The Best and Cheapest Data plan on MTN for 1GB, 2GB 2023

Sometimes, you might be on a tight budget and need a small amount of data for quick online tasks. This article will provide information on MTN cheapest data plan, which can be perfect for your needs.

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Staying connected online is like having a key to a treasure chest of information and entertainment.

Whether you want to chat with friends, watch funny videos, or get important updates, having a good data plan is essential.

But you could get the best of both worlds – great data and an affordable price with MTN.

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Best and Cheapest Data plan on MTN for 1GB, 2GB 2023

The Best and Cheapest Data plan on MTN for 1GB, 2GB 2023

MTN offers a variety of daily data plans to suit different needs. Here’s a breakdown of what you can get:

1. 2GB for N500

This plan gives you a whopping 2GB of data for just N500. It’s a fantastic deal for data users on a budget.

  • Price: N500
  • Activation Code: *131*154#
  • Validity: 2 days

2. 1GB for N200

For a mere N200, you get 1GB of valid data for a month. It’s a great option for those who want more extended data access.

  • Price: N200
  • Activation Code: (MTN 1GB Plan code)
  • Validity: 30 days

3. 1GB for N350

This plan offers 1GB of data for N350, perfect for quick data top-ups and urgent internet needs.

  • Price: N350
  • Activation Code: *131*155#
  • Validity: 1 day

4. 200MB for N50

Need just a little data? For N50, you can get 200MB to cover your immediate online tasks.

  • Price: N50
  • Activation Code: *131*113#
  • Validity: 2 days

5. 75MB for N50

MTN offers this plan for light users who need a small amount of data for urgent situations.

  • Price: N50
  • Activation Code: *131*104#
  • Validity: 1 day

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6. 25MB for N50

If you require a tiny data package, this 25MB plan for N50 might be just what you need.

  • Price: N50
  • Activation Code: *131*114#
  • Validity: 1 day

How to Check Your Data Balance
It’s essential to keep track of your data usage. To check your remaining data balance, use the provided USSD code or follow the instructions in your data package.

MTN Cheapest Tariff Plan for Data

MTN Pulse is a tariff plan that enables you to enjoy a balanced percentage of 11.26k/sec for calls ACROSS ALL local Nigerian networks after the first 60-second call of the day at 27k/sec.

Pulse offers “Laugh, Speak More, and Love More bonuses.” It comes with many Data Plans, making it the best tariff plan for Data subscriptions.

It has special plans such as Data4Me, which can enable you to buy 1Gb worth of data for as cheap as #200 and 200MB for #50

How to subscribe MTN Pulse and Get Cheat Data

First, you must Migrate to MTN Pulse and ensure you are using a 4G LTE network on your Mobile Phone.

Now, once you have confirmed you are using those mentioned above, you will have to dial these codes and follow the steps;

1. To get 1GB Data for 14 days 

Dial *121# then select Data4me
Options will open. Select #200 for 1GB, and you will successfully subscribe.


Dial *131*65# Then select 1GB for #200

2. To get 2GB for 500 for 14 days 

Dial *131*2# Options will open up. Select 2GB for 500 for 2 weeks, and you will successfully subscribe to it after a few steps

3. To get 200MB for #50 for 7 days

Dial *121# then select Data4me

Options will be listed. Select #50 for 200MB, and you will successfully subscribe to it, although this stops at some point.

Benefits of MTN Pulse

1. You can call other members in the MTN Pulse tariff at low prices for as low as 11.26 kobo per second. 

2. You can call any local network in Nigeria after spending N15.36K. The Pulse plan gives users a 750MB 3-day data plan at ₦300. N500 gets you a 1.5GB weekly data plan.

3. You get an instant data bonus of 10 MB on the first recharge of the month. 

4. You can earn points by activating a specific data bundle. MTN Pulse users can use their pulse points to get free data. Nightlife Bundles are also available with MTN pulse with data budgets of up to 2GB (250MB bundle for N25 and 500MB bundle for N50).

5. Get special Instagram and TikTok bundles: 350MB IG & TikTok for ₦100 and 1GB IG & TikTok for ₦200.

How to Migrate to MTN Pulse Using USSD

Text 406 to 131, 
Dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#.

You can equally Dial *123*2#

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To Sum Up

MTN’s daily data plans offer various options for different data needs, whether you require a large amount of data for a month or a smaller package for immediate use.

Whether you need 1GB or 2GB of data, you can now enjoy seamless internet access without breaking the bank.

So, as you navigate the digital landscape, remember that staying connected has always been challenging and cost-effective.

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