How to Load MTN Card Directly for Data With Code in 2023 (See Guide)

In this guide, we’ll explain multiple methods to load MTN card directly for data through banking apps in 2023.

MTN is one of the largest telecom providers in Nigeria, offering phone and data services to millions of customers.

A common issue many MTN users face is wanting to load data when they have outstanding airtime loans or bonuses. Typically, any airtime loaded gets used first to pay off owed amounts before the rest goes to data.

Thankfully, there are clever ways to use banking apps that let you load an MTN card directly only for data.

You can sidestep any airtime deductions and get your data, even when owing airtime to MTN. No special codes are needed, just a few banking apps.

Keep reading to learn the step-by-step process to resolve your data loading issues on MTN once and for all!

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How MTN Airtime Loans and Bonuses Affect Loading Data

How to Load MTN Card Directly for Data With Code in 2023 (See Guide)

Before learning workarounds, it helps to understand how airtime loans and bonuses on MTN cause problems loading data.

When you take a loan or get bonus airtime from MTN, it gets noted on your account.

Now anytime you load a normal MTN card, the system will first deduct airtime to pay off any outstanding loan or bonus amounts.

Only the remaining airtime after deductions will get added for calls, SMS and data.

So for example, if you load a ₦200 card but have a ₦100 airtime loan, only ₦100 gets credited while ₦100 repays the loan. This prevents loading data directly until loans/bonuses clear.

However, banking apps utilize different channels outside of normal airtime loads. This allows directing funds strictly for data, bypassing airtime deductions.

Now let’s dive into the specific apps and steps to use for loading data on MTN without worrying about airtime reductions.

How to Load MTN Card Directly for Data With Code

Here are several ways to load your MTN Card directly for data:

Method 1 – Using Opay to Load MTN Data

Opay is a popular Nigerian fintech app with a large user base and extensive functionality.

One of its handy feature is the ability to directly buy and load data card on any network like MTN, 9mobile, Airtel, etc.

Follow these steps to use Opay for loading MTN data while avoiding airtime deductions:

  1. Download and install the Opay app from Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  2. Sign-up with your phone number and complete any KYC verification required.
  3. Top up your Opay wallet with cash via agents, bank transfer, cards, etc.
  4. Open the app and tap on “Data” below the Services section.
  5. Select your data bundle size, e.g. 1GB for ₦350.
  6. Enter your MTN phone number and tap “Proceed”.
  7. Confirm all details and complete payment from your Opay wallet.

The data gets directly loaded without even needing an MTN card. Airtime loans or bonuses won’t affect it. Within minutes the data balance reflects in your MTN account, ready for browsing!

Opay provides reliable direct data purchases. The wallet system streamlines the process without involving airtime. For heavy data users on MTN, Opay is a lifesaver.

Method 2 – Paying Directly Through PalmPay App

PalmPay is another Nigerian fintech app making life easier. Like Opay, PalmPay lets you load data bundles on any network without airtime deductions.

Follow the steps below to use PalmPay for loading data on MTN:

  1. Download and install the PalmPay app on your Android phone.
  2. Create a new account and complete phone number verification.
  3. Fund your PalmPay account via bank transfer or cash agents.
  4. Once logged in, tap “Buy Data” below the Services section.
  5. Select your preferred data bundle amount and tap “Next”.
  6. Enter your MTN phone number and tap “Buy Data”.
  7. The app will prompt you to confirm all details before final payment.

That’s all it takes! The PalmPay process is quick, convenient and guarantees your MTN data gets loaded directly without airtime reductions.

Method 3 – Paying for MTN Data Bundles Using Kuda App

Kuda is a popular digital bank used by millions of Nigerians for payments, transfers and more.

Like our previous examples, Kuda offers easy data bundle purchases without airtime deductions.

Follow the steps to buy data bundles directly for MTN using the Kuda app:

  1. Download and install Kuda app and complete account signup.
  2. Fund your Kuda account via bank transfer, card, etc.
  3. Open Kuda app and select “Buy Airtime/Data” from the Services tab.
  4. Input your phone number and network which is MTN.
  5. Select Data bundle plan you want, e.g 2GB for ₦1,200.
  6. Verify all details and complete payment from Kuda account balance.

Once payment succeeds, your MTN data balance gets credited within minutes without any outstanding airtime or bonuses reducing it.

Kuda makes the process super straightforward so you can get back to browsing!

Method 4 – Loading MTN Data Bundle Using Monepoint App

The Monepoint fintech platform also allows Nigerians to pay bills, load airtime, and purchase data bundles.

Integrated directly with all major telecoms, it bypasses airtime deductions when loading MTN data.

Here is how to use Monepoint to load data on MTN directly:

  1. Install the monepoint app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Register a new account by providing your phone number and other details.
  3. Go to the Services tab and select “Data Purchase”.
  4. Input your phone number registered with MTN and select the data bundle amount.
  5. The app displays the purchase details for your confirmation before payment.
  6. Complete payment from your monepoint wallet balance.

Once successful, the app notifies you, and the requested data gets loaded directly to your MTN number. No outstanding airtime repayment is needed!

Method 5 – Purchase MTN Data Bundles Via Carbon App

Carbon is a new-generation fintech platform for payments, airtime/data purchases, investments, and other services.

The app offers seamless data bundle loading for any network without airtime deductions.

Follow these steps to load MTN card directly for data with Carbon:

  1. Download and install the Carbon app on your Android device.
  2. Sign up for a new Carbon account with your phone number and BVN.
  3. Fund your Carbon wallet via bank transfer or debit card payment.
  4. Tap on the “Data” option below the Services on Carbon app.
  5. Select the data bundle based on validity and amount suitable for you.
  6. Input the phone number to receive data and complete payment from the Carbon wallet.

Once done, Carbon directly credits the data bundle to your MTN number. No outstanding airtime or bonuses affect it.

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Method 6 – Using Sterling Bank Paydirect for MTN Data

Leading Nigerian bank Sterling offers Paydirect, allowing purchases of airtime, data, TV subscriptions,s and other services.

Integrated with telecoms, Paydirect provides direct data bundle loading on MTN while avoiding airtime deductions.

Follow the steps below to use Sterling Paydirect for loading data on MTN:

  1. Have an active Sterling bank account/card where you will make payments.
  2. Visit the Sterling Bank Paydirect website or mobile app.
  3. Under the Telecoms section, select the “Buy Data” option.
  4. Choose your network as MTN and select the preferred data bundle amount.
  5. Enter the phone number to receive the data bundle.
  6. Make a payment from your Sterling bank account.

Once payment is completed, Sterling Paydirect credits the data bundle directly to your MTN number within minutes.

This provides an easy web/mobile payment option to load data if you have Sterling Bank.

Method 7 – Get MTN Data Bundles Through VFD Microfinance Bank App

Nigerian microfinance firm VFD offers digital banking services through their mobile app. It enables payments for airtime, data, cable TV, electricity bills, and more.

When purchasing data bundles via the VFD app, no airtime balance is deducted making it ideal for MTN users with outstanding loans.

Follow the process below to load MTN data bundles directly using VFD app:

  1. Download and signup on the VFD mobile app with your account details.
  2. Fund your VFD account via cash deposit, transfer, or card payment.
  3. Tap on “Data” option within the Services on the VFD app.
  4. Select your desired data bundle amount and enter your MTN number.
  5. The app shows a summary for your confirmation before completing the payment from VFD account balance.

Once successful, VFD credits the data bundle immediately with no reductions based on airtime loans/bonuses.

Method 8 – Load MTN Data Bundle Through Firstmonie Wallet App

Firstmonie Wallet by First Bank is a popular fintech app for bill payments, airtime/data loading and other services in Nigeria.

It allows purchasing data bundles directly from telecoms like MTN while avoiding airtime deductions.

Follow the steps below to load MTN data bundle using Firstmonie Wallet:

  1. Download and register on Firstmonie Wallet app with your phone number and other details.
  2. Fund your Firstmonie Wallet by transferring from bank account, cash agents or card payment.
  3. Go to “Data” option within the Services on the app.
  4. Select your preferred data bundle amount and enter your MTN phone number.
  5. Crosscheck all details properly before confirming payment from Firstmonie Wallet balance.

Once the payment completes, Firstmonie Wallet directly credits the data bundle to your MTN line within minutes.

This method provides a fast, seamless way to get MTN data without airtime worries.

Method 9 – Load Data Bundle on MTN via Paga

Paga app offers bill payments, bulk airtime purchases and data bundle loading services in Nigeria. When you load MTN data bundles using Paga, no airtime balance deductions occur.

Follow the steps below to use Paga for loading data directly on MTN:

  1. Download and install the Paga app then sign up with your details.
  2. Fund your Paga wallet using bank transfer or debit/credit card payment.
  3. Tap on “Buy Data” and select network as MTN followed by your preferred data bundle.
  4. Enter the phone number to load data on and double check all details.
  5. Complete payment from your Paga wallet balance.

Once done, Paga processes the order and loads data bundle to your MTN number directly without touching airtime balance.

Guidelines When Loading MTN Data Using Banking Apps

When purchasing MTN data bundles directly through banking apps, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Confirm you have sufficient balance in the app wallet before initiating payment.
  • Carefully enter the phone number receiving data to avoid loading it to the wrong person.
  • Double-check the data bundle details like validity, amount, and network before paying.
  • Save the payment confirmation or transaction ID as reference in case of any issues.
  • Know the data plans and prices offered by MTN to pick your optimal data bundle.
  • Be aware that data plans differ based on special offers and time of purchase.
  • Don’t wait until your data finishes completely before loading a new bundle.
  • Make note of your data subscription renewal date so you don’t experience interruptions.
  • Report any failed data loads to the app customer support for resolution.

Following these guidelines will ensure you have a smooth, stress-free experience purchasing data directly for your MTN line using banking apps.

Troubleshooting Common MTN Data Loading Issues

Despite using banking apps, you may occasionally face some problems loading data bundles on MTN lines.

Here are solutions for common MTN data loading troubles:

  • Problem: Payment succeeded but data has not reflected in MTN account after hours.
  • Solution: Wait 24 hours as sometimes MTN delays updating data balance. If still missing, contact app support.
  • Problem: Payment failed but money got deducted from the app wallet.
  • Solution: Contact the app customer care for a refund or load correction. Provide payment details.
  • Problem: The loaded data bundle shows the wrong amount than requested.
  • Solution: Contact app support, and provide details so they can verify and make corrections.
  • Problem: MTN data balance deducted but banking app payment failed.
  • Solution: Contact MTN customer care and banking app care to report the mismatch in data deduction and payment failure.
  • Problem: MTN data was loaded to the wrong recipient number by mistake.
  • Solution: Contact app support immediately, and provide transaction details for tracing. Also, inform the intended recipient.
  • Problem: Unable to load data bundle due to insufficient app wallet balance.
  • Solution: Fund your banking app wallet then attempt data bundle purchase again. Maintain sufficient balance.

We hope these troubleshooting tips help you swiftly resolve any potential issues that may crop up.

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To Sum Up

In this extensive guide, we covered multiple methods for purchasing MTN data bundles directly using Nigerian banking apps in 2023, avoiding any airtime deductions.

Opay, PalmPay, Kuda, Carbon, Firstmonie, Paga, and other apps outlined above provide reliable platforms.

Follow the step-by-step processes to start enjoying uninterrupted data, even with outstanding MTN airtime loans.

While no special codes exist for loading MTN cards directly for data, banking apps offer a simple workaround. Avoid waiting until airtime loans clear before getting data.

We also discussed key guidelines and troubleshooting tips when purchasing data bundles through banking apps.

With this knowledge, you can now stay seamlessly connected for work, entertainment and communication.


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