10 Best Typing Test Websites to Check Your Typing Speed

The ability to type quickly is an invaluable skill for work and study. But how fast can you type accurately? There are several online typing test websites that provide free ways to check your typing speed.

In our digital world, fast and accurate typing boosts productivity immensely. Tests measuring your words per minute (WPM) typing speed are a quick way to assess your typing prowess.

Online typing tests offer free, accessible insight into your text input capability. This article covers 10 great websites providing typing tests plus training options.

Visit these recommended sites to discover your current typing speed and find training to level up.

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10 Best Typing Test Websites to Check Your Typing Speed

Typing Test Websites to Check Your Typing Speed

Here are 10 useful typing test websites to check your typing speed:

1. TypingTest.com

TypingTest.com allows taking short typing tests consisting of paragraphs of sample text. You can choose between three levels of difficulty.

It tracks errors and provides your gross and net WPM scores. Test length and content are customizable too.

Detailed accuracy and speed analysis highlight areas for practice. This site makes testing typing speed easy.

2. SpeedTypingOnline.com

This site has a simple typing test using plain text from books and articles. Select the test duration from 10 to 60 seconds.

SpeedTypingOnline tracks your gross WPM and errors. The minimal interface lets you focus just on typing quickly. Monitor your progress over time as your top speeds improve through practice.

3. Typing.com

Typing.com offers a wide variety of typing courses, tests, and games. The timed typing test provides sample sentences to input quickly.

It displays real-time WPM and accuracy scores. Tying.com tests skills in different formats like typing paragraphs or filling in blanks. Create an account to save test results over time.

4. TypingTest.org

The TypingTest.org site allows selecting among 12 test lengths ranging from 15 seconds to 5 minutes. Text options include English prose, code samples, and foreign languages.

View your WPM, accuracy percentage, and keystroke rate updated in real time. Links are provided for typing tutorials to hone your skills.

5. Ratatype.com

Ratatype bases its typing test on quoting famous speeches and writings. Test durations range from 15 seconds to 3 minutes.

It calculates your gross WPM and errors made. Ratatype encourages accuracy over just speed.

The learning mode helps engrain proper typing techniques. Ratatype aims to make practice fun.

6. Typing.io

Typing.io offers a clean minimal interface for typing speed tests. User accounts allow monitoring progress over time.

The site incorporates typing games to engage and teach. Typing.io focuses on correct finger placement and accuracy.

Formatting options include code, prose, poetry, and foreign languages. Sign up for free to benefit from their training games.

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7. TypingTest.com

This site provides multiple test styles including typing sentences, filling in blanks, and transcribing audio clips.

Passages include literary excerpts, speeches, scripture, and technical writing samples. Save your past test results online to track improvement.

TypingTest.com aims to be the most complete test and training resource available.

8. TypingCertification.org

As the name implies, this site enables taking certified typing exams. Certifications range from 10 WPM novice to 100 WPM master.

Certified titles appear on completion certificates. Practice sessions help prepare for the exams. User accounts store exam records.

If you want official recognition of your typing skills, TypingCertification.org offers structured progress goals.

9. Typing.academy

Typing.academy focuses on teaching correct form before speed. Beginners start by learning proper hand and finger positions.

Speed-building typing tests then reinforce muscle memory and technique. Track your certified titles as skills improve from rookie upwards.

For complete start-to-finish typing education, Typing.academy delivers a quality curriculum.

10. TypingTest.nyc

This New York City Department of Education site provides typing tests for students and teachers. The NYC school system incorporates typing skills into their technical competency evaluation.

This official testing site allows students to self-assess their typing abilities. The tests use passages and words from a range of school subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Are Online Typing Tests?

Online typing tests are assessments that measure your typing speed and accuracy, usually in words per minute (WPM). They are conducted on websites and provide valuable insights into your typing skills.

2. Why Should I Check My Typing Speed?

Checking your typing speed is important for improving your productivity in a digital world. Faster and more accurate typing can boost your efficiency at work and in your studies.

3. Are These Typing Tests Free to Use?

Yes, the typing test websites mentioned in this article offer free tests to check your typing speed. Some also provide additional training options.

4. Which Website Allows Customizable Typing Tests?

TypingTest.com allows you to customize your typing tests by choosing different difficulty levels, test lengths, and content options. It even tracks errors and provides detailed analysis.

5. Where Can I Find Typing Courses and Games for Practice?

Typing.com offers a wide variety of typing courses, tests, and games to help you improve your typing skills. Creating an account allows you to save your test results and monitor your progress.

6. Which Website Focuses on Accuracy Over Speed?

Ratatype encourages accuracy over speed in its typing tests. It offers famous speeches and writings as test material and provides a learning mode to improve your typing technique.

7. How Can I Prepare for Certified Typing Exams?

TypingCertification.org offers certified typing exams with titles ranging from novice to master. You can practice with their preparation sessions, and user accounts store your exam records.

8. Where Can I Learn the Correct Typing Form Before Focusing on Speed?

Typing.academy focuses on teaching correct form before speed. Beginners start with hand and finger positioning and then progress to speed-building tests.

9. Who Can Benefit From typingtest.nyc?

TypingTest.nyc is specifically designed for students and teachers in the New York City Department of Education.

It allows students to self-assess their typing abilities, which are important for technical competency evaluation.

10. How Can I Monitor My Typing Progress Over Time?

Creating accounts on these typing test websites, such as TypingTest.com, SpeedTypingOnline.com, and Typing.com, allows you to monitor your progress as you practice regularly.

Your typing skills will steadily improve with dedication.

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To Sum Up

Many great websites offer free typing tests to quickly gauge your real-world typing speed and accuracy. Try out sites like TypingTest.com, SpeedTypingOnline.com, and Typing.com to get started.

Consider creating accounts on sites with courses to monitor your progress over time. With regular practice, your typing skills will improve steadily.


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