Top 10 Best Stabilizers in Nigeria Features and Prices

Stabilizers shield your home’s equipment against electrical interruptions. With the type of unstable power supply in Nigeria you must buy the best stabilizers to cushion your appliances.

We investigated the best stabilizers available in Nigeria. We took into account their cost and dependability because we are aware of how much you value your appliances and how no one wants to have their property damaged by a power surge. This is aimed to help you choose wisely and effectively for yourself.

To learn more, keep reading this article. We’ll also show you the leading stabilizers available in the Nigerian market right now, features and prices.

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Best 10 Stabilizers in Nigeria

Top 10 Best Stabilizers in Nigeria Features and Prices

Here is a list of some of the most widely used stabilizers in Nigeria and their market prices:

1. The APEX 30kva Central Servo Voltage Stabilizer is one example (Input 80v-260v)

Low, High, or Variable? You may relax knowing that this robust, reasonably priced, high-quality, and powerful Servo motorized Industrial stabilizer is there for you.

For example, you may have a single central stabilizer in Nigeria for your entire apartment, home, or workplace.


  • Voltage Input Range (80-260V)
  • 30KVA / 30000W
  • Consistent output voltage.
  • Electronic Control
  • System with Servo Technology and Toroidal Transformers
  • Overvoltage and Low Voltage Protection

Price: ₦ 950,000

2. Haier Thermocool 2000VA Digital Stabilizer Automatic Voltage Regulator

Your appliance can operate dependably thanks to the large voltage range of the Haier Thermocool 2000 Watts TEC Digital Stabilizer. Your home’s appliances, including those in the kitchen, are built to endure longer.

You may feel secure knowing that all of your electrical equipment is adequately protected in Nigeria with these stabilizers.


  • Protection against High Output Voltage.
  • Protection from high temperatures
  • A circuit breaker that reduces input when it becomes too full
  • Convenience Carrying Handle
  • Power meter
  • Highest Power Efficient and Quick Reaction

Price: ₦ 55,400

3. Binatone Wall Mount Stabilizer WMS-2000

For wall mounting, a Binatone Stabilizer was created. The input voltage range is greater than 110-280v, and the maximum capacity is close to 5000VA.

Due to its high and low voltage protection, high and short circuit temperature, and high voltage protection, it safeguards the appliances you wish to use.

In addition, it has a 180-second default delay period if the delay option is explicitly selected.

If it is roughly 24000 BTU, it may be used on your TVs, home theaters, refrigerators, and air conditioners.


  • Power output 5000VA ( max )
  • 110-280V input voltage range
  • 230v-50Hz output
  • Complete defense against short circuits, high temperatures, high voltages, and low voltages
  • If “delay mode” is used, the default delay time is 180 seconds.
  • Reliable output control
  • Compatible with TVs, home theater systems, refrigerators/freezers, and air conditioners (up to 24000 BTU) up to 300L.
  • 110V socket for 11oV appliance connections
  • USB port for power and phone charging

Price ₦100,000

4. The 1.5 Horsepower Automatic Voltage Stabilizer From Qasa (Wall Mount)

This component is designed exclusively for your 1.5 or 1.75 HP air conditioner. But it’s not just about air conditioners.

Both a 1.5 Horsepower AC at 140V or higher and a 1.0 Horsepower AC at 110V or higher may be readily accommodated. It is among Nigeria’s top stabilizers.


  • Broad input voltage range 110V-280V
  • 2000W Power Consumption
  • Relays with zero-cross switching that are durable
  • A digital screen with big symbols
  • Assistance output 110V
  • Buttons for stability choosing Circuit breakers that can be reset
  • LCD display-based digital monitoring
  • Wall-mounted and lovely designs that enhance the environment’s aesthetic
  • Accurately and precisely regulate output voltage

Price: ₦ 45,130

5. The Binatone DVS-2001 Digital Voltage Stabilizer

The perfect tool to save your priceless electronics and appliances from hazardous power fluctuations and outages is this digital automatic voltage regulator. These machines have a cutting-edge CPU control circuit.

This device can give full protection under high voltage, low voltage, high temperature, and short circuits, created to assure complete protection, and has a 2000VA capacity. It is one of Nigeria’s best stabilizers.


  • 2000 VA capacity (max)
  • 110-280V input voltage range
  • 230V output at 50Hz
  • Modern CPU Control System
  • If the “Delay” option is chosen, the default delay time is 6 seconds.
  • Complete safeguarding from: high voltage, low voltage,
  • Extreme heat and short circuit
  • Reliable Output Control
  • Perfect for 500-liter refrigerators and freezers
  • A 110-volt outlet for 110-volt appliances
  • USB port for charging power banks and mobile devices

Price: ₦ 55,800

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6. Century 2000VA TUB 2KVA Stabilizer (Lower Shipping Fee)

Large refrigerators and chest freezers benefit greatly from the 2000VA and 230V output voltage of the Century 2000W TUB Stabilizer.

Additionally, a delay mechanism is included for complete output adjustment and extra appliance safety. Nigerian century stabilizers offer endurance.


  • Stabilizer with 2000VA Capacity
  • Deep Freezers and Big Fridges with chillers.
  • 230V, 50Hz as the output

Price: ₦ 39,000

7. Scientek Digital Display Stabilizer 2KVA

High-quality components and cutting-edge control technologies are used in these Scientek 2KVA stabilizers in Nigeria.

It is a brand-new kind of AC automated regulator with an automatic control mechanism that manages the input voltage to a more steady level for your appliances to prevent equipment damage.


  • Voltage between 100 and 260 volts
  • 50/60 Hz frequency (Auto sense).
  • 6 seconds of safe time
  • Warranty for 6 Months (Terms & Conditions Apply)
  • Electronic Display

Price: ₦ 27,000

8. Century CVR-TUB 1000VA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

The Nigerian Century 1000W TUB Stabilizers can assist in defending your household and commercial appliances from harmful voltage fluctuations.  

The voltage from public electricity will enter the stabilizer if your appliance is connected to it and there is an unstable power supply.

The stabilizer will then make any required adjustments before sending power to the connected appliance.

By taking on the role of your appliance manager, you can stop worrying about future electrical damage of your equipment.


  • Century is a brand.
  • CVR-TUB-1000VA as a model
  • 1000VA is the capacity.
  • Voltage stabilizer automatically
  • Durable.
  • Comprehensive Output Control
  • A delay mechanism for further security
  • Compatible with home theater systems, computers, refrigerators, microwaves, cooktops, and washing machines.

Price: ₦ 30,000

9. SVR-105-2000VA Tisieis Automatic Voltage Regulator Stabilizer

A Smart and High-speed protector comes with the Tses Automatic Voltage Regulator Stabilizer. It has an input and output voltage range as well as a digital display.

Additionally, it has a safeguard against overload or overcurrent. You can also use it on items at your home and at work, such as TVs, computers, freezers, and air conditioners.


  • Smart and High-Speed Protector built-in
  • Wide input voltage range protection, digital display input/output voltage
  • Digital Circuit and Industrial Strength MUC
  • Patented Coolmate Compressor Protection
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Protection against high and low output voltage
  • Overload Safety
  • Use of a digital delay function

Price: ₦ 39,000

10. 2000VA Proton Stabilizer (90V-270V)

The Proton Central Stabilizer has a wide input voltage range (90V-270V) and advanced features like overload and motor protection. It also has voltage regulation to ensures a stable power supply.

Its LED display keeps you informed, and it can safeguard a variety of appliances, from air conditioners to laptops.


  • All-encompassing Central Stabilizer for Your Home/Office.
  • Auto security (Unique function)
  • Protection against over and under-voltage
  • LED display/bright
  • Improved output accuracy

Price: ₦ 30,000

Advantages of Using a Stabilizer

Here are some of the advantages of using a stabilizer:

1. It provides protection against sudden surges or drops in voltage which could otherwise cause damage to your devices.

2. It provides stability for delicate electronics such as computers and televisions so that they run smoothly and without interruption.

3.  The use of a stabilizer will also reduce electricity consumption since it adjusts the current input to match the needs what the appliances use.

4. Not only does this save energy but it also extends the life of your appliances.

5. Stabilizer can also reduce noise pollution due to electric motors because it adjusts the current accordingly.

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To Sum Up

Using a stabilizer is a great way to keep your appliances safe from voltage fluctuations that could cause damage.

A stabilizer, or voltage regulator, is an electrical device that helps to provide a constant output voltage regardless of the input voltage or load conditions.

It works by automatically adjusting the current input to maintain a steady output. This helps to ensure that your appliances remain protected from spikes in voltage which can potentially harm them.

With a stabilizer in place, you can rest assured that your appliances are always running safely and efficiently.


Some of the prices might change as the prices here is not from their official store, the current dollar rate to naira is another reason why prices might not be the same.


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