Top 10 Best Tech Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now

There are several tech movies to watch on Netflix that have examined the complex impacts of advancing technology on humanity.

These thought-provoking films raise relevant questions about innovation, automation, privacy, social media, AI, and more through compelling storytelling.

Netflix offers an extensive catalog of highly-rated tech focused movies to watch spanning sci-fi, drama, and documentaries.

These films offer different perspectives on current tech issues, speculations on the future, and insights into technology innovators. Any technology enthusiast will find them intriguing.

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Top 10 Best Tech Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now

Top 10 Best Tech Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now

Here are 10 fantastic technology-themed movies available for streaming on Netflix:

1. The Social Network

This acclaimed drama depicts the tumultuous beginnings of Facebook and the controversies surrounding its founder Mark Zuckerberg.

It provides an unflinching look at messy startup origins in the social media age. Excellent writing and performances drive this modern tech tale.

2. The Great Hack

This eye-opening documentary investigates the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal and its influence on recent elections.

It raises thought-provoking concerns about privacy, targeted political messaging, and Big Tech power.

3. The Fifth Estate

The Fifth Estate chronicles the rise of controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and the disruptive power of rogue hacktivism.

It’s a balanced profile of tech-empowered anti-authoritarianism and the ethical complexity that arises.

4. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

The interactive Black Mirror film lets viewers guide the story through a young programmer’s efforts to adapt a fantasy novel into a video game in the 1980s.

The choose-your-own-adventure format exemplifies technological innovation.

5. The Imitation Game

This biopic follows the brilliant mathematician Alan Turing who led efforts to crack Nazi codes during World War 2 by inventing early computing machines.

It highlights pioneering technology developed amid intense wartime pressure.

6. The Circle

A young woman gets an enviable job at a powerful tech company yet discovers its social network has dangerous implications for privacy and transparency.

Timely questions emerge about utopian innovation and control.

7. Inventing Tomorrow

This uplifting documentary follows talented high school students preparing for the global Intel Science and Engineering Fair.

It captures the inspirational potential of youth innovating technology for good, from Africa to India to Mexico.

8. AlphaGo

AlphaGo chronicles Google AI system DeepMind challenging the world’s top human player in the complex game Go.

The computer’s historic victory demonstrated AI potential. But human resilience also shined through.

9. Terms and Conditions May Apply

This sobering documentary examines the long digital agreements all users accept when signing up for apps and services.

It questions whether informed consent exists given the length and complexity of tech user agreements.

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10. Debugged

Debugged dramatizes the rise and crash of the fictional startup Socializr through the experiences of its millennial founder.

Inventive visuals and monologues criticize the Silicon Valley “move fast and break things” ethos.

Why Tech Movies Matter

Unlike straightforward documentaries, tech-themed movies use narrative storytelling to unpack complex technology issues and themes:

  • They put human experiences and emotions at the center rather than dry facts.
  • Creative freedom allows speculative visions of future implications.
  • Flawed tech genius protagonists display relatable innovation passion.
  • Drama conveys high-stakes decisions in compelling technology-origin stories.
  • Complex tech topics become understandable through entertainment allegories.
  • Cautionary tales warn of pitfalls of seemingly perfect innovations.

For technologists and anyone fascinated by technology, these imaginative films provide enlightening perspectives and what-if scenarios that spur reflection on problems and possibilities.

Getting More from Tech Movies

To fully appreciate technology movies, keep these tips in mind:

  • Note if the film seems biased for or against technology overall. Even fact-based movies have creative license.
  • Think about how you would handle difficult dilemmas the tech innovators face.
  • Discuss thought-provoking questions raised by the movies with others.
  • Research the real events or tech some movies are based on. Compare fact versus fiction.
  • Consider alternative directions the story could have gone and their implications.
  • Examine characters’ motivations and whether technology empowers or corrupts them.
  • Appreciate small details that highlight societal integration with technology.

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To Sum Up

Technology has incredible potential but also risks. Movies centered around tech innovation provoke us to reflect deeply on how to steer progress responsibly. They aim to entertain but also enlighten.

There are so many insightful technology movies to watch on Netflix spanning sci-fi imagination, biopic reality, and thought-provoking drama. The variety itself mirrors technology’s complex effects across society.

Whether a cautionary futurist tale or an inspirational true story of innovation, great tech movies educate and warn as much as they entertain us.

These films amplify compassion for people impacted by technological advances right and wrong.

So grab your popcorn and see what perspectives, visions, and warnings these fantastic films have to offer.


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