How to Change Your NIN Phone Number Online (NIMC Change of Number)

The NIN (National Identification Number) is a unique 11-digit number assigned to all Nigerian citizens and legal residents for identification purposes. Your phone number is one of the key details linked to your NIN profile.

There are situations where you may need to update your phone number associated with your NIN due to getting a new SIM card, change of network provider, etc.

Thankfully, NIMC provides a way to change your NIN phone number online without having to visit an enrollment center.

In this detailed guide, we explain the step-by-step process to change your NIN phone number conveniently via the NIMC portal and mobile app.

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How to Change Your NIN Phone Number Online

How to Change Your NIN Phone Number Online (NIMC change of number)

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) allows Nigerians to update their NIN profile information like phone number, residential address, etc. directly online.

Previously, you had to physically visit an NIMC enrollment center which was time-consuming and inconvenient.

With the self-service online options, you can now change your linked phone number much faster.

However, it’s important to note that ONLY your phone number can be updated online.

For changing other NIN details like your name, date of birth, you are still required to visit the NIMC office.

The major requirements for changing your NIN phone number are:

  • Your current active NIN
  • The new phone number you want linked
  • Valid email address
  • Payment of N50 fee

Ensure you have these ready before initiating the change of NIN phone number request online.

Step 1 – Confirm Your Current NIN

First, you need to confirm that you know your correct active National Identification Number (NIN). This 11 digit number was provided on your NIN slip when you completed the initial NIN registration process.

If you’ve lost your slip or don’t remember your NIN, you can retrieve it in a few ways:

  • Dial *346# on your registered phone number to retrieve NIN via SMS
  • Use NIMC Mobile App to instantly access your NIN
  • Visit nearest NIMC office with valid ID to retrieve NIN

Once you’ve confirmed your 11 digit NIN, note it down as you’ll need to provide it during the phone number change process.

Step 2 – Have Your New Phone Number Ready

The next step is making sure you have access to the new phone number you wish to link to your NIN record. This should be an active number either on your current SIM card or a new SIM.

You MUST have physical access to the new number, as a one-time-password (OTP) for confirmation will be sent during the change process.

If you don’t have a new number yet, simply purchase a new SIM from your preferred mobile network provider. Insert it in your phone, activate it, and fund it with some airtime.

Once you’ve confirmed the new active number, note it down for the next steps.

Step 3 – Visit NIMC Phone Number Update Portal

To initiate your NIN phone number change request, visit the NIMC portal using this link:

This is the main NIMC dashboard you need to access. On the portal, look for and click on the “Update Phone Number” option.

Alternatively, you can directly visit:

This will take you to the phone number update page to kickstart the change process.

Step 4 – Enter Your NIN and New Phone Number

On the update phone number page, you need to submit the following details in the form:

  • Your current 11-digit National Identification Number (NIN)
  • Your new phone number you want linked to your NIN

Once you’ve carefully entered the information, click Submit.

Step 5 – Validate Using OTP Code

After submitting your NIN and new phone number, NIMC will send a One-Time Password (OTP) to the new number as confirmation.

Retrieve this 6-digit OTP code and enter it in the verification prompt on the update phone number portal.

Submitting the valid OTP proves you have access to the new phone and phone number. This completes the verification process.

Step 6 – Make Payment of N50 Fee

The final step is to pay the processing fee of just N50 for the NIN phone number update service.

You can pay easily via the NIMC portal using your debit/credit card. Enter your card details securely on the portal to deduct the N50 charge.

After successful payment, your application will be processed and changes will reflect in 24-48 hours.

And that completes the process for conveniently changing your NIN phone number fully online!

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Changing NIN Phone Number via Mobile App

Apart from the NIMC portal, you can also change your NIN phone number using the NIMC Mobile App on your smartphone.

Here is a summary of the steps:

  1. Download and install the NIMC App if not already installed. It’s available on iOS and Android app stores.
  2. Launch the app and log in using your NIN, surname and date of birth.
  3. Tap on the Profile icon and go to “Update NIN Details”.
  4. Select the change of mobile number option.
  5. Enter your new phone number and submit.
  6. Input the OTP sent to the new number for verification.
  7. Finally, make payment of the N50 fee on the app to complete the process.

The NIMC Mobile App provides the simplest way to change your NIN phone number instantly from your phone.

Tracking Status of NIN Phone Number Change

To track the status of your phone number change request, you can use the NIMC Mobile App.

Simply log in, go to support services, and select “Check Enrolment Status”. Input your details to see latest update.

You will get notified once the change is successfully completed within 24-48 hours in most cases.

Do NOT attempt to change your number again during pending requests as it can cause complications. Just wait patiently for confirmation of completion.

Guidelines for Updating NIN Phone Numbers Online

To ensure your NIN phone number update is smooth and successful, keep these important guidelines in mind:

  • Only change your NIN phone number if absolutely necessary, not casually.
  • Have both your current active NIN and new phone number handy before initiating request.
  • Use ONLY the official NIMC portal or Mobile App to submit change request.
  • Save and note down the OTP received to your new number during verification stage.
  • Make payment promptly when prompted on the portal/app to avoid failed applications.
  • Be patient after submitting request. The process takes 24-48 hours in most cases.
  • Do not attempt another change request if one is already in progress.
  • Contact NIMC support if your change request is pending for more than 48 hours.

Closely following these guidelines will ensure your NIN phone number gets changed safely and correctly the first time.

Tracking NIN Application and Enrolment Status

Apart from tracking your phone number change status, you can also check the overall status of your NIN application and enrollment using NIMC’s online services:

Using NIMC Status Check Portal

  1. Visit:
  2. Enter your NIN, First Name and Last Name
  3. Select Enrolment Type (NIN, eID Card, etc)
  4. Input displayed code and click Search
  5. Your current enrollment status will be displayed

Via NIMC Mobile App

  1. Download and install the NIMC app
  2. Login with your NIN, surname and date of birth
  3. Go to Support Services and select Check Enrolment Status
  4. Input your details and search to see enrollment status

Monitoring your application status ensures you get alerted in case any issues arise with processing your NIN so that you can promptly contact NIMC to resolve it.

How to Retrieve Lost NIN Slip Online

If you’ve lost or misplaced your original NIN slip, it can easily be retrieved following these steps:

Using NIMC Portal

  1. Visit the NIMC portal dashboard and select NIN Retrieval option
  2. Provide your NIN, Full Name, DOB, Email and Phone Number
  3. Solve Captcha and submit request
  4. Check your email for a copy of your NIN slip in PDF format

Via NIMC Mobile App

  1. Download and install the NIMC Mobile App on your phone
  2. Launch app and log in with your NIN, surname and DOB
  3. Go to Support Services and choose NIN Slip Retrieval
  4. Enter required details and submit
  5. Your NIN slip will be emailed to your registered email

Saving a soft copy means you always have access to your NIN details even if you misplace the physical copy again.

How to Link NIN with Phone Number

If you got your NIN before SIM registration became mandatory, you may need to link your NIN with your phone number. Here is the quick process:

Link NIN to New SIM

  1. Buy a new SIM and activate in your phone
  2. Dial *346# on the new SIM and select ‘Link NIN’ option
  3. Enter your 11-digit NIN and submit
  4. Your NIN will be linked to the new SIM

Link NIN to Existing SIM

  1. Dial *346# on your current SIM
  2. Choose ‘Link NIN’ option
  3. Provide your 11-digit NIN when prompted
  4. NIN will be linked to your current SIM

Once linked, you can retrieve your NIN at any time by dialing *346# from your phone.

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To Sum Up

We have covered the complete step-by-step process to easily change your NIN phone number online directly via the NIMC portal or Mobile App. This saves you the hassle and time of physically visiting a NIMC center.

Simply confirm your NIN, have your new phone number ready, and initiate the change request on the NIMC channels. Make the payment when prompted to complete the process without issues.

Apart from updating your phone number, you can also use NIMC’s online services to check your NIN application status, retrieve lost NIN slip, and link your NIN to your SIM card.

Leveraging the self-service options makes managing your NIN profile much more convenient.

We hope this detailed guide helps you change your NIN phone number smoothly from the comfort of your home.


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