How to Fix an Infinix Phone Screen Not Responding

It can be extremely frustrating when the touchscreen on your Infinix phone screen stops responding to taps and swipes. This renders you unable to access or use any of the phone’s functions.

A screen that is unresponsive or temperamental could be caused by underlying hardware or software issues.

Identifying the root cause and applying the right troubleshooting steps is key to restoring normal touchscreen operation on your Infinix device.

This comprehensive guide covers various reasons for the Infinix phone screen not responding along with solutions to fix it.

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Understanding Why an Infinix Phone Screen Can Become Unresponsive

How to Fix an Infinix Phone Screen Not Responding

Before we look at how to fix the unresponsive screen issue, let’s first understand the possible reasons behind it:

1. Software Glitches

Bugs and crashes in the Android OS, Infinix UI or screen-related software can cause temporary touchscreen failure.

2. Unoptimized Apps

Poorly designed third-party apps running in the background may interfere with screen response.

3. Outdated Software

Old Android OS or Infinix UI versions with compatibility issues can affect touch sensitivity.

4. Fingerprint Sensor Malfunction

Accumulated dirt, damage or moisture on fingerprint sensor can make the screen unresponsive.

5. Display Connector Damage

If the internal display cable or connector gets loose, damaged or dislodged, it can disrupt touch registration.

6. Broken/Faulty Digitizer

Cracked display layers or a malfunctioning digitizer impacts screen touch accuracy and sensitivity.

7. Motherboard Failure

In rare cases, the phone’s motherboard which powers the touch display may have a fault making the screen unresponsive.

Now that we know the potential causes, let’s go through some effective troubleshooting steps and solutions to get your Infinix phone’s touchscreen working again.

How to Fix an Infinix Phone Screen Not Responding

Follow these top troubleshooting methods step-by-step to resolve the screen responsiveness issue:

1. Restart Your Phone

Restarting refreshes the operating system and clears up temporary glitches that may be preventing touch response.

2. Check for Software Updates

Install pending Android OS and Infinix UI updates which include critical bug fixes and touch optimization.

3. Reset App Preferences

Reset application preferences under device settings to clear any problematic customizations affecting screen response.

4. Boot in Safe Mode

Safe mode starts the device with factory default settings and only the essential apps. This will reveal if third-party apps are causing touchscreen issues.

5. Wipe Cache Partition

Wiping the cache partition clears out corrupted temporary application data that could be interfering with the screen’s touch sensitivity.

6. Perform Factory Reset

If all else fails, back up data and reset your Infinix phone to factory defaults. This wipes out any bugs or glitches causing the unresponsive screen.

7. Get Hardware Inspected

If software troubleshooting does not help, get the phone physically inspected for hardware damage like on display connectors or digitizer.

By systematically following these methods, you should be able to resolve the unresponsive touchscreen problem on your Infinix device.

Detailed Guide to Troubleshoot an Unresponsive Infinix Phone Screen

For further assistance in diagnosing and fixing touchscreen responsiveness issues on Infinix phones, follow these detailed troubleshooting steps:

1. Restart the Infinix Phone

  • Press and hold the Power button on the phone to power it off
  • Once the phone is turned off, press the Power button again to turn it on
  • Allow several minutes for the system to restart fully
  • Test if the screen is responsive now

Restarting refreshes the phone’s operating system and memory which clears minor glitches that could be preventing touch response.

2. Update Software to Latest Versions

  • Go to Settings > Software Update and tap Download and install
  • Install all pending Android OS, Infinix UI and security updates
  • Also update preloaded apps and screen drivers from Play Store
  • Restart phone after updating for changes to take effect

Updating eliminates compatibility issues and bugs in old software affecting screen responsiveness.

3. Wipe Cache Partition

  • Turn off the phone completely
  • Press and hold Volume Up + Power buttons together
  • When you see the recovery menu, select “Wipe cache partition” option
  • Confirm wiping cache and reboot phone when done

This clears temporary corrupted data that could be causing touchscreen issues.

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4. Reset App Preferences

  • Go to Settings > Apps
  • Tap Menu icon on top right corner and select Reset app preferences
  • Confirm resetting app settings when prompted
  • Restart device after resetting app preferences

Resetting apps clears any problematic customizations that may be disrupting screen response.

5. Boot Phone in Safe Mode

  • Press Power button to turn off the phone
  • Turn it back on and when you see the Infinix logo, press and hold Volume Down
  • Continue holding volume button till “Safe mode” appears at bottom
  • Use phone and see if screen works normally in Safe mode

Safe mode isolates issues caused by third-party apps. A well-functioning screen in Safe mode indicates problematic apps disrupting response.

6. Uninstall Recent Apps

  • Go to Settings > Apps and sort by last used
  • Uninstall recently downloaded apps or games one by one
  • Restart phone after each uninstall to check for improvement

Removing newly added apps helps isolate malware or problematic apps interfering with screen sensitivity.

7. Factory Reset the Phone

  • Backup data and go to Settings > System > Reset options
  • Select Erase all data (factory reset) to wipe and reboot device
  • Test screen responsiveness after factory reset

This clears out all software bugs or glitches that could be causing an unresponsive screen.

8. Clean Fingerprint Scanner

  • Use microfiber cloth to gently wipe and clean fingerprint sensor
  • Ensure no moisture, grease or dirt is obstructing sensor
  • Carefully re-scan fingerprints after cleaning sensor

An obstructed fingerprint sensor may disrupt screen response by interfering with display connectors underneath.

9. Inspect Display Ribbon Cable

  • Power off phone, remove SIM tray & rear case carefully
  • Check the display cable connection under the screen
  • Reseat cable properly; replace if loose, damaged or worn out

Checking the internal display cable eliminates any loose ribbon connection issues making screen unresponsive.

10. Get Display Hardware Inspected

  • Visit Infinix service center for full hardware inspection
  • Technicians will check display connector, digitizer and connectors
  • Repair or replace faulty touchscreen components

Hardware faults like damaged connectors or a malfunctioning digitizer module can only be diagnosed on inspection.

11. Contact Infinix Support

If the issue persists after troubleshooting, contact Infinix support by email, phone or chat for assistance. Provide issue details and troubleshooting steps attempted. They can arrange advanced repair if required.

Thoroughly following these troubleshooting methods will help identify and resolve the unresponsive touchscreen problem on your Infinix smartphone. Seek technical assistance if issues continue despite troubleshooting.

Alternative Ways to Use an Infinix Phone when the Screen is not Responding

If you are unable to get the Infinix phone’s touchscreen working again, consider these alternative options to continue using your device:

1. Connect Wireless Mouse

Connect a wireless bluetooth mouse to navigate the phone when touch is unresponsive.

2. Use OTG Cable

Use a USB OTG adapter to connect a wired mouse and operate the Infinix phone.

3. Enable Voice Access

Turn on Voice Access under Settings > Accessibility to control phone using voice commands.

4. Use Gesture Controls

Navigate using Infinix phone’s motion gestures if available under Settings.

5. Try Virtual Buttons

See if the on-screen virtual buttons still work to control the phone if touch fails.

6. Cast Phone’s Display

Mirror phone display to a bigger screen like TV using Google Cast and control it from the bigger display.

While inconvenient, these options can act as workarounds to use your Infinix device until the touchscreen can be repaired or replaced.

Preventing Infinix Phone Screen Responsiveness Issues

Here are some tips to avoid issues with unresponsive screens when using Infinix phones:

  • Install Android OS and security updates promptly
  • Avoid sideloading unknown apps or software
  • Prevent phone overheating by limiting intensive usage
  • Protect phone from damage by using cases and screen guards
  • Keep fingerprint scanner clean and obstruction-free
  • Avoid exposing phone to moisture or leaks
  • Use a dry soft cloth to clean screens to minimize dust/particles

Following these practices will help lower the chances of unresponsive screen problems arising on your Infinix smartphone.

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To Sum Up

Dealing with an unresponsive touchscreen on your Infinix phone can certainly be troublesome. However, by applying systematic software-based and hardware-focused troubleshooting techniques, you can isolate and resolve the underlying issue.

First try software fixes like updating the OS, resetting apps and rebooting the device. If the problem persists, get the phone’s physical components like connectors and display inspected at a service center.

Additionally, use Infinix customer support channels if you are unable to diagnose and fix the screen responsiveness problem on your own even after troubleshooting.

Stay patient and eliminate potential causes one by one, and you will be able to revive your Infinix phone’s touchscreen back to normal functioning.


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