10 Best Websites to Download Anime For Free

There are several websites that allow you to download anime for free. You can watch tons of anime episodes and movies for free online.

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These websites offer thousands of free anime titles—from action-packed battle sagas with heroes to cute romantic comedies with magical girls.

It also has subtitles for convenience if you don’t understand the language. Say goodbye to expensive Blu-rays or subscriptions.

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10 Best Websites to Download Anime For Free

10 Best Websites to Download Anime For Free

Here are 10 awesome websites to download anime fix for free:

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll streams over 1000 anime series totally free of charge. Create a free account to access subbed/dubbed episodes shortly after they air in Japan.

From mainstream shonen to obscure slice of life, they host an enormous catalog. If you want ad-free viewing and early access, upgrade to a paid premium plan. But the free version still rocks!

2. Funimation

Another free anime streaming giant, Funimation offers hundreds of subbed/dubbed shows without paying.

Watch classics like Dragon Ball and One Piece or the latest simulcasts every season. Create a free account and you can queue shows to watch instantly.

Funimation produces quality English dubs for a ton of popular series as well.

3. RetroCrush

Love old-school anime? RetroCrush has you covered with classic series from the 70s all the way through the 00s.

Stream nostalgic titles 24/7 with ads. Whether you want to relive favorites or discover pioneers of the medium, RetroCrush delivers free vintage vibes. No subscription is needed, straight retro streaming.

4. Tubi

In addition to its huge movie/TV library, Tubi houses hundreds of anime series to stream completely free. They offer shows from genre favorites to lesser-known gems.

Tubi adds new anime frequently, so the catalog constantly evolves. Check their anime section regularly for new additions to watch gratis!

5. AnimeDao

AnimeDao lives up to its name by delivering free English-subbed anime directly. Browse by season to find the latest simulcasts.

Search by genre or alphabetically if you want classics. AnimeDao adds new episodes shortly after they air in Japan. Plus a mobile app to take your shows on the go!

6. AnimeUltima

Another site fully dedicated to free subs, AnimeUltima makes streaming simple. The search bar lets you find exactly the show you want.

Genre list lets you dig for new discoveries. Toggle popular and latest sorts too. AnimeUltima offers a minimal interface to find subs super fast.

7. AnimeKisa

At AnimeKisa, watch subbed and dubbed anime in HD quality. Modern site design with easy search and filters.

Create a free account to manage watchlists. AnimeKisa has a cool feature showing the most popular and highest-rated series. Worth browsing those lists for trending suggestions!

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8. AniMixPlay

AniMixPlay neatly organizes free anime into seasons and genres. Their catalog spans decades with both classics and new seasons.

Watch subs shortly after release in crisp HD. AniMixPlay even sets up convenient RSS feeds so you never miss new eps of your fave shows!

9. AnimeHeaven

True to its name, AnimeHeaven hosts plenty of free anime subbed for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy popular Shonen and Shojo series as well as obscure finds.

Use lists like the most popular and latest releases to uncover hidden gems. AnimeHeaven makes sure anime fans enter streaming paradise.

10. YouTube

Don’t forget YouTube! Official studio channels legally stream anime series new and old. See entire shows from heavyweights like VIZ Media and Aniplex.

Check out anime clips or full eps aggregated into playlists. Subscribe so you never miss an upload. Tons of free anime await on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Downloading Anime From These Sites Really Legal?

Yes, all of these sites offer completely legal and free anime options. They are able to provide free access through advertising revenue, public domain series, direct partnerships with studios, or original productions. Rest assured you won’t get in trouble for piracy—just enjoyment!

What Devices Can I Watch the Anime On?

Most of these sites have mobile apps or allow mobile browser viewing so you can watch on smartphones and tablets. Many are also available right through your laptop or desktop web browser.

Some offer apps on devices like Roku or Chromecast too. A few even let you download files to watch offline later.

Will I Need to Create an Account to Start Watching?

Some sites allow totally anonymous viewing with no sign-up. Others like Crunchyroll require free account creation to access content.

Registration only takes a minute or two. Creating an account lets you save favorites, queue episodes, and resume watching seamlessly.

Can I Really Watch Premium Current Anime Seasons for Free?

Yes, sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation offer brand new anime episodes shortly after they air in Japan for free users!

You will have to wait a week after paid members get episodes, but eventually access them with ads. This lets you legally watch top simulcasts each season.

What Are the Differences Between Subbed vs. Dubbed Anime?

Subbed versions feature the original Japanese voice acting with subtitles in your language. Dubbed versions replace the Japanese audio with voices recorded in your language.

Both have their merits! Subs stay truer to the original acting while dubs flow better conversationally.

Will I Run Into Lots of Annoying Ads?

Some platforms like Crunchyroll and Tubi keep ads minimal—a few before episodes and sparingly during. Others have more frequent disruptive ads.

But remembering the content is free makes them easier to tolerate! Ads subsidize operating costs to provide legal anime.

Can I Watch a Brand-New Anime the Same Day It Airs in Japan?

On most free sites, new episodes appear a week or more later. But paid subscribers on sites like Crunchyroll gain instant access—called simulcasting!

This premium perk gets episodes literally the same morning they air in Japan! Otherwise, enjoy episodes for free just a little later.

How Much Anime Can I Watch for Free?

Most of these sites offer unlimited free viewing! Make an account and you can watch as many episodes as you want.

A few limit the newest episodes for free accounts, but you can watch back catalog titles endlessly.

Some paid upgrades remove ads or unlock bonus content. But core libraries are bottomless for free users!

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To Sum Up

No, paying for pricey Blu-Rays or subscriptions is necessary with these free anime sites! Enjoying awesome animation from Japan is just a few clicks away.

Remember to use these websites responsibly, respecting copyright and supporting the creators whenever possible.

With this list, you’re well-equipped to embark on a captivating anime-watching adventure without any barriers.


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