7 Best Smart TVs to Buy in South Africa in 2023/2024

The smart TVs in South Africa is a booming market, with more and more brands releasing high-quality models each year for customers to buy.

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If you are looking to invest in a new smart TV, South Africa provides some of the best options at reasonable prices.

With built-in Wi-Fi and access to streaming apps and services, smart TVs provide limitless entertainment.

Other useful features like screen mirroring, voice controls, gaming capabilities and smart home connectivity also make these TVs appealing buys.

But with dozens of brands available, how do you determine the best smart TVs in South Africa right now?

This comprehensive guide outlines the top 7 smart TV brands dominating the South African market in 2023/2024.

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Overview of the Smart TV Market in South Africa

7 Best Smart TVs to Buy in South Africa in 2023/2024

The smart TV market share in South Africa is currently dominated by global brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Hisense, TCL and Xiaomi. Local brand HiSense also holds its own in the country.

According to market research, Samsung leads with over 50% market share, followed by LG at around 15%. Sony, Hisense, TCL and Xiaomi are all strong contenders as well.

The competitive pricing and sales promotions from major retailers like Game, Makro, Takealot, Technomobi and Everyshop make these smart TV brands highly popular purchases.

South Africans also favor large screen sizes, with 32” to 75” being the most sought-after. Operating systems are usually webOS, Tizen or Android TV on most models.

7 Best Smart TVs to Buy in South Africa

Now let’s look at the 7 top smart TV brands making waves in South Africa right now:

1. Samsung

Samsung dominates the smart TV segment in South Africa with its wide range of QLED, Crystal UHD and LED models.

They lead in market share thanks to their top-notch displays, smart features and competitive pricing.

The 2023 Neo QLED 8K and 4K models boast excellent contrast with Quantum Mini LEDs. The Crystal UHD range offers great value, while The Frame doubles as wall art. Samsung’s Tizen operating system also makes navigation seamless.

For smart home enthusiasts, Samsung TVs work seamlessly with Bixby and SmartThings. Gamers will also appreciate the Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ feature for lag-free gaming.

With voice assistants built-in and clean cable management, Samsung TVs check all the boxes. No wonder this brand tops popularity charts almost every year.

2. LG

With its brilliant OLED TVs, LG is one of Samsung’s biggest competitors in South Africa. They are renowned for their vivid picture quality and true-to-life colors.

The self-lit pixels on LG OLED TVs achieve perfect black levels for infinite contrast. Whether you opt for an A1, B1, C1 or G1 model, you’ll be amazed by the cinematic viewing experience.

webOS provides speedy access to all your favorite apps and content platforms. Intuitive voice controls via ThinQ AI let you change settings hands-free.

Gamers will also love the Game Optimizer menu and Nvidia G-Sync compatibility. For sports lovers, the Sports Alert feature is a nice touch. With Dolby Vision and Atmos support, LG OLEDs deliver stellar audio-visual performance.

3. Sony

When it comes to sheer picture quality, Sony Bravia TVs are ahead of the curve. The cognitive XR processor powering the latest models mimics human perception for intense realism.

Sony’s 2023 OLED lineup with the XR chip includes the A75K, A85K and MASTER Series A95K. Mini and micro LED models like the XR-55A90K also boast precision contrast control.

The Google TV interface makes Sony smart TVs highly customizable and user-friendly. You also get effortless casting, plenty of apps and built-in Chromecast.

Acoustic Surface Audio+ produces immersive 3D sound from the screen itself. And features like BRAVIA Cam and HDMI 2.1 make Sony TVs ready for next-gen gaming.

4. Hisense

Known for affordability without compromising quality, Hisense smart TVs are gaining popularity in South Africa. They integrate seamlessly with other household devices using VIDAA operating systems.

The ULED and UHD models come equipped with premium Quantum Dot technology for true-to-life images. Brightness levels are top-notch while the color accuracy satisfies demanding users.

Sports fans can catch all the live action in smooth motion thanks to Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation features. The suite of gaming enhancers also minimizes input lag and screen tearing.

Built-in Google Assistant provides hands-free voice control for convenience. Hisense TVs also work with Alexa devices. Given the features and performance, Hisense smart TVs are bargain buys.

5. TCL

TCL is another Chinese brand making inroads into the South African smart TV space. They offer large Roku TV models with excellent picture quality at consumer-friendly prices.

By integrating the Roku streaming platform, TCL Roku TVs provide seamless access to over 7,000 streaming channels. The intelligent search function helps you locate content quickly.

Picture performance is strong across categories like HD, 4K, QLED and Mini LED. TCL TVs also support HDR formats like Dolby Vision for superior contrast and brightness.

Gamers benefit from dedicated Game Mode picture settings. Smart functionalities like screen mirroring, voice control and Google Assistant further boost usability. Overall, TCL makes for a good smart TV choice on a budget.

6. Xiaomi

Although a relatively new entrant, Xiaomi is capturing the affordable smart TV segment in South Africa. The Mi TV and Redmi TV lines compete directly with Hisense and TCL.

Xiaomi’s PatchWall UI offers 1500+ streaming apps while built-in Chromecast allows wireless casting. The budget-friendly 32″ to 65″ models deliver respectable picture quality and smooth performance.

By incorporating Android TV OS and Google Assistant, Xiaomi makes usage highly intuitive. Gamers will appreciate the ALLM feature that auto switches to low latency mode.

Considering the features and pricing, Xiaomi smart TVs are appealing options for budget-conscious buyers. Their popularity is steadily rising against rivals.

7. HiSense

As a South African brand, HiSense enjoys a strong local customer base. Their affordable smart TVs integrate seamlessly with DStv while providing access to Showmax, Netflix and YouTube.

The HiSense 4K UHD and full HD models utilize triple X-balun technology to eliminate signal interference. This results in smooth, jitter-free visuals.

The HiSense interface also makes navigating between live TV, streaming apps and input sources simple. Smart functionality like screen mirroring and built-in Wi-Fi enhances convenience.

For the environmentally conscious, HiSense TVs feature low standby energy consumption. With voice controls and USB recording, HiSense smart TVs cater well to local user needs.

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Key Features to Look for When Buying a Smart TV

Beyond brand names, there are a few vital features to evaluate before you buy smart TVs in South Africa:

  • Display Quality: The panel technology (LCD, LED, QLED, OLED etc), resolution, refresh rate, brightness, contrast ratio and color reproduction all impact visual performance.
  • Sound Output: Built-in speakers, sound formats like Dolby Atmos and audio boosting techs influence audio quality.
  • Smart Interface: Smooth, lag-free software with intuitive navigation and abundant apps is essential.
  • Connections: HDMI ports, USB inputs, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity, screen mirroring and smart device pairing affect versatility.
  • Extra Features: Functionalities like voice controls, gaming modes, built-in streaming and smart home compatibility make a difference.

Consider your budget, viewing needs and any other preferences before choosing the ideal smart TV brand and model for your home.

Smart TV Pricing in South Africa

Smart TV prices in South Africa vary considerably. Entry-level HD models from brands like HiSense start around R2500 to R5000 for screen sizes of 32” to 50”.

Mid-range 4K UHD smart TVs from TCL, Xiaomi and Hisense range from R5000 to R12000. Large 55” and 65” sizes are available.

For premium QLED and OLED models from top brands like Samsung, LG and Sony, expect to pay R15000 to R50000. Larger screen sizes of up to 85” fetch even higher prices.

Always compare deals from both online and offline retailers to enjoy the best price. Look for discounts, bundle offers and cashback promos that help sweeten the deal when investing in a smart TV.

Warranties and after-sales support should also weigh in when comparing prices between brands. This ensures your purchase is adequately protected for technical issues or manufacturing defects.

5 Best Retailers to Buy Smart TVs in South Africa

Some leading electronics retailers to consider when shopping for smart TVs in South Africa include:

  • Takealot: Large selection across budgets. Frequent discounts and deals. Flexible payment options.
  • Makro: Trusted chain with competitive pricing. Specials on big brands. Extensive range in stores.
  • Game: Major retailer with price-match guarantee. Reward points on purchases. Good after-sales support.
  • Technomobi: Specializes in TVs and audio. Price-beating promise. Site-wide sales.
  • Everyshop: Big brands at low prices. Fast delivery options. Daily deals and clearance sales.

Compare product specs, prices and promotion offers across retailers before deciding where to purchase your smart TV.

Consider delivery charges, warranties and brand authorizations when buying online.

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To Sum Up

Investing in a smart TV unlocks a myriad of entertainment and connectivity options for your home.

South Africa’s tech-savvy market offers some of the best smart TV choices at reasonable prices from top global brands.

Keep an eye out for the latest releases, discounts and bundle promotions when shopping. Carefully evaluate display quality, sound, features and pricing when choosing a model.

Opt for reputable retailers who provide good after-sales support. With this purchase guide, finding your perfect smart TV match in South Africa will be quick and easy.


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