10 Best Smart TV Brands in US 2023

Looking to buy a new smart TV but are overwhelmed by all the options? We have researched all the top options and identified the 10 best smart TV brands available in the US for 2023.

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We’ll cover what makes these brands stand out and provide tips for choosing the right model.

Smart TVs are televisions with integrated internet and apps that provide access to streaming services, web browsing, games, and more. When buying a smart TV, the brand you choose makes a big difference.

The TV brand affects picture quality, smart interface, sound, app selection, customer support, and reliability.

Bigger names like Samsung and Sony tend to be more expensive but provide better performance and features. Lesser known brands can offer good value at lower prices.

Keep reading to learn which brands rise to the top and what models they offer.

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The 10 Best Smart TV Brands for 2023

10 Best Smart TV Brands in US 2023

Here are the 10 best smart TV brands in the US for 2023:

1. Samsung

Samsung is the #1 bestselling TV brand overall and the leader in smart TVs. They make high-end QLED TVs with quantum dot technology as well as more affordable LED options.

Pros: Excellent picture quality, sleek design, easy-to-use Tizen smart interface, wide app selection, and responsive voice controls.

Cons: More expensive than competitors.

Best Models: The Frame, QN90B Neo QLED, Q80B QLED, TU7000 Crystal UHD

2. Sony

From top-of-the-line Bravia OLED sets to budget HD models, Sony makes highly reliable smart TVs renowned for great picture and sound.

Pros: Superb image processing, best-in-class acoustic engineering, Google TV provides robust voice search.

Cons: Generally more expensive. Some older models have slower processors.


3. LG

Known for OLED TVs with impressive image quality, LG smart TVs also feature webOS for intuitive navigation and app access.

Pros: Self-lit OLED pixels deliver perfect blacks and infinite contrast. Low input lag is great for gaming.

Cons: OLED burn-in possible with static elements, and low brightness in some models.

Best Models: C2 OLED, G2 “Gallery Design” OLED, QNED90 Mini LED QNED, NanoCell 90 Series LED

4. TCL

Providing amazing picture quality at budget-friendly prices, TCL Roku TVs offer easy usability and great smart features.

Pros: Affordable pricing, stellar image quality with mini LED backlighting, simple Roku TV interface.

Cons: Less advanced processing technology. Lacks more premium features.

Best Models: 6-Series QLED, 5-Series QLED, 3-Series HD

5. Hisense

Quickly growing in popularity for high-tech smart TVs that don’t break the bank, Hisense is a brand to watch.

Pros: Leading budget TV brand, impressive technologies like dual cell panels and ULED boost brightness. Easy to use Android smart platform.

Cons: Quality control and customer service issues at times. Peak brightness lags top brands.

Best Models: U9H Quantum ULED, U8H Quantum ULED, A6H/A6G OLED, U6H Quantum ULED

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6. Vizio

Vizio offers a wide range of sizes and configurations at reasonable prices, along with excellent picture quality.

Pros: Good value, superb LED backlighting delivers deep blacks, ProGaming Engine great for Xbox/PS5.

Cons: SmartCast interface lags competitors. Not the best for bright rooms.

Best Models: OLED, P-Series Quantum X, M-Series Quantum, V-Series 4K

7. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s smart TV line features built-in Fire TV and Alexa voice control for easy streaming and navigation.

Pros: Seamless access to Prime Video and other apps. Very affordable. Handy Alexa integration.

Cons: Overall performance lags behind higher-end models. More limited app selection.

Best Models: Omni Series QLED, 4-Series

8. Nokia

Focusing on quality smart TVs with Android software, Nokia sets feature sleek European styling at reasonable prices.

Pros: Streamlined design, built-in Google Assistant, low input lag great for gaming.

Cons: Image processing and brightness don’t match top brands. More limited features.

Best Models: XR20 QLED, G20 QLED

9. Hisense Roku TV

Merging Hisense TV technology with Roku’s acclaimed smart platform, these deliver premium features for less.

Pros: Very affordable, easy-to-use Roku TV interface, solid performing displays.

Cons: Not as advanced image and audio capabilities as pricier brands.

Best Models: U8H Premium ULED, U6H Performance ULED

10. Philips

Philips Android smart TVs boast sleek looks, ambient lighting features, and reliable performance for the price.

Pros: Three-sided ambient lighting provides an immersive experience. Decent motion handling.

Cons: Blacks appear grayish in darker scenes. Some software kinks.

Best Models: OLED+936, Mini LED 9636, The One 4K UHD LED

Tips for Selecting the Right Model

With so many options, choosing the best smart TV can be challenging. Here are a few quick tips for selecting the right model:

  • Consider picture quality needs – LED, QLED, and OLED each have pros and cons
  • Look at smart interfaces and apps to ensure your favorites are available
  • Check out gaming-specific features if playing console games
  • Pick appropriate screen sizes for your room size and seating distance
  • Look at the audio quality – soundbars can provide a boost
  • Think about your budget – avoid overspending on unneeded premium features

The smart TV brands covered here provide a great starting point. Focus on the models that best fit your viewing habits, price range, and desired features. Enjoy your new smart TV!

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To Sum Up

Finding a great smart TV boils down to picking a top brand and the right model within your budget.

We hope this overview of the 10 best smart TV brands provides a helpful starting point in your search.

Look into Samsung, Sony, LG, and TCL for premium options with stellar performance. Vizio, Hisense, Amazon Fire, Nokia, and Philips offer great bang for your buck.

Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy an amazing viewing experience!


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