The Top 10 Home Security Systems in UK 2024

We all should take home security systems seriously, especially in the UK. With theft and crime an unfortunate reality, it’s important to feel safe and secure in our homes.

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That’s why choosing a reliable home security system is a wise investment. There are many good options on the market nowadays, with different levels of features and budget points.

This comprehensive guide will review the 10 top home security systems available in the UK.

We’ll consider factors like ease of use, professional monitoring options, equipment quality, warranty coverage, etc.

You’ll know the best home alarm for your needs and budget by the end. Let’s get started!

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Top 10 Home Security Systems in the UK

The Top 10 Home Security Systems in UK 2024

Here are the best home security systems in the UK:

1. Ring Alarm Security Kit

Widely considered one of the best overall systems, Ring Alarm is a popular do-it-yourself option that’s simple to set up and use.

The starter kit has a base station, keypad, contact sensor for doors/windows, and a motion detector. You can later add extra sensors as needed.

Ring Alarm works with an app that lets you control the system remotely via your smartphone. Arm and disarm from anywhere.

You also get mobile notifications when sensors detect motion or doors opening. Features like these give peace of mind when away from home.

Professional monitoring is available for an extra monthly fee, but the DIY monitoring via the app is also very reliable.

Batteries last up to a year, so you won’t constantly change them. Everything connects via Bluetooth or Z-Wave for a seamless setup. Plus, the sleek design blends into any home decor.

Ring Alarm is also very affordable at under £200 for the starter kit. It’s backed by the trusted Ring brand known for excellence in home security. This is the best overall complete package at a low price point.

2. Hive Active Guard

Hive makes some of the most popular smart home devices in the UK, and their Active Guard alarm lives up to its stellar reputation.

The starter kit contains a base station, keypad, contact sensor, and motion sensor – similar to the Ring Alarm.

What makes Hive stand out is their monitoring services. Plans start from just £8 per month for standard monitoring or £10 monthly for professional 24/7 monitoring by UK based operators.

They respond quickly to alerts and even allow you to listen in on a triggered alarm through the app for peace of mind.

Setup is a breeze thanks to the intuitive Hive app. All the components connect through a secure Z-Wave mesh network.

Status lights on the keypad make it clear if the system is armed, disarmed, or in alarm mode.

You also get extra features like geo-fencing to automatically arm when away and disarm upon returning home.

With great service, reliability, and an affordable package – Hive Active Guard is second on our list. It may not be the cheapest upfront, but that monthly fee is fair for excellent monitoring.

3. Google Nest Secure

Google brings their expertise in home automation to the security space with Nest Secure. This chic system includes a keypad with a built-in motion sensor called the Nest Guard and door/window contact sensors.

It integrates seamlessly with other Nest products and smart home devices like locks, lights, and more.

Thanks to the Nest app, you can easily arm/disarm remotely or check-in on your home while away.

Professional monitoring from MONI Smart Security is included for £8 per month, and they respond very quickly via phone or emergency services.

Voice assist through Google Home also lets you arm the system with simple voice commands. Nest Secure does everything through a simple, stylish keypad/hub without messy wiring.

It is in the top 3 for that clean, minimalist aesthetic and Google’s excellent smart home integration.

Newer features like facial recognition are also on the horizon. Definitely a great choice for tech-savvy users.

4. TP-Link Kasa Smart Security Camera

While not a full alarm system, TP-Link’s Kasa camera is a great buy for those looking to add extra security without a major investment.

The indoor wireless camera has an HD stream, motion tracking, night vision and two-way audio through the Kasa app.

Storage is unlimited in the cloud for motion-triggered video clips. You’ll be notified of any movements and can check in live anytime through the phone app.

Plus it works with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control. Batteries last for months on a single charge.

At under £50, the affordable Kasa camera is a budget-friendly choice for keeping an eye on your home. Place it in living areas, hallways, or nurseries for extra peace of mind.

It’s a simplified security solution without all the bells and whistles of a full alarm system. It’s definitely worth considering if you only need basic camera coverage.

5. Abode Security System

Abode strikes an ideal balance of features and affordability. The starter kit includes a hub, keypad, door/window sensor, and motion detector.

Beyond the basic components, Abode really shines with add-ons like water sensors, glass break sensors, entry sensors, and more – all compatible with Z-Wave.

You can opt for DIY Smart Monitoring from £5 per month, which utilizes the Abode app, or choose professional monitoring from £10 monthly with 24/7 response times under 60 seconds on average.

Both plans come with cellular backup for reliable protection even during power outages.

We like the modular design that lets you start small and expand the system as needed. Setup only takes minutes over the app, too.

Abode earns its spot for flexibility, reliability, and fair pricing – making it an ideal choice for homeowners watching their budget.

6. Resideo Professionally Monitored Security System

As one of the largest brands in the security space, Resideo is a trusted name that’s been around for decades.

They offer pre-made packages or a fully customizable solution, with equipment that connects over a secure radio frequency mesh network for maximum range.

Components include indoor and outdoor sirens, motion sensors, door contacts, glass break detectors, keypads, and fobs.

Professional 24/7 monitoring is included with plans from £16.99 per month. Fast average response times of under 45 seconds make this suitable for emergencies.

Resideo may cost more upfront than DIY systems, but you get robust equipment, expansive add-on options, and premium alarm monitoring services.

It’s a higher-end choice, ideal if budget allows and you want the gold standard in protection. Their reputation plus all-inclusive coverage lands this a highly rated spot on our list.

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7. Yale Smart Alarm Kit

Yale bets on their storied legacy in locks to deliver a capable smart home security bundle. The starter kit includes a hub, keypad, door contact sensor, and motion detector – the common lineup.

Setup is streamlined through the Yale Connect app. Status lights on the keypad clearly display the system status.

Monthly monitoring plans are available starting from £8, which promises a quick average response time of 60 seconds or less.

We like that Yale incorporates DIY monitoring as well to give you options. Z-Wave connectivity allows for expanding the system down the line with add-ons.

Thanks to their established smart home portfolio, Yale delivers everything you need at a good value. Definitely a top contender.

8. SimpliSafe Home Security System

Originally from the US, SimpliSafe has also gained popularity across the pond. Like others, the starter kit has a base station, keypad, entry sensor, and motion detector.

The setup is extremely simple via the SimpliSafe app. Monitoring plans from £14 monthly includes professional response.

They promise to dispatch emergency services within 90 seconds if an alarm is triggered while away to verify any threats are handled promptly.

Additional equipment like glass break sensors, water sensors, and outdoor cameras give flexibility, too.

We appreciate the no contracts on the monitoring plans. Cancellation is done at any time.

Overall, SimpliSafe is reliable and flexible for those who want premium monitoring without fussing over long commitments. Easy to set up and use as well.

9. Canary All-in-One Home Security Camera

While not a full security system, Canary combines an HD camera, motion sensor, and siren in one sleek gadget for keeping an eye on your property.

The camera streams live to the app from anywhere. Motion alerts are pushed as notifications along with 15 seconds of recorded footage.

You can then check in live or enable the siren through the phone to scare off any potential intruders. A rechargeable battery lasts months on a charge, too.

At under £200, Canary bridges the gap between basic cameras and full alarm kits. Place in living areas for live monitoring.

Then activate the 105dB siren if movement is spotted while away. An affordable 2-in-1 surveillance and deterrent choice.

10. DSC PC1832 Security Alarm Kit

The dependable DSC PC1832 security system is rounding off our list, a popular choice for those seeking professionally installed equipment.

Unlike DIY kits, a trained technician installs all the components for maximum reliability. The base package has a control panel, keypad, window/door contacts, and motion sensor.

Z-Wave compatibility allows adding other devices down the line as needed. Professional monitoring plans start at £15.99 monthly and include police response in under 60 seconds on average.

Where DSC really shines is its robust build quality that has held up superbly for years. The control panel boasts 128 zones for covering expansive properties.

Customers praise their exemplary customer service, too, with quick issue resolutions. Granted, the setup does require a technician visit, but for most, that’s a worthwhile investment over the long run.

Flexibility and dependability land DSC our final spot on the best home security systems list. It’s definitely a great choice for serious security and multi-room protection.

Choosing the Right System for You

By now, you have a thorough overview of the top 10 home alarm kits available in the UK. But one important question remains: which is best suited to your specific needs?

Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Budget – Systems range from affordable DIY options up to professionally installed with monitoring services. Match your available funds.
  • Property Size – Consider coverage needs based on number of rooms/buildings. Larger homes demand more equipment and customizability.
  • Familiarity with Tech – Ease of use varies, so simpler DIY is best if less tech-savvy, while flexible professional fits power users.
  • Monitoring Preference – DIY monitoring saves costs, but professional provides security of response when needed most.
  • Add-on Options – Modular systems allow growth over time, much like your protection needs.
  • Aesthetics – Discreet keypads or motion cameras are best depending on the preferred look and placement areas.

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To Sum Up

We hope this comprehensive guide has helped you identify some top home security systems contenders in the UK based on the factors most relevant to you.

Proper protection for your safety and peace of mind is invaluable, so choose wisely! Don’t hesitate to reach out if any other questions come up.


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