6 Best VivaVideo Alternatives for Android and iOS

Best VivaVideo alternatives for Android and iOS: VivaVideo became hugely popular as a mobile video editing app thanks to its easy-to-use tools for trimming clips, adding effects, and producing short videos.

However, other excellent mobile video editing options now exist across Android and iOS.

In this article, we look at 6 top-notch VivaVideo alternatives to consider for mobile video creation in 2023. We’ll examine the standout features, advantages, and drawbacks of each app.

Whether you’re looking for something simpler than VivaVideo, tools more on par with desktop software, or just a fresh take, these 6 VivaVideo alternatives have you covered on Android and iPhone.

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6 Best VivaVideo Alternatives for Android and iOS

VivaVideo Alternatives for Android and iOS

1. KineMaster

KineMaster delivers professional-level video editing tools that surpass VivaVideo in power while remaining friendly for mobile users. It’s the gold standard for serious video work on Android and iOS.

Key Features

  • Multi-layer timeline editing
  • Chroma key for visual effects
  • Asset store with visual and audio elements
  • Voiceover recording
  • Export in 4K with no watermark


  • Truly pro-level toolset
  • Intuitive timeline-based editing
  • Excellent for substantial projects
  • Affordable subscription price


  • Steeper learning curve than VivaVideo
  • Subscription required for some exports

For videographers and content creators needing to produce high-quality video from their phone, KineMaster delivers desktop-grade tools in a mobile package.

The timeline editor mirrors professional workflows while retaining an intuitive interface. For projects beyond VivaVideo’s scope, KineMaster shines.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe’s take on mobile video editing unsurprisingly provides familiar tools and seamless compatibility with the company’s suite of creative apps. A polished option for existing Adobe users.

Key Features

  • Auto creation of videos from clips
  • Motion graphics templates
  • Advanced audio editing tools
  • Seamless syncing with desktop Premiere
  • Premium fonts and Adobe Color integration


  • Powerful auto-generating video edits
  • Tight integration for Adobe users
  • Leverages pro-grade creative assets
  • More advanced typography and audio


  • Generic output compared to manual editing
  • Requires subscription for some features

For creators already bought into the Adobe ecosystem, Premiere Rush feels like a natural extension providing quick editing and seamless syncing across devices.

While the computer-generated cuts lack customization, the app shines when tapping Adobe’s creative tools.

3. ActionDirector

Coming from major editing software brand CyberLink, ActionDirector offers familiar tools optimized for touchscreens alongside pro-styled templates.

A polished middle ground between simplicity and customization.

Key Features

  • Professional-looking template edits
  • Multi-track timeline editing
  • Color correction filters
  • Chroma key compositing
  • Keyframed animation and motion


  • Quick template-based edits
  • More advanced customization possible
  • Handy beautification filters
  • Attractive minimalist interface


  • Requires subscription for some features
  • Less intuitive than other video editors

ActionDirector strikes a balance between quick automated editing guided by templates and providing full manual timelines for custom projects.

The useful beautification filters provide bonus utility for social media videos. For medium editing needs, ActionDirector hits the sweet spot.

4. FilmoraGo

From video editing company Wondershare, FilmoraGo impresses with an intuitive design, inviting templates, and satisfying editing tools suitable for varied skill levels. A great option for approachable mobile creativity.

Key Features

  • Trendy editing templates
  • Simple trimming and editing tools
  • Filters, overlays, stickers
  • Speed adjustments and text
  • Music library access


  • Easy graphical interface
  • Satisfying templates for quick editing
  • Solid utility for beginners to advanced
  • Affordable subscription pricing


  • Fewer advanced capabilities than leading apps
  • Exports watermarked for free users

FilmoraGo succeeds through its elegant interface that lightly guides users into editing via templates, making video creation approachable.

Yet it retains enough utility for experienced editors looking to quickly assemble polished projects on mobile. The value pricing rounds out a very solid casual to intermediate editing app.

5. Magisto

Magisto sets itself apart through artificial intelligence that analyzes clips and then automatically edits videos complete with music and effects. An ingenious option for hands-off creation.

Key Features

  • AI detects faces, actions, and mood
  • Auto-generated edits from clips
  • Stylish templates with music and effects
  • Tight integration for sharing videos


  • Fully automated editing
  • Freeds you to focus on capturing video
  • Faster and simpler than manual editing
  • A foolproof way for beginners to create


  • Lacks any custom editing capabilities
  • Hit-or-miss output from AI

Magisto exemplifies innovation by leveraging artificial intelligence to fully automate video production from raw clips.

It takes a novel approach that saves the time and hassle of editing. Although it relinquishes all control, its smart algorithms frequently craft solid social media videos using nothing but the source media.

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6. Splice

Splice keeps mobile editing straightforward by providing a simple toolkit focused on trimming clips, adding limited transitions and text, and exporting shareable videos at up to 4K resolution. A restrained yet capable app.

Key Features

  • Simple trimming and arrangements
  • Photo and video transitions
  • Text, filters, and colors
  • No clip limits or watermarks
  • Export in resolutions up to 4K


  • Effortless trimming of clips
  • Seamless adding of transitions
  • Hassle-free sharing and saving
  • Completely free unbranded exports


  • Missing advanced editing tools
  • Sparse customization options
  • No template guidance

Splice stands out by keeping video editing strictly to the essential actions of trimming, sequencing, and adding basic transitions between mobile video clips.

The streamlined feature set enables the creation of presentable videos without the bloat and learning curve of fuller-blown editors. While sacrificing control, Splice delivers pure simplicity and ease of use.

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To Sum Up

VivaVideo made video editing approachable on mobile, but many alternatives now surpass it through either more professional toolsets like KineMaster, more guided template interfaces like ActionDirector, or fully automated AI in the case of Magisto.

The best alternative depends on your needs, skills, and preferences, but options exist to satisfy all levels of mobile video creativity.

Check out apps like Splice for the utmost simplicity or Adobe Rush for pro brands you trust. With their powers combined, say goodbye to complex desktop programs when creating on the go.


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