Which MTN Plans Give Airtime Bonus?

One great way to get the most out of your airtime on MTN is to be on plans that give you an airtime bonus.

MTN provides certain prepaid and postpaid plans that reward customers with extra airtime when they recharge.

Having bonus airtime can stretch your credit further, giving you more talking time, SMS, and data benefits.

But with numerous plans available, which MTN plans actually give you airtime bonuses?

In this guide, we’ll cover all you need to know about MTN plans offering airtime bonuses and how to maximize them.

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Understanding Airtime Bonuses

Which MTN Plans Give Airtime Bonus

First, let’s explain briefly what airtime bonuses are and how they work with MTN.

  • Airtime bonuses give you extra airtime credit added to your recharge amount.
  • There are promotional incentives offered on select MTN prepaid and postpaid plans.
  • You typically receive a percentage of bonus airtime based on the recharge amount.
  • Bonuses encourage customer loyalty and higher recharges.
  • Bonus airtime can be used for any normal airtime activity like calls, SMS, data, etc.
  • Some plans also offer data bonuses in addition to airtime.

So, in summary, airtime bonuses give you free extra airtime value as a reward for recharging on eligible MTN plans. This stretches your airtime further.

Which MTN Plans Give Airtime Bonus?

Most plans with airtime bonuses are prepaid, but there are a couple of postpaid options.

Here are the main MTN plans that can give you an airtime bonus:

1. MTN BetaTalk

  • Prepaid plan aimed at youth customers.
  • Gives 250% airtime bonus on all recharges from N1 to N999.
  • Above N1000 recharge, get 250% airtime bonus + N2500 data bonus.

2. MTN Pulse

  • Prepaid plan for data-driven customers.
  • 10% airtime bonus on N100 to N500 recharges.
  • 20% bonus on N1000 recharge.
  • 15% bonus on recharges above N1000.

How Much Bonus Airtime Can You Get?

The amount of bonus airtime you receive depends on the specific plan and recharge value. Here are some examples:

  • On BetaTalk, N100 recharge gets N250 bonus airtime.
  • N500 recharge on BetaTalk gets an N1250 bonus.
  • For Pulse, N2000 recharge gets a 300 airtime bonus.
  • The maximum bonus on BetaTalk is 250%, no matter how large the recharge.

So you can typically get hundreds of extra airtime for free through bonuses on these plans. Just be sure to review the bonus rules for any plan you choose.

How to Check Your Airtime Bonus Balance

It’s important to track your available airtime bonus credit separate from your base airtime balance. Here are ways to check it:

  • Dial *556# to see bonus wallet and balances.
  • Login to your MTN web or mobile app account to view your bonus balance.
  • Check notification messages after recharges, which may detail the newest bonus received.

Monitoring your specific airtime bonus amount lets you know exactly how much extra airtime you have at any time.

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Tips for Maximizing Your Airtime Bonuses

Here are some tips to help you fully capitalize on airtime bonuses from MTN plans:

  • Opt for plans with the highest bonus percentages, like BetaTalk, when possible.
  • Recharge with larger amounts to earn bigger bonus airtime.
  • Track your bonus balances frequently so airtime doesn’t expire.
  • Use bonus airtime for social media browsing to conserve your base airtime.
  • Take advantage of other promotions that award airtime, like MTN Mega Promo.
  • Set payment reminders so you don’t miss recharging before expiration.
  • Review bonus rules carefully in case there are any caveats or limitations.

Key Benefits of MTN Airtime Bonus Plans

Beyond just getting extra airtime, plans with airtime bonuses offer other great benefits:

1. More Value from Your Cash

Airtime bonuses let your naira go further since recharges give you more credit.

2. Reduced Expense

Having bonus airtime offsets the need to recharge as frequently, saving you costs.

3. Flexible Airtime Use

Most bonus airtime can be used for calls, SMS, data, or other activities.

4. Encourages Loyalty

Bonuses reward loyal customers who stick to MTN plans long-term.

5. Easy to Understand

Airtime bonus amounts are clear percentages rather than complex points.

So not only do you get extra airtime credit, but you’ll also likely reduce your long-term airtime expenses and get more versatility out of your credit.

Using Airtime Bonuses Wisely

To maximize the value of your airtime bonuses, be sure to use them strategically:

1. Track Expiration Dates

Bonus airtime usually expires faster than base airtime, so track expiry.

2. Use for Non-Essential Activities

Utilize bonus airtime for things like gaming and social media browsing.

3. Save Base Airtime for Essentials

Conserve your non-bonus airtime for vital calls, messages, etc.

4. Pool Bonuses From Multiple Lines

If you have multiple lines on a plan, combine all bonuses.

5. Don’t Waste on Costly Services

Avoid spending bonus airtime on premium rate services if possible.

Choosing the Right Airtime Bonus Plan

With different MTN plans offering varied airtime bonuses, how do you select the right plan?

Here are key factors to consider:

1. Bonus Percentage and Value

Compare bonus percentages and value across plans.

2. Other Included Benefits

Consider what else you get besides bonus airtime.

3. Base Rates and Charges

Factor in the regular costs and rates for the plan.

4. Device Compatibility

Ensure your phone works with the plan’s network and technology.

5. Customer Service Reputation

Research feedback on customer support for each plan.

6. Contract Requirements

Check if the plan requires long-term contracts.

Choosing a plan that aligns with your usage needs and offers strong overall value is key to maximizing airtime bonus benefits.

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To Sum Up

Thanks to plans like MTN BetaTalk and Pulse, you can take advantage of airtime bonuses to stretch your airtime further.

Just be sure to pick the right plan for your usage, recharge consistently, track your bonus balances, and use bonuses wisely.

With a strategy tailored to your spending and needs, airtime bonus plans can provide significant savings and extra airtime over time.

Check the available plans to start claiming your well-deserved airtime bonuses today!


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