How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan + Benefits

Airtel Nigeria offers various prepaid plans and tariffs to meet the needs of different customers. One of their most popular tariffs is the Airtel Smart Connect plan.

This plan provides boosted airtime and data bonuses on recharges to maximize value.

If you want to enjoy these Smart Connect benefits, you can easily migrate to the plan by dialling a simple USSD code.

Read on to understand what the Airtel Smart Connect plan offers, how to migrate to it, and tips to maximize the bonuses you get.

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Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan

How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan + Benefits

The Airtel Smart Connect tariff plan is the default prepaid plan that comes with all new Airtel SIM activations. It offers the following key bonuses:

  • 800% recharge bonus – Get 8x total bonus value on airtime, voice calls, data etc for all recharges.
  • 100% data bonus – Double data on all data bundle purchases for the first 3 months.
  • Monthly recharge bonus – Get up to 6x the value of total recharges back as data at the end of each month.
  • FAF bonus – Add up to 10 Friends and family to enjoy discounted call rates.

In summary, you get boosted airtime credit, extra data, and discounted calls when on the Airtel Smart Connect plan.

Benefits of Airtel Smart Connect Tariff Plan

Here are some of the specific benefits you enjoy when on the Airtel Smart Connect prepaid tariff:

1. 800% Instant Recharge Bonus

For all recharges, you get a bonus airtime value of up to 8x the recharge amount. So recharging ₦100 gives ₦800 total credits.

The bonus includes:

  • Main account bonus
  • Bonus voice calls
  • Bonus data
  • Social bonus
  • FAF bonus

This multiplier bonus stretches your airtime credit much further.

2. Double Data on Bundle Purchases

When you buy data bundles on the Smart Connect plan, you instantly get 100% extra data for free.

So purchasing 1GB data gives you 2GB, 2GB bundle gives 4GB and so on. This doubles the data you get for your money.

3. Monthly Data Bonus

You’ll get free data at the end of each month based on your total recharges for that month. This data bonus is given as:

  • Month 1 – 100% of recharge value
  • Month 2 – 66% of recharge value
  • Month 3 – 33% of recharge value

So if you recharged ₦5,000 in month 1, you’ll get ₦5,000 data bonus. Helpful for heavy data users.

4. Discounted Family & Friends Calls

The Smart Connect plan lets you register up to 10 contacts as Family & Friends to enjoy discounted call rates. This can cut down calling costs.

As you can see, the Airtel Smart Connect plan multiples the value you get from airtime recharges and data purchases through various bonuses.

How to Migrate to Airtel Smart Connect Plan

Follow the steps below to migrate your Airtel prepaid SIM to the Smart Connect tariff plan:

1. Dial 1219#

  • First, on your Airtel SIM, open the USSD menu by dialling 1219#

2. Select ‘Tariff Plan’

  • From the menu options, select option 9 – ‘Tariff Plan’

3. Choose ‘Airtel Smart Connect’

  • Next, choose option 1 for ‘Airtel Smart Connect’ plan

4. Confirm Migration

  • Follow remaining prompts to confirm migration to Smart Connect plan

Once migrated, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS from Airtel. Recharge to start enjoying bonuses!

Alternatively, you can migrate via:

USSD Method 2

  1. Dial *311#
  2. Select Option 1 to migrate to Smart Connect

Using Airtel Mobile App

  1. Open Airtel Thanks App
  2. Go to Account > My Plan
  3. Select ‘Change Plan’ option
  4. Pick Airtel Smart Connect from list

So with either the USSD menu, 311 code or mobile app, shifting to Smart Connect is quick and convenient.

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How to Check Airtel Smart Connect Data Balance

To check your data balance and bonuses after migrating to Smart Connect, dial *123# on your Airtel SIM and select:

  • Option 1: To check main account balance
  • Option 2: To check bonus account balance

You can also check on Airtel Thanks app under My Account or My Data sections. Monitoring balance ensures you efficiently utilize bonuses before expiry.

Tips to Maximize Airtel Smart Connect Benefits

Follow these tips to get the most from Airtel Smart Connect bonuses and discounts:

  • Recharge frequently even in small amounts to enjoy 8x bonus
  • Take advantage of double data before it expires in 3 months
  • Buy monthly or longer validity data bundles to maximize value
  • Don’t default on debts or loans else you’ll lose access to bonuses
  • Use Friends & Family discount to call your top contacts more
  • Check bonus balances frequently and use before expiry
  • Keep an eye on monthly data bonuses and redeem promptly

Following these best practices will help maximize savings and stretch your airtime further when subscribed to Airtel Smart Connect.

Troubleshooting Airtel Smart Connect Issues

If you face any issues migrating to Smart Connect or using the plan, here are some fixes:

Can’t migrate to Smart Connect:

  • Confirm your current plan tenure is completed before migrating
  • Check account balance and recharge airtime if insufficient

Bonuses not showing after recharge:

  • Wait up to 24 hours as bonuses may have delay
  • Confirm recharge was done after migration to Smart Connect
  • Check if you have any outstanding loans that used bonus

Data bonus missing:

  • Data bonuses take time to reflect, up to 48 hours
  • Confirm it’s been more than 3 months since you migrated
  • Check that recharges were done consistently without gaps
  • Contact customer care if issue persists after troubleshooting

We hope these steps help you resolve any common problems that may arise when subscribed to the Airtel Smart Connect plan.

How to Stop or Unsubscribe Airtel Smart Connect Plan

If you wish to disable the Smart Connect plan and stop getting bonuses, simply migrate to any other available prepaid plan.

To unsubscribe and change your tariff plan:


  1. Dial 1219#
  2. Select Option 9 (Tariff Plan)
  3. Choose new plan you want to migrate to

Using Airtel Mobile App

  1. Open Airtel Thanks App
  2. Go to Account > My Plan
  3. Click on ‘Change Plan’
  4. Select your preferred new tariff plan

Once migrated to the new plan, Smart Connect bonuses will stop. You can re-migrate back to it anytime.

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To Sum Up

The Airtel Smart Connect tariff plan offers a range of bonuses like 8x airtime value, 100% extra data, monthly data rewards and FAF discounts to maximize your airtime recharges.

Migrating is easy via USSD codes or directly through the Airtel Thanks app. Just remember to recharge consistently to enjoy the full benefits.

With the tips outlined, you can optimize your savings on airtime, calls and internet data when subscribed to Airtel Smart Connect.


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