10 Best Photo and Video Editing Apps For Chromebooks

Chromebooks offer lightweight functionality for browsing and productivity. But did you know you can also edit your photo and video right on Chromebooks with some great editing apps?

The Google Play Store provides access to Android apps that expand the creative capabilities of Chrome OS devices.

We’ve rounded up the 10 best photo and video editing apps to install for unlocking the full visual media potential of your Chromebook.

From capturing images to editing photos, applying effects, creating collages and slideshows, and more, these apps have everything you need for photography and videography projects.

Let’s check out the top choices!

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10 Best Photo and Video Editing Apps For Chromebooks

Video Editing Apps For Chromebooks

Here is our recommendation for the best photo and video editing apps for Chromebooks:

1. Adobe Lightroom – Best Overall Editing App

The mobile version of Adobe’s acclaimed photo editing software is feature-packed for detailed edits and organizing your photo library.

Perform non-destructive edits like exposure adjustments, tone curves, color grading, and more. Local adjustment brushes allow selective tweaks.

Leverage presets for quick one-click enhancements. Adobe Sensei AI powers handy auto-settings. And seamless cloud syncing delivers a unified editing workflow.

For professional-level photo editing tools on your Chromebook, Lightroom can’t be beaten.

2. Snapseed – Best For Quick Edits

Snapseed makes it easy to quickly improve any photo with its beginner-friendly interface and powerful touch-up tools.

Swipe to selectively adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. Apply fun filter effects. Utilize healing and brush tools to remove imperfections.

Save custom looks to apply your favorite edits in just taps. For fast enhancements when you’re on the go, Snapseed is a snap.

3. InShot – Best For Video Editing

Transform your video clips into compelling short films with InShot’s expansive editing tools. Trim and rearrange clips on the timeline.

Apply stylish video filters and effects. Insert music and voiceovers. Add animated text in different styles.

Crop and adjust speed with precision. InShot has everything you need for professional mobile video editing and social media content creation.

4. VSCO – Best For Film-Like Edits

Emulate the look of vintage 35mm film photography using VSCO’s aesthetic preset filters. Dial in the right mood by tweaking grain, fading, shadows, and more.

VSCO’s intuitive editing tools allow you to achieve a clean, consistent style across photos. Join the passionate community by sharing your edited creations and finding inspiration.

For artistic photo editing that harkens back to photography’s roots, VSCO delivers.

5. PhotoDirector – Most Feature-Packed Editor

PhotoDirector lives up to its name with a staggeringly complete feature set. From layer-based editing to hue adjustments, mask tools, tilt-shift, double exposures, and more – this app can do it all.

Take the guesswork out of editing with AI auto-enhance. PhotoDirector makes it easy to produce stunning images that pop with personality.

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6. Pixlr – Best For Building Collages

Transform your photos into scrapbook-worthy collages using Pixlr’s huge array of templates, stickers, backgrounds, and fonts.

Adjust spacing, blending, and arrangement until your collage looks just right. Choose layouts optimized for your desired social media platform.

Export your creations and share them with friends and family. For crafting unique photo collages on the fly, Pixlr is picture-perfect.

7. Adobe Photoshop Express – Top For Quick Fixes

Adobe brings the magic of its legendary Photoshop software to Chromebooks in an easy-to-use package. Instantly improve photos with one-touch predefined effects.

Eliminate blemishes, reduce noise, and sharpen details with simple sliders. Craft custom edits using selection tools, layers, and more.

As the name implies, Photoshop Express delivers irreplaceable editing power in a streamlined interface.

8. Toolwiz Photos – Best For Advanced Editing

Serious photo editors will be amazed by the precision editing control unlocked by Toolwiz. Adjust hue, saturation, luminance, and over 100 styles on any part of the image.

Master curves and levels. Remove distortions. Apply advanced sharpening and denoise tools for crystal clarity.

If you want pro-caliber retouching capability on a Chromebook, Toolwiz Photos fits the bill.

9. Photo Studio – Top For Editing Selfies & Portraits

Editing selfies and portraits for social sharing? Photo Studio has you covered. Apply flattering lighting effects, skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and acne removal with a few taps.

Add makeup like eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush for a perfect glam look. Photo Studio transforms average selfies into magazine-worthy headshots.

10. KineMaster – Most Capable Video Editor

Tackle advanced video editing and VFX compositing projects on your Chromebook using KineMaster. Work with multiple video layers, blending modes, and precise speed control.

Insert high-quality audio and visual effects. Create professional-looking titles and credits. Enjoy superior export quality up to 4K UHD resolution.

For YouTube, TikTok, or any video need, KineMaster delivers unparalleled editing power.

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To Sum Up

Whether you’re a budding photographer, a video content creator, or simply someone who enjoys editing visuals, the world of Chromebook-friendly photo and video editing apps offers an exciting array of possibilities.

With our curated list of top choices, you can take full advantage of your Chromebook’s capabilities and transform your projects with ease.


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