How to Retrieve NIN Number Without Phone Number Updated 2023/2024

Looking for how to retrieve your NIN number without a phone number?

Losing access to your NIN (National Identification Number) due to a misplaced SIM card or phone can be a stressful experience.

However, you can take steps to regain control of your NIN without needing your phone number.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process, ensuring that you can retrieve your NIN and secure your identity

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NIN Number Issuance Process

How to Retrieve NIN Number Without Phone Number Updated 2023/2024

The issuance and management of the NIN in Nigeria are overseen by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

The NIN is a unique identifier for citizens, mandated by the Federal Government, and is crucial for various activities, including financial transactions.

To access the NIN, individuals typically use the associated phone number. By dialing *346# on their phone, they can retrieve their NIN for NGN 20.

In cases where access to the registered phone number is lost or unavailable, individuals can still retrieve their NIN through an alternative process.

How to Retrieve NIN Number Without Phone Number

What would you do if you lost your SIM or could not access the PIN slip sent to you once your registration was successful?

If you wish to regain access to your Account without needing your mobile number, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Registered Location: To resolve this issue, visit your registered location. If that’s not possible, find the nearest registration office.
  2. Phone Number Documentation: Ensure you have information about the misplaced phone number. You may need to provide it for the process.
  3. Fingerprint Capture: At the registration office, you will get your fingerprints captured again. This is necessary to reproduce your NIN accurately.
  4. Safeguard Your NIN: Remember that your NIN is your identity, and you safeguard it like any other crucial document. Unauthorized access to your NIN can lead to potential misuse.
  5. Change Associated Number: To protect your NIN, change your phone number. You can pay NGN 500 via Remita for a phone number change and provide the required documentation.
  • Required Documentation:
    • Recent police report.
    • Authentic NIN slip received during your initial registration (you can provide the reproduced NIN without the phone number).
    • A signed request letter explaining the reason for the change.

Secure Your NIN: After completing this process, your NIN will be updated and secured. The updated SIM card connected to your NIN will now be accessible.

Cost: Following these steps will cost you a total of NGN 1,000. However, if you prefer a more cost-effective option, you can update and print your NIN slip again for just NGN 500.

Remember, safeguarding your NIN is crucial to prevent unauthorized use and protect your identity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can NIN Be Connected to Many SIM cards?

One National Identification Number may reach a maximum connection of seven SIM cards (NIN). The NIMC Mobile ID App makes this feasible.

When Does the NIN Expire?

The National Identity Number (NIN) does not expire, unlike a driver’s license. NIMC will give a successful enrollee a NIN, an exclusive 11-digit number.

How Can I Determine if My NIN Number is Linked?

You call the USSD code that your subscriber has specified. To see if your SIM card is compatible with your NIN, you may also log in to the NIMC mobile app.

Is a National ID Card the Same as a NIN?

A national identity card is a tangible form of identification, while a NIN is its digital counterpart. National e-ID is not the same as NIN.

Without an e-ID card, you can use NIN to verify a person’s digital identification.

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To Sum Up

The fee steps we posted will help you retrieve your NIN number without a phone number. If you face any difficulty, visit any NIMC office around you.

Your NIN is not just a number; it’s your identity and is vital to safeguard. Losing your SIM card or phone doesn’t have to mean losing access to your NIN.


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