How to Activate and Check Glo YouTube Night Bundle

If you like watching YouTube videos like I do but also find that this habit eats up a significant portion of your monthly data allowance, the Glo YouTube night bundle may be of interest to you.

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Therefore, for just N250, you can get up to 500MB of data that can only be used for streaming or watching YouTube videos over the course of a month with this plan.

It is available to consumers in Nigeria and Ghana. The scheme only functions from midnight to five in the morning and lasts for one night.

Today I’ll show you every Glo YouTube data plan that is currently available, along with details like cost, duration, and how to sign up for each one.

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How to Subscribe to Glo YouTube Night Bundle

How to Activate And Check Glo YouTube Night Bundle

You can subscribe to the Glo YouTube night bundle by following these instructions:

  • Open your call dialer app, dial *777# as the code, and then send.
  • To access “Data,” choose “1” from the list of alternatives.
  • Return to “Buy Data Plan” and choose “1” once again.
  • If you want “Auto-Renew” enabled, choose “1” once again; otherwise, choose “2”.
  • To access “Social Bundles,” choose “6.”
  • To access “Youtube Bundles,” select “2.”

Choose the YouTube data plan you want to subscribe to from there by doing nothing further. You are set now, you can enjoy your YouTube Night Life on Glo.

How to Check Your Glo YouTube Night Plan Data Balance

Below is the Step-by-step guide to check your Glo YouTube Night Plan.

Step  1. Send INFO to 127.

Text 127 while using your texting app. INFO should be typed into the text’s body before pressing Send. An SMS message with your data consumption should be returned. 

Step 2. On a phone, dial *127*0#.

The speediest method for determining your equilibrium is with this method. Dial *127*0# into your phone’s dialer.

A text message containing your current Glo data balance should be sent to you automatically.

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Step 3. Enter *777# into your phone’s dialer and choose “Check Balance.”

The main number for logging into your Glo account is this one. Use the automatic menu after dialing a series of digits.

Your phone will get a text message with your current data consumption information. Dial *777# on your phone to proceed.

To choose the option to buy data, dial 1. Select 4 to purchase the data plan.

Step 4. Check your balance by going to the Glo Website.

Additionally, you can check your data balance in your browser. While logged into the Glo network, open a browser on your phone or computer and visit the Glo Website.

You may access information about your plan, including your current data consumption, from the portal that will be displayed on this page.

Step 5. The Glo Café app lets you check your data.

Get the app from Google Play or the Apple Store. You may purchase and manage data plans using the Glo Café app.

Follow the instructions to create an account or sign in to an existing account after downloading the app.

Your current data use will be shown after you check in on the main app panel.

All Glo YouTube Plans Prices and Duration

  • 1Hr ₦50 – Pay as you go (1hr max) 
  • 5hrs (Night) ₦50 – Pay as you go (5hrs max, night only)
  • 100MB – ₦50  (1 Day)  
  • 200MB – ₦100 (1 Week)
  • 3hrs₦130 (Pay as you go (3hrs max)  
  • 7hrs (Night) – ₦200 (Pay as you go) (7hrs max, night only) 
  • 500MB – ₦250 (1 Month) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the remaining amount of my night data on Glo?

Yes, you may check and view the remaining data on your Glo night data plan. In reality, there are several ways to accomplish this, all of which I’ve already described.

How can I check my Glo night data balance?

Dial *777# to check the remaining data on your Glo night data package. Your screen will show the remaining data on your Glo night data plan after selecting 1 “Data” and 4 “Check Data Balance”.

What is the code for my Glo night data balance?

You may check out how much remaining Glo Night data you have by dialing *127*0#. When you enter this code, a pop-up message revealing how much night data is still available appears on your phone’s screen.

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To Sum Up

And that’s it on how to check Glo night data balance. Whether via USSD code, SMS, or other methods, I believe by now you will know how to check your Glo night plan balance.

If you have any questions concerning this topic, then feel free to drop them in the comment box.


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