10 Best Reminder Apps for iPhone and Android (Free and Paid)

Setting reminders for just about anything is a great way to stay organized and on top of your to-do’s. Thankfully, there are many great reminder apps to choose from, both free and paid.

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From simple to-do lists to feature-rich personal assistants, these apps are designed to keep you on top of your schedule.

Join us as we explore the best reminder apps for iPhone and Android, covering both free and paid options, to ensure you never overlook an important event again.

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10 Best Reminder Apps for iPhone and Android (Free and Paid)

Reminder Apps for iPhone and Android

Here are 10 of the top reminder apps for iPhone and Android:

1. Google Keep (Free)

Google Keep is one of the most popular free reminder apps due to its simple interface, variety of features, and tight integration with other Google services.

You can quickly jot down notes, lists, voice memos and reminders either on your phone or computer. Reminders can be location-based to trigger when arriving/leaving a place. Everything syncs automatically across your devices.

Keep works great for both quick reminders as well as more robust project organization if you use nested labels and color coding. Available on iOS, Android, and the web.

2. Any.do (Free and Paid)

Any.do is an intuitive reminders app that makes it easy to plan your day. You can add reminders, organize them with categories, set priorities, add notes and share lists with others.

Reminders can be location-based and show up on your lock screen. Any.do has built-in integration with services like Slack, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.

The basic app is free. Premium adds features like customizable themes, collaboration, file attachments and recurring tasks.

Paid plans start at $3.99 per month. Any.do is available on iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac, and Apple Watch.

3. Todoist (Free and Paid)

Todoist can function as a full-featured task manager for any project. But it also excels at reminders with options to set dates, locations, reminders and recurring due dates on your tasks.

Todoist can capture reminders through its mobile apps, browser extensions or email so your tasks are always at hand.

Todoist is supported on virtually all platforms and has great integrations with apps like IFTTT and Zapier.

The basic Todoist app is free while Premium unlocks additional features starting at $3 per month billed annually.

4. TickTick (Free and Paid)

TickTick is a smart checklist and reminder app available for all major platforms. You can create detailed reminders and checklists, set recurring due dates, add notes and attachments, organize your lists and more.

TickTick’s calendar view and built-in pomodoro timer further boost your productivity.

TickTick has a free tier while the paid version adds premium themes, infinite lists and unlimited attachments. Paid plans start at $2.79 per month.

5. Due (Free)

Due is a simple, clean, and intuitive reminders app. You can quickly create reminders, due dates, notes, voice reminders and recurring reminders in just a tap.

Due also lets you organize your reminders into general categories like Personal, Work, Shopping, etc. to keep things tidy.

Due reminds you about pending notifications through pop-ups, notifications, and snooze options.

The app is completely free for iOS and Android. Due also has an Apple Watch app and a web app.

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6. Microsoft OneNote (Free)

Microsoft OneNote functions as an all-in-one note-taking and productivity app. You can jot down free-form notes, lists, images, voice memos and clippings.

OneNote’s reminders feature lets you set time or location-based reminders on any note or section so you never forget tasks or events.

OneNote syncs seamlessly across all your devices including mobile, desktop, and web. The robust organization features help you keep everything neat even with thousands of notes.

OneNote is completely free to use with a Microsoft account. Available as a standalone app or through Microsoft 365.

7. Google Calendar (Free)

Google Calendar is much more than just a calendar. You can easily set reminders for events directly through the Google Calendar mobile and web apps.

Reminders can be set to show up minutes, hours, days or weeks before an event. You can also set reminders for non-calendar events like tasks, errands, etc. Making it a versatile reminders app.

Configuration options allow you to customize notification sounds and opt for email reminders as well. Since it’s tied to your Google account, all reminders instantly sync across devices.

8. Remember The Milk (Free and Paid)

Remember The Milk lives up to its name as a solid reminders app for task management. You can set all types of reminders – time-based, location-based, repeating and smart lists that show unfinished tasks.

Robust organization features allow you to group tasks into hierarchical tags and lists for easy access.

Syncing is available across the web, mobile, and Alexa. The app is free for basic use while Pro adds collaboration, attachments, unlimited tasks and more for $39.99/yr.

9. Microsoft To-Do (Free)

Microsoft To Do is a simple yet powerful task management app that makes it easy to set reminders.

You can organize reminders into custom lists, add details like notes, due dates, attachments and recurrence. To Do integrates with Outlook as well for easy access to flagged emails.

To Do reminds you about pending tasks through live tile notifications on Windows and notification center alerts on other platforms.

It’s free to use with your Microsoft account and available for iOS, Android, Windows and the web.

10. Apple Reminders (Free)

Apple’s Reminders app comes pre-installed on iOS and macOS devices and integrates tightly across the platforms.

You can set time-based or location-based reminders with messages, notes, lists, and priority levels attached. Siri integration allows adding reminders with just your voice.

Creating reminders is as easy as a tap or click. Reminders show up in the notification center and the lock screen along with options to mark them complete or snooze them.

If you’re invested in the Apple ecosystem, the free Reminders app works great.

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To Sum Up

With the ability to set reminders of all kinds – location-based, time-based, and recurring – these apps ensure you never forget an important task, appointment, errand, or bill again.

Try out a few to see which user interface and features appeal most to your needs and usage style. The best reminder app for you is one you’ll consistently use.


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