How to Get JAMB Profile Code through Email 2023/2024

In this article, we explain how to get your JAMB profile code via email in 2023/2024 to save you the hassle and stress.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) profile code is a unique 10-digit number assigned to every candidate registering for JAMB exams.

It serves as an identification number for accessing your profile information on the JAMB portal and registration platforms.

JAMB recently introduced the option to get your profile code directly sent to your email address.

This provides a convenient way to retrieve your profile code anytime you need it for your JAMB registration and other activities.

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JAMB Profile Code

How to Get JAMB Profile Code through Email 2023/2024

Every candidate is given a personalized 10-digit profile code when registering for UTME/DE exams with JAMB.

This serves multiple purposes:

  • It is your unique ID to access your JAMB profile, results and e-facility account.
  • Needed to complete exam registration and print exam slips.
  • Used to check admission status and accept offers on JAMB CAPS.
  • Required during registration at tertiary institutions for verification.

As you can see, your JAMB profile code is vital throughout your admission journey into higher education. Hence, safely keeping your profile code is crucial.

The common problem most candidates face is misplacing or forgetting their profile code, making it difficult to access their JAMB accounts. Thankfully, JAMB now emails candidates their codes.

Benefits of Receiving JAMB Profile Code via Mail

Getting your JAMB profile code sent to your email address has the following advantages:

1. Easy access anytime, anywhere

You can access your emails on your phone, computer or tablet anywhere conveniently to retrieve your code quickly when needed. No risk of losing a printed slip.

2. Can resend code if forgotten

If you forget or misplace your JAMB profile code, you can simply request JAMB to resend it to your registered email address.

3. Code accessible even without physical slip

Your code is accessible directly on email even if you misplaced the printed profile slip from your JAMB registration center.

4. Can forward code conveniently

You can easily forward your JAMB profile code from your emails to any other medium like phone, message apps, etc for safekeeping.

5. No risk of damage to printed slip

Having your code in email eliminates the risk of your printed code slip getting damaged, torn or fading, unlike paper.

As you can see, getting your JAMB profile code via mail offers greater convenience, accessibility and flexibility.

Step-by-Step Guide to Get JAMB Profile Code on Email

Follow these steps to get JAMB to send your profile code directly to your email address:

Step 1: Email Registration

During profile creation at your JAMB registration center, provide your active email address when asked. This links your email to your JAMB profile.

Step 2: Profile Creation

Complete your profile creation process. Your 10-digit JAMB profile code will be generated by the system.

Step 3: Email Notification

JAMB will automatically send your profile code to the email you provided during Step 1 above.

Step 4: Check your Email

Go check your email inbox for a message from JAMB containing your new profile code.

And that’s it! Be sure to save the email in a secure folder for easy access whenever required.

Alternatively, you can also retrieve a forgotten profile code by email using the JAMB Resend Code option:

Resend Code Process

  1. Visit JAMB Resend Code page:
  2. Enter your 10-digit JAMB Registration Number
  3. Input the text code shown onscreen and submit
  4. Your profile code will be emailed to your registered email
  5. Check the inbox and spam folder for the email from JAMB.

So in just a few minutes, you can get your missing JAMB profile code right in your email inbox!

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How to Link Email to JAMB Profile

If you didn’t provide your email when registering your JAMB profile earlier, don’t worry. You can still link your active email address to your existing profile using this process:

Linking Email via USSD

  1. On your phone, dial *55019#
  2. Input your 10-digit JAMB Registration Number
  3. Enter your email address when prompted
  4. You will get an OTP sent to your email
  5. Input the OTP to verify your email address
  6. Email successfully linked to your JAMB profile!

Linking Email via Website

  1. Visit JAMB Profile website:
  2. Login with your JAMB Registration Number
  3. Navigate to ‘Link Email’ option
  4. Enter and verify your email address
  5. Click Submit to complete the linking process

Once your email is linked, JAMB can now send your profile code and communicate via this email in future.

Retrieve JAMB Code Without Email

If you didn’t provide an email or are yet to link your email to your JAMB profile, you can still retrieve your lost profile code through:

JAMB Profile System

  • Visit JAMB profile portal:
  • Login with your JAMB Registration Number
  • Navigate to ‘Print Profile Slip’
  • Your profile slip with code will download

Mobile App

  • Download JAMB Mobile App and install
  • Launch app and login with profile credentials
  • Go to ‘Print Slip’ option
  • Your profile slip containing the code will download

JAMB Customer Care

  • Contact JAMB customer care phone line or live chat
  • Provide your registration details
  • The agent can retrieve and share your profile code

So even without an email linked, you still have options to retrieve your missing JAMB profile code conveniently.

What to Do if You Forgot JAMB Registration Number

To retrieve your profile code or utilize JAMB services, you need your 10-digit JAMB Registration Number. Here is how to find your number if forgotten:

  • Check your JAMB registration printout if you have it
  • Contact the center where you registered to retrieve it
  • Visit a JAMB office with a valid ID to recover it
  • Call JAMB customer care for assistance
  • Search your email inbox for past JAMB communications

Keeping both your JAMB Registration Number and Profile Code safely is crucial for seamless access to your profile and exam registration.

How to Change Wrong Email Linked to JAMB Profile

During profile creation or linking emails, you may accidentally provide the wrong email address to JAMB. Here is how to update it:

Via JAMB Profile Portal

  1. Visit and log in
  2. Go to ‘Contact Information’ option
  3. Click ‘Change Email’ and enter new correct email
  4. Verify new email and save changes

Through the JAMB Mobile App

  1. Launch app and login to your profile
  2. Tap on ‘Update Profile’ from menu
  3. Go to the email field and enter the new email
  4. Verify and save new email address

Updating your mail ensures your profile code and important JAMB information always reach you without issues.

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To Sum Up

Receiving your unique JAMB profile code directly via email offers convenience and ensures you never lose access to the 10-digit ID needed for exam registration and admission processes.

Be sure to provide an active email when first creating your JAMB profile to have your code emailed instantly. If already registered, link your email by visiting the profile page online or dialing the USSD code.

With your code securely in your email inbox, you can easily access it anytime, anywhere for seamless JAMB registration and check admission status updates.

We hope this detailed guide helps you get your JAMB profile code on email to avoid the headache of lost code slips!


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