How to Know a Fake Oraimo Power Bank

Getting a fake Oraimo power bank can be annoying, especially when you don’t know the difference.

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Oraimo is one of Nigeria’s most popular technology brands, known for its smartphones, earbuds, and power banks, but with popularity comes fakes and counterfeits.

Some unscrupulous sellers try to sell fake imitation products falsely branded as Oraimo. This guide will help you identify a genuine Oraimo power bank versus a fake one.

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Overview of Oraimo Power Banks

How to Know a Fake Oraimo Power Bank

Oraimo offers a wide range of power banks in Nigeria for charging smartphones, tablets, and other devices on the go. Their key features:

  • Capacities ranging from 5,000mAh to 30,000mAh
  • Dual USB output ports
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Premium lithium-ion batteries
  • Attractive compact designs
  • 18 months warranty

They are designed to deliver users fast, efficient, and safe charging. Oraimo power banks are popular for their affordable pricing coupled with good quality.

How to Know a Fake Oraimo Power Bank

While genuine Oraimo power banks provide great value, counterfeits imitate the branding and finish superficially.

Here are 5 ways to identify a fake:

1. Check Authentication Sticker

All Oraimo power bank boxes come with a scratchable authentication sticker:

  • Scratch the coated surface to reveal a 16-digit code
  • Enter the code on Oraimo’s official authentication portal
  • It will verify if the product is genuine

Fakes won’t have this scratch sticker or enter invalid codes.

2. Look for Branding Differences

Check for Oraimo branding inconsistencies on the power bank and packaging:

  • Misspelt words like ‘Oaimo,’ ‘Oramo,’ etc.
  • Wrong font, size, or design of the logo
  • Missing slogans and certification logos
  • Different packaging materials, sizes, or design

Fakes often mimic branding imperfectly.

3. Feel Build Quality

Genuine Oraimo power banks have smooth, seamless exteriors with neat port alignment.

  • Fake products have rough edges, gaps in joints
  • Ports may be loose or aligned incorrectly
  • Overall, inferior plastic quality and finishing

The flimsier construction of fakes is apparent on inspection.

4. Test Charging Function

Connect your phone and check charging:

  • Original Oraimo power banks charge devices faster
  • Fakes take longer or don’t support fast charging
  • Some may not charge devices properly
  • It can also damage phones due to voltage issues.

Counterfeits often skimp on internal parts.

5. Verify Accessories

Check whether all accessories are present:

  • Genuine Oraimo power banks include a USB cable
  • Some models also have a carry pouch
  • Fakes may not have these accessories
  • Accessories like cable may also be of inferior quality

Packaging without full accessories indicates a fake.

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Where to Buy Authentic Oraimo Power Banks

Only purchase Oraimo products from authorized channels to avoid fakes:

  • Oraimo Website – Buy direct from the official online store. Ensure the URL is authentic.
  • Oraimo Stores – Visit the official brands in Lagos, Ibadan and Abuja.
  • Accredited Retail Outlets – Stores listed as official Oraimo retailers on their website.
  • Reputable Online Stores – E-commerce platforms like Jumia and Konga source directly from Oraimo.
  • Avoid Street Stores – High risk of fakes being sold in streetside shops and public markets.

For extra assurance, scratch the code and authenticate before purchase.

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What to Check on Authentic Oraimo Website

When purchasing directly from Oraimo’s website, look for these signs of a genuine domain:

  • Secure HTTPS URL – Authentic site has HTTPS SSL certification.
  • Professional Design – Legitimate Oraimo website has a smooth, functional UI design.
  • Order Confirmation – You will receive an order confirmation email after purchase from the real site.
  • Payment Options – Multiple payment methods, including card, bank transfer, and Paystack.
  • Contact Details – Check for Oraimo’s official phone number, email, and office address.
  • Spelling – Branding and product names are correctly spelled without errors.

These indicators verify you are on the official site, not a fake lookalike.

Things to Watch Out For

Some typical red flags that suggest a fake Oraimo retailer website:

  • The website is not HTTPS-secured
  • Poor web design and layout
  • Lack of order confirmation
  • Limited payment options
  • No company address or contact details
  • Errors in branding and grammar
  • Significantly lower prices than market rates

Use caution when any of these factors are present to avoid scams.

What to Do If Sold a Fake

If you have purchased a fake Oraimo power bank:

  • Stop using it – It could damage your devices or be a safety hazard.
  • Inform the seller to ask for an authentic replacement or refund.
  • Report fakes – Notify Oraimo about it via their contacts and website.
  • Leave reviews – Warn others online about fake sellers.
  • Buy only from authorized sellers in the future, even if it costs a bit more. It’s better than wasting money on counterfeits.

Stay vigilant so you don’t fall prey to imitation products.

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To Sum Up

While fake power banks branded as Oraimo are prevalent in some markets, some care goes a long way in identifying genuine products.

Check for authenticity, scratch code, branding, build quality, and accessories. Purchase only from Oraimo directly or from accredited sellers. This ensures you get value for money and safety.

Avoid tempting deals on unknown sites or shops that turn out to be fake. With some diligence, you can secure an original Oraimo power bank with the performance and warranty you expect from the reputed brand.


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