Is MTN Pulse Points Transferable? Everything You Need to Know

One of the most common questions about MTN Pulse is whether the points are transferable to other MTN Pulse users.

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MTN Pulse is a data plan from Nigerian telecom provider MTN that allows users to earn points which can be used to get free data.

Let’s look in-depth at how MTN Pulse points work and the ins and outs of sharing points.

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How MTN Pulse Points Work

Is MTN Pulse Points Transferable Everything You Need to Know

First, it’s important to understand MTN Pulse points and how you earn them.

  • You must be an active MTN Pulse subscriber to earn and use points.
  • Points are earned every time you purchase a Pulse data bundle.
  • The amount of points earned depends on the data bundle size. Larger bundles earn more points.
  • Points accumulate and roll over month to month. There’s no expiration on earned points.
  • You can redeem your points to get free data bundles. 500 points is worth 50MB of data.
  • You can check your point balance by dialing *406# on your MTN number.

So, in summary, you earn points on MTN Pulse by buying data bundles, and you can redeem points to get more data. Now, let’s look at sharing points.

Is MTN Pulse Points Transferable?

The short answer is no; MTN Pulse points are not transferable or can be shared with other MTN users.

Points are tied to the specific phone number and account that earned them. There is no way to move or gift points to another user. Even within family plans, points stay with the line that accrued them.

The only way to utilize points is to redeem them from the phone number that earned them for data bundles on that same number.

Why You Can’t Share or Transfer MTN Pulse Points

MTN has restrictions preventing direct point sharing to encourage service use.

Here are some reasons why MTN Pulse points are not transferable:

  • Promote individual use – Points are meant to benefit the individual user who earned them by buying bundles.
  • Prevent abuse – Transferring could allow users to exploit points from many accounts.
  • Simplify program – Managing point sharing across accounts would complicate things.
  • Maintain revenue – Free shared points could result in fewer new data bundle purchases.
  • Limited promotional purpose – The purpose of points is an individual customer reward, not sharing.

So, for various business and practical reasons, MTN pulse points are not transferable. While you can’t directly share, there are some creative ways to transfer value from your points.

How to Share the Value of Points With Family

While you can’t transfer points themselves, you can use your points to buy data bundles that could benefit family members on your plan:

  • Buy data for the family line – Use your points to redeem data bundles for another line on your account.
  • Pool points from family – Have family lines redeem their points for data on your number.
  • Gift data bundles – Rather than points, gift a data bundle bought with your points to a family member.
  • Shared data allowance – If you have a family data plan, points redeemed benefit everyone.
  • Hotspot data – Use data from your points to create a mobile hotspot for the family to connect.

So, while direct point sharing isn’t possible, you can use creative approaches to let your MTN Pulse points benefit family members through shared data purchases and plans.

Should MTN Allow Pulse Point Sharing?

Some users argue that MTN should enable point transfers between accounts. There are pros and cons to allowing point sharing:

Potential Benefits

  • Increased satisfaction and engagement from subscribers
  • New use cases like gifting points and data bundles
  • The ability to pool points from multiple lines for bigger data rewards
  • More motivation to promote MTN Pulse service through sharing

Potential Drawbacks

  • Administrative complexity managing point transfers
  • Security risks and potential point abuse
  • Loss of individual subscriber reward element
  • Reduction in new bundle purchases and associated revenue

Given these considerations, MTN currently sees prohibiting point sharing as the right business decision.

However, they could enable limited sharing features in the future with proper security if customers demonstrate a strong desire for it.

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Other Ways to Get Free MTN Data

While you can’t directly share points, MTN does offer some other ways to get free bonus data:

  • MTN Pulse rollover data – Unused data rolls over to the next month up to a limit.
  • MTN Yafun Yafun – Get bonus data when you buy select bundles.
  • MTN Data Blasta -gifted data bundles from other MTN users.
  • MTN Data Giveaway – Periodic free data bundles awarded to subscribers.
  • MTN tariff plans – Some packages include monthly bonuses or free data.

So, if you want to maximize free MTN data, make sure to take advantage of these other promotional opportunities.

Key Takeaways on Sharing MTN Pulse Points

To recap the key facts on whether you can share your hard-earned MTN Pulse points:

  • MTN Pulse points cannot be directly transferred to other users.
  • Points are tied to the specific number and account that earned them.
  • You can only redeem points for data bundles on the line that accrued the points.
  • While you can’t transfer points, you can use creative ways to share the data value with your family.
  • MTN restricts point sharing to promote individual use and prevent exploitation.
  • Consider taking advantage of MTN’s other data promotions if you want to get additional free data.

How to Manage Your MTN Pulse Points

Since you can’t share points, it’s important to responsibly manage the points you earn to maximize the data rewards:

1. Check Your Point Balance Frequently

  • Dial *406# to see your updated point balance at any time.
  • Track your balance to know when you have enough points for a data bundle.
  • Set reminders to check your points so you don’t forget periodically.

2. Buy Data Bundles That Make Sense For You

  • Purchase data bundles that fit your usage needs month to month.
  • Larger bundles aren’t always best if you don’t use all the data before it expires.
  • Calculate bundle size vs. points earned to get your preferred data-to-points ratio.

3. Redeem Points Before They Expire

  • Points expire after 2 months of account inactivity.
  • Set reminders to redeem your points if you ever stop using MTN for an extended period.
  • Don’t let hard-earned points go to waste!

4. Transfer Value to Family With Shared Plans

  • Use points for data on a family member’s line if you’re on a shared plan.
  • Create a family hotspot with data bought through points.
  • Gift data bundle codes purchased with points to family members.

Getting the Most Out of MTN Pulse

In addition to making the most of your points, you can optimize MTN Pulse in other ways:

1. Understand How Points Are Calculated

  • Review how many points specific data bundles award.
  • Buy bundles that maximize points earned per naira spent.
  • Take advantage of bonus data promotions that also award points.

2. Use MTN Pulse for All Your Data

  • The more data bundles you buy through MTN Pulse, the more points you earn.
  • Unsubscribe from other data plans and get all your data through Pulse.

3. Redeem Points Strategically

  • Save up points for the largest data bundles to maximize value.
  • Time redemptions to your data needs around travel, heavy usage periods, etc.
  • Don’t waste points on small bundles you won’t use fully.

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To Sum Up

MTN Pulse can save significant mobile data when you accumulate and redeem points.

While you can’t directly share or transfer points between accounts, you can still use your points to benefit family members through shared plans and data gifting.

With smart planning to earn and spend points, you can enjoy more free data. Just be sure to track your point balance and redeem them before expiration closely.

With its ability to turn data purchases into future savings, MTN Pulse provides a rewarding way to meet your data needs!


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