10 Best Weather Apps for Windows 10 You Can Use

Checking the weather forecast is very useful when planning your day and dress. Windows 10 offers basic weather information, but dedicated weather apps provide more detailed forecasts.

Knowing the upcoming weather helps plan activities, clothing, and travel. The default Windows 10 weather widget shows basic details like temperature, conditions, and weekly outlook.

But fuller weather data like precipitation chances, humidity, wind, and UV index require third-party apps. Weather apps leverage internet data feeds for frequent forecast updates and radar maps.

Many also include video forecasts and severe weather alerts. For Windows 10 users wanting richer weather details, specialized apps add plenty of useful information.

This article explores 10 great weather apps compatible with Windows 10.

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10 Best Weather Apps for Windows 10

Weather Apps for Windows 10 You Can Us

Here are the 10 best weather Apps for Windows 10 to consider:

1. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is likely the most popular and accurate weather app. It provides minute-by-minute rain and snow updates. The radar map visualizes storm systems in motion.

AccuWeather also rates daily and hourly UV intensity. Severe weather warnings keep you informed of dangerous conditions.

The app displays very detailed current readings and forecast data. AccuWeather satisfies all common weather information needs.

2. WeatherBug

WeatherBug taps into the largest weather station network worldwide for local data. Their app provides current temperatures, humidity, and wind at the stations nearest you.

The radar map depicts unfolding rain and snow systems. WeatherBug also sends timely alerts about severe weather.

For the most neighborhood-specific weather insights, WeatherBug leverages their vast station network.

3. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo’s weather app features attractive photos matching the forecasted conditions. The interface shows current and daily forecasts simply.

Maps also depict approaching storm fronts and precipitation. Yahoo Weather summarizes weather neatly with salient details and beautiful imagery. The clean presentation appeals to casual users.

4. 1Weather

1Weather focuses forecast data into simple, uncluttered formats. Key details like temperature, rain chances, and wind are summarized clearly.

Ads are displayed but not intrusive. Optional widgets can provide weather at a glance. For basic daily forecasts without visual flourish, 1Weather delivers the essentials cleanly.

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5. Weather Underground

Like WeatherBug, this app taps into weather stations for the most granular live data. Weather Underground displays observations from surrounding personal station owners.

Their Wundermap provides weather and radar visualizations with plenty of filters. This app appeals to weather enthusiasts desiring high detail and transparency.

6. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is one of the oldest weather forecasting services. Their app provides predictions using proprietary models and radar analysis.

Video forecasts are available from their television personalities. The Weather Channel app bundles everything from daily outlooks to allergy risks and lightning strikes. Their scientific approach satisfies data-driven users.

7. MSN Weather

Microsoft integrates weather data into many of their apps and services. The MSN Weather app for Windows 10 leverages their Bing search engine capabilities.

It provides basic current conditions and weekly outlooks. The interface is minimal but smooth. For simple and seamless weather integration, MSN Weather taps into Microsoft technologies.

8. RainViewer

This specialty weather app focuses specifically on radar and rain data. It leverages weather stations and forecast models worldwide.

The radar map can visualize temperature, precipitation type, and intensity. RainViewer really shines by mapping rain in motion over the coming hours.

Storm tracking and lightning information bring additional utility to weather watchers.

9. Windy

As the name implies, this weather app is tailor-made for wind activity. It provides worldwide animated wind maps at many levels of altitude.

Wind speed and direction data come from forecast models and stations. The map layers also show temperature, humidity, cloud cover, and rain.

For wind lovers, surfers, and pilots, Windy presents weather with wind at the forefront.

10. Storm Shield

Storm Shield concentrates specifically on significant severe weather events like large hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes.

The radar map highlights cells likely to spawn severe conditions over the next 60 minutes. Warnings are posted immediately when any location is placed under a tornado or severe thunderstorm watch.

For the clearest warnings about impactful storms, Storm Shield delivers critical advance notice.

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To Sum Up

The weather contains endless variables worth tracking. Specialized weather apps for Windows 10 can report on specific details like radar, wind, rain, lightning, and UV levels.

Evaluate supplementary weather data useful for your location. Crosscheck forecasts between apps for a balanced outlook.

With the right weather app, you stay informed to plan your days accordingly.


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