5 Tips to Identify Fake Elepaq Generator

In fact, understanding how and when to identify a fake Elepaq Generator can help you avoid wasting time and money on unreliable purchases.

Elepaq generators are one of the top generators available in Nigeria today, both for homes and small companies.

In general, they are economical, have low energy consumption, and are simple to maintain. They also have overloading protection and AVR, so in case it gets faulty while running the overload won’t affect your engine or home appliances.

In comparison, if you don’t take the time to read tips like this one or even hire a skilled technician to look for the genuine Elepaq generator, the possibilities are you’ll wind up purchasing the fake.

Many fake generators may be found in the Nigerian generator markets; some are simple to recognize, while others may require a bit more investigation.

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5 Important Tips to Identify Fake Elepaq Generator in Nigerian Market

5 Tips to Identify Fake Elepaq Generator

There are a few significant indicators to watch out for when trying to recognize Original Elepaq Generators.

Here are some of the ways to identify a fake Elepaq Generator;

1. Check the Coil if it’s made of Copper

Three types of wire are typically used in generator coils: full copper, aluminum, and brass. By inspecting the copper wire, you may quickly determine whether anything is genuine or not.

The strongest coil cable is made of copper, while the aluminum coil, which is typically used in low-cost generators, is less effective worst of these all is brass, which you should never use because metal is fragile and readily breaks down.

The greatest coil is the one that comes with the original Elepaq Generator and is made entirely of copper.

Even though some manufacturers of counterfeit generators may paint a coil cable to resemble copper, a closer inspection reveals that it is fake.

It’s always better to buy generators with copper wire because brass and aluminum produce more heat than copper as they have greater resistance than copper.

Ultimately, aluminum, and brass have a shorter life span as they can easily damage due to heat.

2. Elepaq Anti-Counterfeiting Label

Don’t buy an Elepaq Generator if the Anti-Counterfeiting Elepaq Label is missing or tampered with because it may have been compromised. Almost any Elepaq Generator comes with one.

It must come with an anti-counterfeit label and it should not be removed before purchase for any reason.

3. Watch Your Spelling

Elepaq or Constant manufacture Elepaq Generator. Make sure it is spelt as Elepaq not “Elepag” or “Elapaq”. It is one of the ways to know a fake generator.

Elepaq Senwei was once available, however, it is no longer available because “Senwei” is now a distinct brand.

Below is further information about the distinction.

  • A counterfeit Elepaq generator is one that isn’t Elepaq or Elepaq Constant.
  • Also, any misspelled Elepaq Gen is a warning; proceed with caution.

4. Name inscribed on the Body

Elepaq Generators have their name written on the Engine block body and on the tank, so try to be mindful in order not to buy a fake generator.

Although less prominent than with other brands, the Elepaq name is etched on some Elepaq generator parts.

Even while this can be a quick way to spot a fake Elepaq Gen, it will generally be useful when used with the other techniques discussed above.

5. Engine Block

Due to the inclusion of aluminum, fake Elepaq products are lightweight and, in certain situations, may appear fragile.

The sound on The Block may also be unstable or uneven compared to the original, where the sound only fluctuates when home or office devices are turned on before becoming stable. The Block also frequently has a shiny appearance.

Basically, make sure the Product is tested. Although, Elepaq generators are typically noisy, however, fakes may produce strange noises.

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Elepaq Constant Vs. Elepaq Differences

Elepaq is the primary organization responsible for creating Elepaq Generators, which are more dependable and powerful than Elepaq Constant.

The Elepaq Constant, the less expensive variant of Elepaq, is also more robust but not as powerful as Elepaq Generators.

However, when people compare with those, they can supply more of your devices as specified by the KVA.

Senwei and Elepaq Constant are much more dependable because of their all-Copper construction.

Differences Between Elepaq and Senwei

The relationship between Elepaq and Senwei, which produced less expensive generators under the name ELepaq Senwei, has ended because Senwei is now a distinct brand.

You should choose Elepaq even though it is more costly than Senwei, where both are displayed.

While Sensei Generator Coils are constructed of Aluminium with detectable Copper, which is less than Copper and can only supply light home appliances, Elepaq Generators are composed of 100% copper, which is powerful and very lasting.

An example of this is the Elepaq 4.5kva. A 4.5kva Elepaq generator can run a deep freezer, one air conditioner, a television, a home theater, a water pump, and the majority of the lights in a home or business.

While a 4.5kva Senwei generator is only capable of powering household items like televisions, bulbs, electronics, and even pumping equipment.

Also, utilizing Senwei, you will typically need to swap out one appliance for another But Sensei has a significant cost advantage over Elepa. It is advised to use it on light appliances only.

Overall, Elepaq Senwei is a good choice if you only need a generator to run your television, a fan, and a light bulb.

However, Elepaq or Elepaq Constant are more dependable if you also need to run a refrigerator, an iron, or other powerful appliances.

Advantages of Purchasing an Elepaq Generator

Here are some of the reasons why Elepaq generators are preferable:

  • It is more affordable and more effective for homes and small companies than other brands.
  • Lower fuel costs because it uses less of it.
  • They include gasoline sediment cups to stop dirt and water from entering the carburetor.
  • They are simple to maintain and repair, and spare parts are easily accessible in Nigeria.
  • They are available in various types and potentials, depending on your needs and budget for electricity consumption.

Elepaq Generators Disadvantages

  • Compared to other brands, it sometimes has a little bit of noise.
  • It can be difficult to determine the power and ability that will be suitable for your residence or place of business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elepaq Generator Good for Household Use?

Elepaq Generators are good; they are reasonably priced, practically made for homes and smaller enterprises or offices, and they have an integrated AVR.

Is Elepaq Generator Sound Loud?

Even though they may be louder than other types, if you use them far from your house, the noise will become a problem.

Does Elepaq Consume Fuel?

Elepaq Generators are fuel-economical as it doesn’t consume a lot of fuel, they are fuel efficient.

Is It Difficult to Repair Elepaq Generators?

Elepaq Generators are easy to repair and can be done by a professional technician.

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To Sum Up

Identifying fake Elepaq generators is crucial to ensure you get what you pay for and avoid potential hazards.

We’ve provided you with valuable tips and insights to identify a fake or counterfeit Elepaq generator.

By following these guidelines, you can make informed choices, protect your investment, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a genuine Elepaq generator.

Don’t fall victim to fake products – safeguard your power needs with our tips to identify genuine Elepaq generators

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