or malware are common culprits. Adopt proactive precautions in how you use, charge, and maintain your itel smartphone.

Leverage the handy tips provided in this guide to stop your itel mobile from restarting abruptly and enjoy uninterrupted device performance.


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