Best Voicemail Apps for Android in 2023

Voicemail is an essential communication tool for never missing important calls. While Android offers a built-in voicemail system, third-party voicemail apps can provide more robust features and control.

The right voicemail app lets you customize greetings, transcribe messages, save recordings, organize chats, and more – all from an easy-to-use mobile interface.

And some apps are designed specifically for popular Android brands like Samsung.

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Best Voicemail Apps for Android

Best Voicemail Apps for Android in 2023 - Including Top Options for Samsung

Here are the top voicemail apps for Android phones in 2023, including top picks optimized for Samsung devices:

1. YouMail (Best Overall for Android & Samsung)

With over 10 million users, YouMail is Android and Samsung’s most popular third-party voicemail app.

It provides reliable visual voicemail capabilities through an intuitive mobile interface.

YouMail transcribes voicemail messages to text so you can quickly scan for important calls.

Playback options allow slowing down messages, and sharing voicemails as audio files is easy. Personalized greetings can use your own voice or animated characters.

YouMail offers excellent spam call blocking, organizing messages in conversation threads, and time-saving quick response buttons.

With great service across carriers, YouMail is the top voicemail upgrade for any Android.

2. Google Voice (Best for Integration with Android)

Deep integration with Android makes Google Voice a seamless voicemail option for native integration. Transcription and email/SMS notifications ensure you never miss key messages.

Spam filtering using crowd-sourced databases helps block nuisance calls. Voicemails can be organized and searched through the web interface. Custom greetings are available using your own recording.

As a Google app, Voice has excellent syncing across Android devices. Porting your existing number is also simple. For tight ties with core Android functions, Google Voice is ideal.

3. Visual Voicemail by Verizon (Top Pick for Verizon Phones)

Android users on Verizon’s network benefit most from the carrier’s excellent Visual Voicemail app.

All core features are robustly supported, like reviewing messages, transcriptions, and greetings.

Seamless integration as the default voicemail service reduces setup. There are also unique Verizon benefits, like storing 100 messages for up to 90 days. Top-notch spam filtering rounds out the offering.

Downloading Verizon’s Visual Voicemail app is a smart choice for Verizon subscribers looking to upgrade voicemail functionality on Android phones.

4. AT&T Visual Voicemail (Good for AT&T Users)

Like Verizon, AT&T offers its own voicemail solution optimized for customers on the AT&T mobile network. Transcriptions and voice-to-text aid organization.

Easy configuration as the system default voicemail helps those less tech-savvy. Support for sharing audio and video voicemails to social media is handy. Spam blocking and custom greetings are included, too.

For AT&T postpaid subscribers, the AT&T Visual Voicemail gives a tightly integrated experience. Just download it from the Google Play Store when ready to upgrade.

5. Voicemail by Sync.ME (Top Pick for Personalization)

Sync.ME provides gorgeous visual voicemail with tons of personalization options for Android. Choose from diverse animated voicemail greetings or record your own.

The mobile app lets you conveniently manage, organize, share, and respond to voicemails. Robust controls like auto-delete, message merging, and more grant flexibility. Transcription is quick and accurate.

For maximum personalization of visual voicemail on Android devices, Sync.ME delivers.

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6. Voice App by Vonage (Best for Power Users)

Vonage’s Voice app caters to power users with deep voicemail customization options and smart features. Transcriptions are highly accurate using AI, and spam filtering avoids unwanted calls.

Flexible notification options, one-touch callback, voicemail sharing, and status indicators help manage busy voicemail inboxes.

Business users get features like business greetings and voicemail-to-text integration with CRM tools.

Overall, Vonage Voice provides full control over the voicemail experience on Android for professional and advanced requirements.

7. Voicemail by CellCom

For US Cellular customers, Voicemail by CellCom merits consideration. It aims to provide a seamless experience for those on US Cellular networks.

All essential voicemail features like reviewing, transcribing, organizing, and responding to messages are included. Setup is quick with automatic integration for US Cellular numbers.

While features are pretty basic, integration and simplicity make Voicemail by CellCom a handy contender if you are a US Cellular mobile user.

Key Features to Look For

Here are some key features to consider when selecting an Android visual voicemail app:

  • Transcription – Converts voicemails to text for easier skimming.
  • Custom Greetings – Upload custom-recorded greetings.
  • Spam Detection – Automatically filter spam calls and robocalls.
  • Smart Notifications – Optional SMS, email, or push alerts for new voicemails.
  • Audio Sharing – Easy exporting of voicemails as audio files.
  • Voicemail-to-Text – Use voicemail content in text applications.
  • Timesaver Buttons – Quick reply, call back, delete, etc. options to speed workflow.
  • Conversations – Groups-related voicemails into conversational threads.
  • Smart Storage – Auto-delete older messages while retaining select voicemails.
  • Personalization – Customize visual appearance and settings.

Setup Tips for Voicemail Apps

To leverage all features, carefully follow the setup:

  • Download the app and create an account if required.
  • Configure your phone number within the app. Grant contacts access if requested.
  • Record a personalized voicemail greeting for callers.
  • Enable app permissions like microphone access and notifications.
  • Set notification preferences for new voicemails.
  • Configure auto-deletion settings if included, to manage storage.
  • Import any existing voicemail messages into the app if supported.
  • Designate the app as your phone’s default voicemail system if possible.

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To Sum Up

Voicemail apps like YouMail and Google Voice provide Android users with enhanced voicemail functionality right from their phones.

Enjoy features like transcriptions, better notifications, and deeper customization for easily managing voicemails.

Evaluate carrier-specific solutions if you want tight network integration. However, third-party apps generally offer the richest features and personalization.

With the right voicemail app, you can stay on top of important messages and get more from Android’s calling capabilities.


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