MTN Cheap Data Code 2023 – Prices & Subscription Codes (See Full list)

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the full list of MTN cheap data codes for 2023 with corresponding prices and subscription details.

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Data has become an essential need in today’s internet-driven world. We rely on mobile data for communication, information, entertainment, and much more.

However, data bundles can put a dent in your wallet, especially if you are a heavy internet user.

Thankfully, MTN Nigeria provides some of the most affordable and cheap data plans to fit different budgets through their PayAsYouGo and PayMonthly packages.

Read on to find the most budget-friendly data deals on the MTN network.

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Overview of MTN Cheap Data Plans

MTN Cheap Data Code 2023 – Prices & Subscription Codes (See Full list)

MTN runs various promos and discounts throughout the year which lets subscribers enjoy cheap data rates. Their cheap data plans can be categorized into:

Daily Data Deals – Affordable data bundles valid for 24 hours. Great for urgent/immediate internet needs.

Weekly Data Deals – Data bundles that expire after 7 days. Ideal for lighter but regular internet users.

Monthly Data Deals – For heavier internet usage with longer 30-day validity periods. More data allocation.

Double Data – Special deals that give you double the data value for your recharge amount.

Data4Me – Exclusive platform offering customized cheap data deals and bonuses to prepaid subscribers.

Let’s look at the cheap data prices, bundle sizes, validity periods, and subscription codes for these different MTN data categories.

MTN Daily Cheap Data Plans

MTN offers these budget-friendly packages valid for 24 hours:

Data BundlePriceActivation CodeValidity
25MB₦50*131*114#24 hours
75MB₦100*131*104#24 hours
200MB₦200*131*113#24 hours
350MB₦300*131*155#24 hours
1GB₦350131155#24 hours

Daily plans are great for urgent internet needs on a budget. The 1GB at just ₦350 is excellent value.

MTN Weekly Cheap Data Plans

For your weekly internet needs, MTN has these deals available for 7 days:

Data BundlePriceActivation CodeValidity
350MB₦300131102#7 days
750MB₦500131103#7 days
1GB₦500131142#7 days
1.5GB₦1,000131105#7 days
2GB₦1,000131105#7 days
6GB₦1,500131143#7 days

The 1GB weekly plan for just ₦500 is the standout affordable deal valid for 7 days.

MTN Monthly Cheap Data Plans

MTN has these budget-friendly data bundles valid for 30 days:

Data BundlePriceActivation CodeValidity
1.5GB₦1,000*131*106#30 days
2GB₦1,200*131*130#30 days
3GB₦1,500*131*131#30 days
3.5GB₦2,000*131*110#30 days
5GB₦2,000*131*118#30 days
6GB₦2,500*131*147#30 days
12GB₦3,500*131*107#30 days

For monthly longer term bundles, the 3GB for ₦1,500 plan is a sweet deal giving 1GB for just ₦500.

MTN Double Data Cheap Plans

MTN Double Data feature lets you get double the data value for your recharge. So a ₦1,000 recharge gives you 2GB data instead of just 1GB.

To activate, text “Double” to 131. Then confirm by replying “1” to the response message. You can now purchase any data bundle and get double data.

Some popular double data deals:

Base DataPriceBonus DataTotal DataValidity
500MB₦500500MB1GB14 days
1.5GB₦1,0001.5GB3GB30 days
3.5GB₦2,0003.5GB7GB30 days
12GB₦5,00012GB24GB30 days

Double data offers excellent value, allowing you stretch your data budget further.

MTN Data4Me Exclusive Cheap Data

Data4Me gives prepaid users customized cheap data deals and bonuses like:

  • Discounted data bundles
  • Free extra data on recharge
  • Access to plans not available to everyone

To join, dial 1213# and select preferred plan from options displayed.

Some cheap Data4Me deals:

Data BundlePriceValidity
9GB₦2,00030 days
24GB₦3,50030 days
40GB₦5,00030 days

Data4Me provides exclusive discounted data prices and bonuses to prepaid subscribers.

Other MTN Cheap Data Codes

Apart from the main categories above, MTN runs various promos and flash sales offering cheap data prices valid for up to 30 days:

Data BundlePriceActivation CodeValidity
1.5GB₦500131308#3 days
2GB₦500131154#2 days
4.5GB₦1,000131153#7 days
10GB₦2,000131308#14 days
22GB₦5,000131310#30 days

It’s worth checking these codes during promo periods for special discounted rates.

How to Check MTN Data Balance

After subscribing to any MTN data bundle, you can confirm your new data balance and validity using:

  • *131*4# – Check via USSD
  • Text ‘2’ to 131 – Check via SMS
  • MTN App – Check via mobile app

Monitoring your data balance ensures you don’t overspend or lose unused data due to expiry.

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Tips for Getting the Most from MTN Data

Here are some tips to maximize the value you get from MTN cheap data bundles:

  • Go for longer validity deals like monthly bundles to minimize recharges.
  • Take advantage of double data and Data4Me exclusives for discounted rates.
  • Purchase data only when you need it rather than buying bulk to avoid wastage.
  • Set data limit alerts on your phone and stop background app data.
  • Recharge late at night or early morning to avoid network congestion.
  • Don’t start heavy downloads towards data bundle expiry to avoid unfinished sessions.
  • Consider shared data bundles if you have family/friends also on MTN to get discounted group rates.

Following these tips will help you save more money while getting the most from the very affordable MTN cheap data plans.

Troubleshooting MTN Data Subscription Issues

Despite the generally seamless process, you may face some issues when subscribing to MTN cheap data bundles:

  • Problem: Activation rejected despite sufficient airtime balance.
  • Solution: Retry the subscription later at off-peak times when the network is less congested.
  • Problem: Data bundle activated but data not showing in balance.
  • Solution: Wait a few hours as sometimes MTN delays bundle top up. If not reflected after 24 hours, contact customer care.
  • Problem: Subscription deducted airtime but did not activate data bundle.
  • Solution: Dial *131# to confirm if you subscribed using the correct cheap data plan code. If issue persists, contact MTN care.
  • Problem: Browsing and downloads not working despite successful cheap data activation.
  • Solution: Ensure your phone data connection is on and connected to MTN network. If other networks work, report the issue to MTN care.

We hope these fixes help you quickly resolve any access issues when subscribing to the affordable MTN data plans.

How to Share/Gift MTN Data Bundles

Apart from purchasing for your own use, you can also share or gift cheap MTN data plans to others on the MTN network using:

Share Data via Me2U

  1. Dial *131# and select Me2U
  2. Choose ‘Share MB allowance’
  3. Select recipient from registered MTN numbers
  4. Enter amount of data to share
  5. Confirm details to complete transfer

Gift Data Bundle via Me2U

  1. Dial *131# and open Me2U
  2. Select ‘Gift MB allowance’
  3. Pick data bundle plan to gift
  4. Enter recipient’s MTN number
  5. Confirm details to send gift

Gifting and sharing cheap data plans is a great way to help out friends, family, and colleagues on MTN so they can also enjoy the benefits of affordable data.

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To Sum Up

We have provided a comprehensive overview of the cheapest MTN data plans, bundle sizes, prices, and subscription codes for 2023.

With deals as low as ₦50 for 25MB going up to ₦3,500 for 12GB, there are budget options to suit diverse needs.

The daily, weekly, and monthly deals offer data bundles with a validity of 1, 7, and 30 days respectively. Double Data and Data4Me bring added savings to your recharges.

Following the step-by-step instructions to activate the codes, you can start enjoying affordable data on MTN for all your internet requirements. Apply the tips outlined to maximize value and get the most from the cheap plans.

With the knowledge in this guide, you can keep your smartphone, laptop, or mobile devices connected to MTN data without breaking the bank!


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