Where Can I Repair Syinix TV Screen?

Like any electronic device, a Syinix TV is also prone to physical damage like a cracked screen which can hinder your viewing experience so where can you repair it?

When the screen of your Syinix TV sustains damage, it can be a frustrating and worrisome experience, as it can disrupt your daily routines and entertainment plans.

Fortunately, there are several professionals and service centers available to help you navigate these challenging situations.

This comprehensive guide covers all you need to know about fixing a cracked Syinix TV screen in Nigeria.

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Understanding the Syinix TV Brand in Nigeria

Where Can I Repair Syinix TV Screen?

Syinix is a relatively new Chinese electronics manufacturer that entered the Nigerian market in 2019.

The brand has quickly gained popularity for its affordable range of smart TVs, air conditioners, and home appliances tailored for the Nigerian consumer.

Syinix TVs come in various display sizes from 32-inch to 65-inch with HD, Full HD, and 4K UHD resolution options.

They run on Android TV operating systems and pack features like in-built Chromecast, Google Voice Assistant, multiple HDMI ports, and WiFi connectivity.

For after-sales support, Syinix partners with pan-African electronic service provider Carlcare which handles repairs and servicing of Syinix products across Nigeria. Syinix TVs come with a standard 2-year warranty.

How Your Syinix TV Screen Can Get Cracked

Like any TV screen, a Syinix TV display is vulnerable to cracks and physical damage due to:

  • Accidental drops, collisions, or impacts – This is the most common cause of cracked screens.
  • Pressure damage from excessive weight.
  • Children playing with the TV remote and throwing objects at the screen.
  • Power surges causing electrical damage.
  • Manufacturing defects cause the screen to crack spontaneously.
  • Old TVs with degraded bezels and frames cracking under pressure or swelling of the battery.
  • Extreme cold or hot temperatures cause the display lamination to warp.
  • Mishandling of the TV during transit or mounting.
  • Physical damage from pests, rodents, or termites.

Symptoms of a Cracked Syinix TV Screen

How can you tell if your Syinix TV screen has cracks? Here are some visible symptoms:

  • Visible cracks on the screen – long lines, webs, holes, or shattered glass.
  • Ink-bleed effect with color distortion around cracks.
  • Display image appears warped or distorted.
  • Sections of the screen don’t display images.
  • Black spots on cracked areas of the screen.
  • Partial or complete loss of touch sensitivity (for touchscreen models).
  • Flickering, freezing or unresponsive display.
  • Buzzing or cracking sounds from the TV.

Dangers of Continued Usage with a Cracked Screen

While you may be tempted to continue using your Syinix TV with a cracked screen, it is risky due to the following dangers:

  • Cracks progressively spread across the screen from impacts.
  • Exposed interior components susceptible to electrocution risks.
  • Broken shards becoming loose and detaching from the screen.
  • Malfunctioning display causing overheating risks.
  • Mercury in the LCD screen and broken glass posing health hazards.
  • Permanent damage like dead pixels spreading on the cracked screen.
  • Data vulnerability from damaged display exposing circuits.
  • Voiding your Syinix TV’s warranty due to physical damage.

To avoid these risks, it is advisable to promptly repair a cracked Syinix TV screen.

Locating the Nearest Syinix Service Centers in Nigeria

Since Syinix has authorized Carlcare to handle after-sales support and repairs in Nigeria, your best option to fix a cracked Syinix TV screen is to visit a Carlcare service center.

Carlcare has several service locations in major Nigerian cities where they can repair your damaged Syinix TV. To find the nearest Syinix service center:

  • Search “Syinix service center near me” on Google to see listed locations.
  • Visit the store locator on Carlcare’s website and enter your city or state to find the nearest center.
  • Download the Carlcare Nigeria app (available on iOS and Android stores) which lists all their service centers.
  • Contact Syinix Nigeria support on 080069794649 for assistance finding a service location.

Some of the major Syinix service centers run by Carlcare include Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Benin, Aba, Onitsha, Owerri, Kano, Port Harcourt, and Uyo. Visit the nearest one for your cracked TV repair.

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How Syinix Service Centers Will Repair Your Cracked TV Screen

At the Syinix service center, experienced technicians will diagnose the extent of damage and offer the best solution for fixing your TV screen cracks.

Here is an overview of their repair process:

  • Thorough examination of all cracks, chips and faulty areas on the screen.
  • Testing for display functionality by connecting to a power source.
  • Determining if the screen is repair-worthy or needs replacement.
  • For minor cracks, filling them with liquid resin filler to close the holes.
  • For major cracks, replacing the entire LCD screen panel.
  • Removing old broken screen safely and installing the replacement LCD.
  • Reassembling the TV chassis and testing all connections are intact.
  • Performing a full functionality test with video playback and touch input.
  • Providing safety instructions for careful handling in the future.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Cracked Syinix TV Screen?

The cost to repair your damaged Syinix TV screen will depend on:

  • TV model – newer generations cost more.
  • Screen size – larger screens are more expensive.
  • Panel technology – LED, OLED, QLED, etc.
  • Severity of damage – minor cracks vs. whole panel replacement.
  • Location of service center – pricing varies.
  • Availability of spare parts.
  • Additional repairs needed – backlight, motherboard, etc.

As a rough estimate, screen repairs can range from as low as 15,000 Naira for minor crack fillings, to 60,000 Naira or more for complete LCD panel replacement on newer large-screen Syinix TV models.

However, the most accurate repair quote can only be provided after the technicians have fully examined your damaged TV at the service center.

Will Screen Repair Be Covered Under Warranty?

Syinix provides a standard 2-year warranty on new TV purchases in Nigeria. However, physical damage like a cracked screen is NOT covered under the TV warranty or extended warranties.

Warranties only cover manufacturing defects, component failures, and system malfunctions during normal usage.

Cracked screens from drops, liquid damage, or mishandling are also NOT under Syinix warranty. Therefore, the customer will bear the repair costs for a physically damaged Syinix TV screen.

An extended accidental damage cover would be needed to claim cracked screen repairs under warranty.

Tips to Prevent Your Syinix TV Screen From Cracking Again

Here are some useful tips to safeguard your Syinix TV from future cracked screen damage after repair:

  • Handle the TV gently and avoid drops when moving it.
  • Keep TV away from areas with high traffic to prevent collisions.
  • Ensure the TV sits on a level surface and is wall-mounted properly.
  • Keep young kids and pets away from the TV to prevent damage.
  • Ensure cables are tightened properly to avoid tugging and toppling of the TV.
  • Use surge protectors to avoid electrical damage during storms or voltage fluctuations.
  • Avoid exposing the TV to moisture, sprinklers or extreme temperatures.
  • Dust and clean the TV regularly to maintain its condition.
  • Consider an extended warranty for accidental damage protection.

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To Sum Up

Cracked screens are a common mishap suffered by any TV including Syinix models. While unsightly and inconvenient, cracked Syinix TV screens can be repaired by visiting authorized Carlcare service centers available in major Nigerian cities.

Their experienced technicians can assess the damage and either fill minor cracks or fully replace the LCD panel for optimal viewing.

With the tips to prevent further damage, your repaired Syinix TV can give you many more years of stellar performance.


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