How to Setup Local Network on HA Tunnel Plus

This article demonstrates how to set up HA tunnel files for your local network, including Airtel, MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, MTN Uganda, Cell C, Econet, and Airtel Uganda.

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The need for functioning configuration files for the HA Tunnel + VPN keeps growing, and creating your HA tunnel file is the only way to address this issue.

You may make a ha tunnel configuration file by carefully following this guide’s steps.

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How to Setup Local Network On HA Tunnel Plus

How to Setup Local Network on HA Tunnel Plus
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Establishing HA Tunnel Files

Right, the idea is to browse with your hat file hidden from your new settings.

There’s no need to worry because this article contains useful advice on building hat files for MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, Glo, Vodacom, Telkom, Digicel, Cell C, etc.

These days, it might be difficult to find free surfing hacks, and the main cause is the absence of active servers or settings that enable the Ha Tunnel VPN and other browsing Virtual Private networks to function.

In a few minutes, you’ll discover the simplest method for making ha tunnel files. The majority of individuals appear to be unaware of how free browsing operates.

To begin with, what is HA Tunnel Plus

Ha Tunnel Plus is a straightforward mobile VPN application utilized to provide the highest effective service at no cost.

It is obvious that this program is made to provide excellent VPN services and many extras. Although the app will contain adverts, you can always access limitless services.

In virtually every country, using the app to access the internet for free is a fantastic alternative.

Given that it supports many networks and offers a variety of tunneling methods, Ha Tunnel Plus is free and simple to use.

Thanks to this, many people may now easily access the free internet without having to recharge their sim cards.

Creating Ha Tunnel Files

If you have the appropriate information, you can use any Android smartphone device to make a functional ha tunnel file.

Yes, the device has to be able to use the HA Tunnel mobile application and have an active internet connection.

Make your tunnel files by following the instructions below. You may make as many hat files as you like using these suggestions.

First, get Ha Tunnel Plus VPN here from Playstore.

Choose a connection type. Your host now determines the mode you choose. Continue reading

Click the 3 dot to the left-top corner.

Find and choose Payload Generator.

You must enter the information requested in the blanks and check the appropriate boxes. Apply the following settings:

URL Owner: Type your host’s URL using the HTTP-BUG method.

The version of HTTP: HTTP/1.1

Tick Keep Alive, Tick User Agent, and Tick Online Host are all HTTP headers.

Click the Generate button to continue.

Take a step back at this point and review the settings. Make sure everything is set up properly.

Be aware that certain hosts cannot be reached via HTTP; therefore, you may need to add an s to make it HTTPS.

Using your smartphone, you successfully constructed your ha tunnel file.

Press the START button immediately, then wait for the ha tunnel plus VPN to connect.

Exporting the hat file to the chosen folder is the next step in this process.

Do you know how to unlock files from the Ha Tunnel? Go investigate!

How to export files from the Ha Tunnel Having Created It

Before attempting to export your configuration settings, be sure they are operational. If not, you won’t be able to utilize the hat file you just made.

To make the ha tunnel configuration file you produced helpful to many people, export it by following the instructions below.

First, press on the three dots in the top-right corner of your screen to access the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN from the Home Page.

Import/Export can be tapped.

Select Export Config after that.

You will now be asked to input the file name, description, and other boxes to check.

File Name: Type the name you want to give your hat file when you save it.

To add a description or message in HTML, choose the “Add Description/Message” checkbox and then enter some text in the box that appears below.

PROTEXTRAS: You can check the Password box or leave the other boxes empty.

Use the EXPORT button one last time to save the h tunnel configuration file you just made.

These recommendations are effective in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, and other nations.

How To Install HA Tunnel Plus Local Network

This part was written to get closer to the answer because most of you are looking for instructions on setting up a local network using HA Tunnel VPN.

There are numerous ways to set up your local network host such that it operates and likely provides limitless free browsing when you’re moving.

Create your tunnel file by adhering to the recommendations (local network)

First Approach: Custom SNI Local Network Configuration (SSL/TLS Mode)

There are several methods to configure a local network on ha tunnel + VPN, including this Custom SNI.

With this method, any trick is feasible. This includes tactics like social media packs, e-learning packages, free hosting, etc., offering unfettered free access without needing payment. 

I’ll use and for Telikom Papua New Guinea and MTN Ghana, respectively.

Apply now as indicated below:

Here is a free host to download the open Ha Tunnel Plus application.

Navigate to Connection Mode and turn on Custom Setup.

Pick Custom SNI from the drop-down menu by tapping on it (SSL, TLS Mode)

Now you may choose Use Realm Host (v2), type your SNI in the Custom SNI field, and click Start.

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Remember, I stated I’d use the host I indicated before. Instead of using the ones I specified above, use your own.

If you’re experiencing problems connecting while using SNI, try adding www. To your host or if iit already exists.

The same is true if using causes an issue; just add www. Your connection might not function as a result of this little problem.

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Optional Method 2: Custom Host Header (HTTP Mode)

This is an additional method for configuring a local network using Ha Tunnel with VPN.

Although HTTP Mode is mentioned in writing, nothing further is apparent but the name and a Custom Host/Payload.

You may establish your own untapped HA tunnel + VPN configuration file and begin anonymous browsing if you successfully follow the instructions.

The makers of this program should have given this guy a payload generator, just like they did with the TCP.

If the connection protocol must be HTTP and not TCP or SSL, I will suggest you to connect using an HTTP proxy. Otherwise, disregard it.

Enter your Custom Host and the port it will use in the “Select Port” box. To assess how your connection is performing, also check the log area.

I hope that was helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can A Tunnel File Be Created?

Install the HA Tunnel Plus VPN first. Then locate a host that is operational and uses the default setup parameters.

Does It Function for You?

Before leaving, there are a few things you should remember.

Now, every host operates continuously. For the tunnel VPN to connect and allow free browsing, you might need to check for additional updates and make new files.

Why is my HA tunnel not working

The following are the main causes of your file not working:

Your settings are incorrect or outdated.

You set up the incorrect network.

I’m hoping you’ve mastered the skill of making HA tunnel files without worry with this easy steps I provided in this article

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