Top 10 Best Solar Inverter Brands In The World

Green energy solutions have gained momentum, with some of the best solar inverter brands springing from Australia, the United States, Israel, Germany, and China.

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In 2022, the market for solar inverters had a staggering value of USD 7.9 billion. Between 2023 and 2028, the market is anticipated to have a CAGR of 4.6%.

In earnest, solar power systems have become more practical and the clearest necessity of our day as the globe changes quickly and adjusts to better, cleaner, more sustainable energy resources.

Keep reading as we highlight the top ten best solar inverter brands worldwide.

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Top 10 Best Solar Inverter Brands Worldwide

Top 10 Best Solar Inverter Brands In The World

The following are the top best Solar inverter Brands in the world:

1. Sungrow Power Supply Company, Ltd.

Sungrow is one of the leading companies in the production of solar inverters. They have a dynamic technical R&D team working on various projects.

This includes PV systems for residential, commercial, and utility sectors, storage systems, floating PV systems, PV power plants, green hydrogen production systems, etc.

Its headquarters are in Hefei, China, established in 1997. Sungrow is famous for providing dependable, clean energy solutions across industries and sectors.

The company has a goal to become a worldwide leader in the field of clean power conversion technology.

Sungrow has also entered the technological sector and released a product called Isolarcloud, intending to develop “digital intelligence for energy.” Using this monitoring tool, industries can manage solar power facilities centrally.

2. SMA Solar Technology

Founded in 1981 and based in Niestetal, Germany, SMA is a world leader and expert in solar system technology.

It promotes sustainability and the development of future decentralized, digital, and renewable energy supply networks.

The business, which operates in 20 nations, promotes cutting-edge inverter technology and has significantly contributed to accepting renewable energy sources.

SMA produces solar inverters, e-mobility charging solutions, commercial storage solutions, hybrid inverters, DC technology, applications, and software.

The Sunny series solar PV inverters from SMA include:

  • Sunny Tripower CORE1
  • Sunny Tripower X
  • Sunny Tripower CORE2
  • Sunny Boy US
  • Sunny Central UP


From single- and three-phase string inverters to central inverters, FIMER is renowned for having the largest selection of solar inverters.

It was established in 1942 and is headquartered in Milan, Italy. The business advocates for changes in and use of renewable energy in the home, commercial, and industrial sectors.

With its products, including string inverters, turnkey stations, legacy inverters, etc., FIMER offers top-tier solutions in solar technology.

The business promotes the development of cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable energy supply networks and thrives on innovation.

The solar inverters made by FIMER produce more electricity than the industry standard.


TMEIC was created in 2003 in Tokyo, Japan, by the Industrial Systems divisions of Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

The company has been at the forefront of the clean energy and sustainability movement for the past 20 years, working with some of the sharpest minds in various sectors.

They are prominent in water and wastewater, utility plant systems, testing, rubber and plastics, mining, cement, crane systems, renewable energy, etc.

Among the wide variety of goods TMEIC offers are motors, generators, PV inverters, DC and AC drives, UPS systems, etc.

It contains more than 10 efficient inverters spread throughout three solar inverter ranges: 1500V, 1000V, and 600V.

The automation, energy-saving, environmental, modernizing, and sustainability solutions provided by TMEIC are excellent.

5. SolarEdge Technologies, Inc

SolarEdge, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based company founded in 2006, specializes in creating unique and energy-efficient solutions for residences and companies worldwide.

The selection of household solar PV inverters includes:

  • Inverter for SolarEdge’s Home Hub
  • Home wave inverter by SolarEdge
  • SolarEdge Short String Inverter for the Home

SolarEdge offers three-phase inverters with synergy technology and three-phase commercial solar inverters dedicated to a 360-degree solution, optimal performance, and safety.

In the residential and commercial sectors, SolarEdge also offers products like power optimizers, smart modules, EV chargers, storage and backup, metering, sensors, etc.

SolarEdge is one of the top manufacturers of solar power systems because of its simple installation process and incredibly dependable solar inverters. Its optimizer-per-panel technique makes handling power inversion by the inverters simpler.

With its cutting-edge technical features, the mySolarEdge app has allowed residential and business systems to resolve common system problems.

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6. Sineng Electric Company, Ltd.

Jiangsu, China’s Sineng, was established in 2012. PV inverters, energy storage systems, power quality systems, plant development, etc., are all included in its business portfolio.

The lineup of Sineng solar PV inverters includes central inverters ranging from 2500 kW to 3750 kW.

Sineng inverters are suitable for rooftop and hillside utility power plants and have capacities ranging from 3kW to 250kW.

The residential, C&I, and utility sectors may all benefit from the cloud technology solution for energy monitoring.

Additionally, Sineng is actively involved in projects including C&I PV systems, residents’ PV plants, complicated terrain PV plants, and ground-mounted PV plants.

The firm offers central and string inverters ranging from 3kW to 6800 kW for ground-mounted, floating, and challenging terrain PV systems.

Pursuing a cleaner and more cost-effective energy transition Sineng has produced 140000 GWh of clean power.

7. Growatt New Energy

Another one of the top solar inverter brands worldwide is Growatt revolutionizing the renewable energy and sustainable solutions market.

They service 180+ countries and have over 2M+ end customers linked to its cloud platform.

The selection of solar PV inverters from Growatt includes:

  • Solar inverter on-grid and storage off-grid inverters
  • Solar inverters for businesses and industries
  • Commercial storage inverter, energy storage inverter, and PV
    inverter for utilities.

Growatt has created the GroHome Smart Smart Energy Management System after focusing on cutting-edge and technologically driven solutions for a more dependable power supply.

8. Delta Energy Systems Inc

Founded in 1996, Delta Energy is a US company with its headquarters in New York. It is one of the biggest suppliers of energy solutions in the globe.

Delta’s creative solutions benefit power electronics, automation, industrial, and medical industries.

Its primary areas of expertise include technology-driven solutions, R&D, and manufacturing
facilities in Thailand and Slovakia.

Delta is one of the leading manufacturers of solar PV inverters, creating solutions and products that are driven by cleaner, more effective renewable energy.

9. Enphase Energy Inc

Enphase was established in 2006 and is based in the US state of California. The IQ series microinverter from Enphase focuses on security, toughness, and dependability.

With an IP67 certification, the IQ microinverters are made to survive heat and rain. The microinverters are responsive with built-in quick shutdown technology to avoid and remove any risk to human life.

Enphase works to advance environmentally friendly solutions for the entire world.

10. Power Electronics SL

In 1987, Power Electronics was established in Arizona, USA. It is one of the key players in environmentally friendly, energy-saving solutions.

Power Electronics has installed 70GW of AC power successfully worldwide thanks to its key skills in innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The solar PV inverters made by Power Electronics are as follows:

  • HEM
  • HEMK
  • EMS and PPC Pro

These solar inverters’ salient characteristics include:

  • Active Heating
  • Low Maintenance
  • Advanced Grid Support

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To Sum Up

The future lies in sustainability, so the switch to renewable energy sources and more effective solar technology is gaining ground.

We’ve explored the world’s top 10 best solar inverter brands, each offering unique features and advantages to cater to various needs and preferences.

From reliable and established leaders like SMA to SolarEdge, the solar inverter market is brimming with options.

The importance of high-quality solar inverters cannot be overstated as the world continues to shift towards sustainable energy sources.


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