20 Best Tubular Battery Brands

Best tubular battery brands: Tubular battery refers to lead-acid batteries renowned for their sturdiness, superior performance, and deep-cycle capacity.

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They are widely used in systems like inverters, solar power systems, electric vehicles, and industrial backup power systems where a constant and reliable power supply is required.

Because of their long lifespan, efficiency, and durability, tubular batteries are a fantastic choice for backup power systems in Nigeria.

These batteries can withstand large discharges and provide dependable performance under challenging conditions. 

To help you make an informed decision, we have created a list of the top 20 tubular battery brands in Nigeria that are famous for their reliability, performance, and longevity.

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Top 20 Best Tubular Battery Brands

20 Best Tubular Battery Brands
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Here are the ten best tubular battery brands

1. Exide Tubular Batteries

Exide is a popularly recognized for premium tubular batteries. These batteries are a popular option for backup power systems in Nigeria because of their high performance, extended service life, and effective power storage capabilities.

 2. Luminous Tubular Batteries

A selection of tubular batteries from the respected brand Luminous have dependable power storage.

These batteries are excellent for many applications, including backup power systems for homes and offices, and offer effective deep cycling and long-lasting performance.

 3. Su-Kam Tubular Batteries

The longevity and effective power storage characteristics of Su-Kam tubular batteries are some of its exemplary features.

These batteries are great for home and business backup power systems and deliver dependable performance.

 4. Genus Tubular Batteries

For many applications, Genus Tubular Batteries provide dependable power storage options. These batteries have a durable design, effective deep cycling, and ability to tolerate harsh

5. Mercury Tubular Batteries

In Nigeria, Mercury is a famous company that sells trustworthy tubular batteries. These batteries are ideal for backup power systems and renewable energy applications because they provide effective power
storage, have a long lifespan, and are built to tolerate deep discharges.

6. Amaron Tubular Batteries

Amaron tubular batteries are excellent power storage devices recognized for their dependability and longevity.

These batteries enable effective deep cycling and deliver dependable performance for solar and backup power applications.

 7. Varta Tubular Batteries

The quality and dependability of Varta Tubular Batteries’ power storage capabilities are well known.

These batteries’ extended lifespan and effective deep cycling make them ideal for industrial, commercial, and residential backup power systems.

8. Sukam Tubular Batteries

Sukam Tubular Batteries are created to offer stable operation and effective power storage. These batteries are ideal for backup power systems and solar installations because of their long lifespan and capacity to sustain deep discharges.

 9. Quanta Tubular Batteries

The efficient deep cycling capabilities and dependable power storage performance of Quanta Tubular Batteries are well-known.

These batteries have a long lifespan and are suitable for many different applications, such as
renewable energy installations and backup power systems.

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10. Ritar Tubular Batteries

Ritar Tubular Batteries have high caliber and trustworthy power-storing capabilities.

Also, these batteries are ideal for backup power systems, solar applications, and other power storage requirements.

This is because they have extended service lives and provide efficient deep cycling.

11.  Leoch Tubular Batteries

For various applications, Leoch Tubular Batteries offer dependable power storage options. These batteries are perfect for backup power systems, solar installations, and more since they have efficient storage.

12. HoppeckeTubular Batteries

Hoppecke Tubular Batteries are famous for their excellence, dependability, and performance in power storage.

These batteries are appropriate for demanding applications, including industrial usage, solar
installations, and backup power systems since they provide effective deep cycling.

13. Rolls Surrette Tubular Batteries

Rolls Surrette tubular batteries’ are dependable power storage characteristics with a premium design.

These batteries are appropriate for backup power systems, renewable energy applications, and more
since they have extended service lives and provide efficient deep cycling.

14. Fullriver Tubular Batteries

Fullriver Tubular Batteries provide dependable power storage options for various applications. These batteries are best for backup power systems, solar installations, and off-grid solutions.

They are built for deep cycling and offer long-lasting performance.

15. Trojan Tubular Batteries

Trojan Tubular Batteries are famous for their outstanding performance, toughness, and lengthy lifespan.

These batteries are appropriate for many applications, including backup power systems, renewable energy systems, and more, and they have efficient power storage capacities.

16. HBL Power Systems

HBL is a reputable manufacturer of tubular batteries tailored for renewable energy and industrial applications.

These batteries are known for their robust construction, high efficiency, deep cycle performance, low maintenance requirements, and a wide range of capacities.

HBL’s commitment to excellence and innovation makes them a trusted choice for those seeking reliable energy storage solutions in demanding power systems.

17. Base Terminal

Base Terminal is a reputable company that produces durable and efficient tubular batteries. Their batteries are trusted for their longevity and reliability, making them a top choice for renewable energy systems and industrial applications.

With a focus on quality and performance, Base Terminal tubular batteries are designed to deliver a consistent power supply and withstand the demands of various power systems.

18. Rocket Batteries

Rocket Batteries is a leading supplier of tubular batteries that cater to a wide range of power backup needs.

Whether for residential or commercial use, Rocket Batteries provides quality tubular batteries capable of delivering dependable performance during power outages.

Their products meet the diverse requirements of power systems, making them a preferred choice for backup power solutions.

19. Delta Batteries

 With an emphasis on dependability and consistent performance, Delta makes tubular batteries.

Their tubular batteries are engineered to provide a steady and reliable power supply in renewable energy systems and industrial applications.

Delta’s commitment to quality ensures that their batteries can withstand the rigors of frequent charging and discharging, making them a reliable choice for powering critical equipment and systems.

20. Microtek International

Microtek is well-known for its batteries, notably tubular ones for solar and inverter applications.

Their tubular batteries are optimized for renewable energy systems, offering efficient energy storage solutions.

Microtek’s commitment to innovation and sustainability makes their batteries suitable for eco-friendly power systems, where energy storage efficiency is crucial.

Features of Tubular Batteries

The following are some essential qualities and features of tubular batteries:

1. Design

The tubular positive plates within tubular batteries give them their name. These plates are stronger and longer-lasting than the flat plates in conventional lead-acid batteries because they have unique alloys.

2. Construction

Tightly packed tubular constructions make up the positive plates. Greater surface area for chemical
reactions are provided by this design, improving efficiency and cycle life.

3. Deep-cycle capability

Tubular batteries are excellent, particularly for deep cycles. They are resilient to repeated deep
discharges and recharges without noticeably losing performance.

4. Durability

Compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, tubular batteries have a longer lifespan, which makes them more economical in the long term.

5. High efficiency

Tubular batteries are appropriate for demanding power demands because of their superior design and
construction, which typically results in higher efficiency and charge acceptance.

6. Low maintenance

Although lead-acid batteries do need maintenance sometimes, tubular batteries usually require less
maintenance than other varieties of lead-acid batteries.

7. Application

Tubular batteries are often employed in a variety of fields, including telecommunications, industrial
applications, renewable energy systems (such as solar and wind power), and home and commercial power backup systems.

8. Charging

The performance and lifespan of tubular batteries depend on proper charging. Reduced capacity and early failure might result from either overcharging or undercharging.

9. Safety

Like lead-acid batteries, Tubular batteries contain sulfuric acid and need careful handling. The batteries should be kept and utilized in regions with good ventilation.

Pros of Tubular Batteries

  • Durability: Tubular batteries have a sturdy design, which increases their resistance to deterioration and lengthens their lives.
  •  Deep-Cycle Capability: They can withstand many intense discharge and recharge cycles without noticeably degrading performance.
  • Greater Efficiency: Unlike other types of batteries, tubular batteries often offer higher charge and discharge efficiency.
  •  Dependability: These batteries deliver dependable and constant power, which qualifies them for use in demanding applications.
  • Wider Temperature Range: Compared to other batteries, they can function well over a wider temperature range.

Cons of Tubular Batteries

  • Higher Initial Cost: Compared to certain other lead-acid battery types, tubular batteries are often more expensive upfront.
  • Care: Although tubular batteries require less care than certain conventional lead-acid batteries, they may still need it every now and then. Examples of maintenance include monitoring the water level
    and cleaning the terminals.
  •  Weight: Tubular batteries have the potential to be heavy and bulky, which may be a drawback in some applications.
  •  Safety Concerns: Tubular batteries, like other lead-acid batteries, contain sulfuric acid, which can be dangerous if handled improperly.

Note: Remember that the specific pros and cons of tubular batteries from individual brands may vary based on factors such as the model, capacity, technology, and application.

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To Sum Up

The best tubular battery brands in Nigeria is important for dependable and effective power storage.

Exide, Luminous, Su-Kam, and the other top 20 tubular battery manufacturers provide dependable and
High-performance power storage options for backup power systems, solar
installations, and other applications.

Consider features like capacity, deep cycle ability, efficiency, and compatibility with your unique power storage needs when choosing a tubular battery.

Only buy batteries from trusted retailers to ensure genuine items and top performance. You may have dependable and uninterrupted power storage for your energy requirements with the correct tubular battery.

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