10 Best Stock Trading Apps in the UK for Beginners in 2023

Interested in starting stock trading but don’t know where to begin? Luckily, some great stock trading apps in the UK are tailored specifically for beginner investors.

The right trading app provides an accessible introduction to the stock market through features like virtual trading, educational resources, portfolio guidance, and more.

Finding an app that fits your skill level can be overwhelming. That’s why we have curated a list of the best ones to consider.

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10 Best Stock Trading Apps in the UK for Beginners

10 Best Stock Trading Apps in the UK for Beginners in 2023

Here are the top 10 best stock trading apps in the UK for beginners in 2023:

1. Freetrade

Freetrade offers an ideal stock trading experience for UK beginners. Trading shares on the app is commission-free and easy to execute.

The simple interface lets you search stocks, build a portfolio, and buy and sell shares.

Useful features like a virtual portfolio, educational content, and automatic dividend reinvesting ease you into trading.

Freetrade also supports fractional share purchases with as little as £1, so you can diversify affordably.

2. Trading 212

Trading 212 gives beginners a virtual money account to practice risk-free before trading real money. Learn by doing with hands-on virtual trading complete with real market data.

The app also includes lots of guidance for trading strategies, risk management, building a diverse portfolio, and more.

Easy account setup, zero-commission trades, and fractional shares make Trading 212 highly beginner-friendly.

3. Plus500

For a streamlined interface that’s easy to grasp, Plus500 is a great choice for beginners. The app focuses on letting you trade core UK and international stocks simply with minimal complex bells and whistles.

Useful risk management features are built-in, like guaranteed stop losses. Plus500 offers plenty of helpful tutorials and insight for developing trading knowledge. Keep things straightforward with Plus500.

4. IG Trading

Prominent broker IG Markets created the IG Trading app catering to UK investors new to the market.

The app provides an IG demo account with £10,000 in virtual funds to get experience without financial risk.

IG’s market analysis helps inform your trades. Useful investing primers teach execution, technical and fundamental analysis, risk management, and more. IG Trading aims to set new traders up for success.

5. Stake

Australia-based Stake offers UK investors easy stock trading access through a clean, minimalist app. Trading is commission-free, and fractional shares allow you to invest small amounts.

The app includes helpful guides for building your portfolio, limiting risk, and researching the market.

Stake also has a community feed for gaining insights from other traders in the UK.

6. eToro

For beginners interested in mirroring successful investors, eToro’s social trading app allows you to browse and automatically copy the portfolios of top traders.

This provides a hands-on learning experience following expert strategies.

eToro also has a virtual portfolio for paper trading. Useful trading courses and built-in social networking highlight this app’s educational focus. The social investing model engages beginners.

7. Capital.com

Capital.com makes trading more approachable through AI-generated investment ideas tailored to your portfolio and goals.

Simply view and execute suggested trades aligned to your market experience and risk appetite.

The app provides tons of trading education from instructors to help develop your knowledge.

Virtual portfolios also allow practicing strategies. Capital.com aims to simplify trading for newcomers.

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8. BUX Zero

Based in Amsterdam, BUX Zero offers an intuitive app for UK investors to dip their toes into stock trading. The platform charges zero commission and requires a low minimum balance.

BUX Zero has a wealth of built-in education on topics like technical analysis, risk management, portfolio strategies, etc.

The community forum also enables connecting with fellow investors for tips and insight.

9. Wealthify

Wealthify provides automated portfolio management for beginners seeking a hands-off approach.

Just complete a brief risk profile, and then Wealthify will automatically invest your deposits across diverse ETFs and stocks.

The app passively manages your holdings through algorithmic rebalancing while providing education on market fundamentals. Wealthify streamlines investing for those unsure where to begin.

10. Nutmeg

Another strong option for automated investing is Nutmeg. Answer a short questionnaire to receive a personalized portfolio tailored to your investing style and goals.

Nutmeg places your funds into low-cost, diversified ETFs and adjusts your portfolio over time.

You also gain access to financial advisors to guide smart decision-making. For straightforward beginner investing, Nutmeg delivers.

Factors to Look for in a Beginner Trading App

Here are key factors to evaluate when choosing a stock trading app as a beginner:

  • Intuitive design – The app should be clean and simple to navigate with minimal complexity.
  • Educational content – Look for lessons and guides to build market knowledge from the ground up.
  • Virtual trading – Paper trading capabilities let you simulate real trading risk-free.
  • Portfolio management – Guidance for constructing a diverse low-risk portfolio suits beginners.
  • Low fees – Seek low or no commissions on trades and account minimums.
  • UK-focused – Ensure the app covers the London Stock Exchange and LSE-listed stocks.
  • Customer support – Look for robust customer service if you need trading assistance.
  • Security – Check for proper licensing, data encryption, and security features to trade safely.

Helpful Features for Beginner Investors

In addition to education, virtual trading, and low fees, beginner-oriented stock trading apps often include:

  • Risk management tools – Stop losses, risk ratings, and guidance to protect your money.
  • Fractional share trading – Invest smaller amounts into stocks you couldn’t afford.
  • Auto-deposit – Automatically fund your account on schedule for disciplined investing.
  • Dividend reinvesting – Automatically uses dividend payments to purchase more shares.
  • Demo surveys – Get practice evaluating companies through sample surveys.
  • Portfolio transfers – Easily move existing holdings into the new app account.
  • Goal setting – Define specific profit, portfolio value, or withdrawal targets.
  • Community forums – Engage with other beginning traders in the UK for tips.

Developing Your Trading Knowledge

As a beginner, focus on developing core knowledge before jumping into real trades:

  • Take lessons in the app on topics like technical analysis, risk management, portfolio diversification, platform use, and more.
  • Read investing blogs and forums to learn from more experienced traders.
  • Practice evaluating stocks using demo surveys to sharpen research skills.
  • Virtually trade stocks and portfolios using paper trading capabilities.
  • Follow and simulate seasoned investors you come across within social trading apps.
  • Set savings and profit goals to motivate learning.
  • Consult mentors and advisors within the app’s community or customer service team.

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To Sum Up

Stock trading apps like Freetrade, Trading 212, and Plus500 provide the perfect way for share trading beginners to get started in the UK market.

Their virtual trading, educational content, and simple interfaces ease new investors in safely and smartly.

Utilize all the learning resources and communities available within your chosen app. Before investing real capital, take time to develop knowledge and practice core skills thoroughly.

Approached wisely, stock trading apps handhold first-timers through building investing competence. Before long, you can confidently begin trading and growing your portfolio in the real market.


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