10 Best Websites to Download Books Online for Free

If you’re an avid reader or a knowledge seeker on a budget, the internet offers a treasure trove of websites that allow you to download books online for free.

Reading books online is an excellent way to enjoy literature, learn new things, and enrich your life.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll introduce you to the “10 Best Websites to Download Books Online for Free.”

Whether you’re into classic literature, academic texts, or contemporary bestsellers, these websites provide a diverse collection of downloadable books to satisfy your literary cravings.

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10 Best Websites to Download Books Online for Free

10 Best Websites to Download Books Online for Free

Here are 10 of the best websites to download free Books online spanning a wide variety of topics and genres:

1. Project Gutenberg

Founded in 1971, Project Gutenberg is the oldest eBook library online. It features over 60,000 free eBook titles mainly focused on older works that are public domain.

You can download free PDF versions of books or ePub formats for supported eReaders. Project Gutenberg covers literary classics, philosophy texts, mysteries, sci-fi, children’s books, and more genres.

The vast majority of texts are in English, along with some other languages.

2. Open Library

From the Internet Archive, the Open Library hosts over 1 million free eBook titles. Along with public domain works, you’ll find modern books as borrowable-only options.

Open Library gets books from their partners as digital scans or digital files to compile their collections. Users can suggest books they’d like to see the site get to.

There’s also a waitlist feature for more popular titles. Genres include literature, history, philosophy, young readers, and more.

3. ManyBooks

As its name suggests, ManyBooks lives up to its name with over 30,000 free eBook downloads. It sources public domain books from sites like Project Gutenberg alongside Creative Commons licensed titles.

The site is easy to navigate with titles sorted by genres like fantasy, romance, mystery, sci-fi, and more.

Additionally, you can search by author name, book format, language, and popular titles. Read their eBooks online or download PDF, ePub, Kindle, TXT, and many other formats.

4. International Children’s Digital Library

Part of the Internet Archive, this digital library is specifically for young readers. Kids and teens will find award-winning books in over 50 languages.

There are six categories to browse based on age range 0-5, 6-8, 9-12, and Teen. Teacher resources, thematic lists, and searches help you discover relevant children’s literature easily.

The site scans physical books and adds titles digitally to create this vast online collection. Books can be read online or downloaded in ePub and PDF formats.

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5. Standard eBooks

Standard eBooks offer ePub downloads of public domain books. Its collection includes mainly classics and older works of literature. You’ll also find some technical and academic works.

The site focuses on producing high-quality, well-formatted eBooks compliant with current publishing standards.

Each has a linked table of contents, consistent styling, and proper cover art. That makes them work well on a variety of eReaders. The books are free since they use works in the worldwide public domain.

6. Google Play Books

Google Play Books is best known as a platform for purchasing eBook titles to read on Android devices.

However, the store also offers an extensive collection of free classics and public domain books to download.

You can add these free eBooks to your Google Play Books app, and then read them online or offline across any device.

The free section includes literary classics like Pride and Prejudice alongside more recent works where authors chose to release rights.

7. Scribd

While primarily a subscription service for eBooks and audiobooks, Scribd offers a rotating selection of free eBooks each month.

You can browse and download up to 10 free eBook titles across genres without a paid subscription. The new free downloads rotate in the next month.

Scribd often includes more contemporary bestsellers in their free selection. You can read the eBooks on Scribd’s apps or download them to eReaders, tablets, phones, and computers in multiple formats.

8. Open Culture

Open Culture curates free eBooks and audiobooks alongside free online courses. Their eBooks section spans philosophy, religion, art, sci-fi, classics, and other genres.

All of the titles are legally licensed or in the public domain. Along with direct downloads in several formats, Open Culture links to other sites where you can access free eBooks.

They focus on books with academic and educational value. Open Culture’s listings provide a great way to explore thought-provoking works.

9. Free-eBooks.net

As its name suggests, Free-eBooks.net offers completely free eBook downloads. They house thousands of free eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle, HTML, and text formats.

Every download is completely legal, utilizing public domain and Creative Commons licensed works. Free-eBooks.net has books across fiction genres and non-fiction categories like academic, biographies, computers, cookbooks, philosophy, and more.

You can sort by popularity, title, author, genre, and language. An excellent reference site for entirely free book downloads.

10. Openstax

Openstax from Rice University publishes peer-reviewed, open-source textbooks for free download. This library focuses on student textbooks for high school and college courses.

Subjects include science, math, business, social sciences, and humanities with both AP and college texts. Books are professionally authored and vetted through an expert review process.

All books are available for free online reading or PDF downloads. Print copies can be ordered at cost. Openstax provides quality educational materials accessible to all learners.

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To Sum Up

This selection of websites offers thousands of free, legal eBook downloads. You can quickly build an impressive home library without spending money.

Check these sites to discover free editions of your favorite classics, find new authors and genres, and learn about academic subjects or skills for personal development. Enjoy exploring limitless books online.


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