Top 10 Best Tech Websites in Canada

Best Tech Websites in Canada: Keeping up with the latest gadgets, apps, and industry trends can feel like a full-time job.

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Thankfully, there are countless online publications dedicated to filtering through all the noise and delivering quality tech content.

Here in Canada, many local websites have emerged as invaluable resources for consumers and professionals alike.

In this extensive guide, we’ll break down the top 10 most useful technology websites in Canada based on the quality, breadth, and reliability of their reporting and community.

By the end, you’ll have a complete understanding of where to turn for reviews, news, and discussion on all things tech.

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Top 10 Best Tech Websites in Canada

Top 10 Best Tech Websites in Canada

Canada has an amazing selection of websites dedicated to all things technological. Below are 10 of the best online destinations for consuming Canadian tech content:

1. MobileSyrup

Based in Toronto, MobileSyrup has been a leader in Canadian mobile news coverage for over a decade.

While their specialty is smartphones and carriers, they also feature articles on internet trends, gaming, startups, and more.

Writing is approachable yet still in-depth enough for tech enthusiasts. They’re also heavily involved in the community through social media and online forums.

2. The Star – Technology Section

As one of Canada’s largest newspapers, the Toronto Star dedicates quality coverage to how technology impacts our daily lives.

From electric vehicles and AI to privacy issues and innovation, their team of dedicated reporters tracks important industry stories.

Articles are well-researched with multiple expert perspectives. It’s a go-to for reliable, unbiased information on major tech topics.

3. Techvibes

Based in Vancouver, Techvibes publishes news and insights on Canadian startups, venture capital, innovation hubs, and more.

Their mix of reported features and user-submitted content offers a unique community-focused perspective.

Event listings keep you plugged into tech networking happening across the country as well. It’s a great source for staying on top of entrepreneurial activity.

4. The Narwhal

Primarily an environmental news site, The Narwhal also does impactful deep-dive reporting at the intersection of sustainability and technology.

From EV adoption to supply chain blockchain initiatives, their detailed examinations provide important context around green tech developments.

Writing uplifts overlooked grassroots innovation work as well.

5. Hack Names

Focused squarely on Canadian tech startups, Hack Names publishes founder interviews, funding announcements, and in-depth case studies.

What sets them apart is personalized letters recapping major ecosystem events each month. These help paint the bigger picture in an easily digestible format.

For understanding scaleup activity from coast to coast, it’s hugely informative reading.

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6. IT World Canada

As the Canadian arm of IDG, IT World provides exhaustive coverage of enterprise technology trends.

Their specializations include cybersecurity, networking, development, and business tech procurement strategies.

Writing is practical and aimed at industry professionals. Getting their perspectives on large partner deals and migrations helps Canadian businesses make smart purchasing choices.

7. BetaKit

Based in Toronto, BetaKit has long covered digital innovation in the Canadian startup ecosystem.

They track funding developments, profile emerging companies, and discuss challenges/opportunities in areas like AI, blockchain, and health tech.

Event listings keep you plugged into accelerator/meetup happenings.

Overall it’s an invaluable source for understanding emerging sectors and funding patterns.

8. Mobile Nations

Under the Mobile Nations network, sites like Android Authority, Windows Central, and iPhone in Canada provide enthusiast-level mobile device coverage.

Expect detailed reviews, comparisons, spec analyses, and discussion forums. The content aims to empower consumers and SMBs to purchase smartphones and tablets.

Community engagement is highly active across social platforms as well.


Focusing squarely on automotive technology news, Cartt examines how connectivity and electrification are transforming transportation.

From electric vehicles to self-driving tests to infrastructure buildouts, their reporting stays on top of advancements.

Writing appeals to car enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Perspectives help readers understand mobility technology’s massive impact.

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To Sum Up

Canada boasts a vibrant tech community with a plethora of excellent tech websites to choose from.

Whether you’re seeking the latest in gadgets, industry insights, or tech news, these websites provide a wealth of information to keep you informed and inspired.

From in-depth reviews to breaking news and expert analyses, the best tech websites in Canada are your gateway to the dynamic and exciting world of technology.


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