10 Best Music Composer Apps for Android and iOS

Best Music Composer Apps: Music is a universal language that has the power to evoke emotion and bring people together.

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With the right music composition app, anyone can channel their inner musician and songwriter.

If you’re looking to create original tunes on your phone or tablet, read on for our picks for the 10 best music composer apps for Android and iOS.

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10 Best Music Composer Apps for Android and iOS

Music Composer Apps for Android and iOS

Here are the best music composer Apps for Andriod and iOs

1. Caustic 3 – Best Overall

Caustic 3 is packed with tools for mobile music creation. Arrange samples on a timeline or use a range of synthesizers, effects, and plugins to craft unique sounds.

Export your tracks or connect MIDI devices for added control. Caustic 3 makes professional-sounding composition accessible.

2. n-Track Studio – Most Comprehensive

n-Track Studio is essentially a fully featured DAW condensed into an easy-to-use mobile interface.

Record live audio, import samples, program drum beats, apply effects, and master your final mix.

Even collaborate with others via export sharing. n-Track empowers you to be a mobile music production powerhouse.

3. Walk Band – Best for Beginners

Aspiring music makers will appreciate Walk Band’s simple, intuitive interface. Choose from piano, guitar, drums, or studio modes.

The Smart Chord feature lets you easily create complex chord progressions and melodies. Record, share, or even sync projects between devices. Walk Band makes music composition fun and straightforward.

4. FL Studio Mobile – Most Flexible Workflow

FL Studio Mobile grants the freedom to compose music however you like. Record live instruments, arrange loops, program beats, tweak synthesizer parameters, mix tracks, and more.

This portable version of the iconic FL Studio DAW enables you to compose anywhere inspiration strikes.

5. GarageBand – Best for iOS

The versatile GarageBand comes preloaded on all iPhones and iPads. Play virtual instruments using a touch or keyboard.

Build drum patterns, record vocals, add Apple Loops, apply effects, and mix tracks. GarageBand even makes sharing and collaborating on projects with other iOS users dead simple.

6. edjing Mix – Top DJ App

Transform your device into a virtual DJ rig with edjing Mix. Mix and blend songs by aligning their beat grids.

Apply effects like loops, filters, and jumps in real time for unique mixes. edjing Mix’s intuitive interface makes beatmatching and song transitions a breeze for DJ newbies.

7. Music Memos – Best Songwriting App

Music Memos makes it easy to record and develop song ideas on the go. Built-in instruments and smart drums help you quickly capture melodies.

The app can detect chords and tempo in your recordings. You can revisit memos later and flesh them out into complete songs.

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8. Soundtrap – Best Cloud-Based Option

Record, produce, and collaborate on music online with Soundtrap. Import audio, edit using a visual drag-and-drop interface, and apply virtual instruments and effects.

Share projects online and allow others to remix your creations. Your songs are stored and accessible from any device.

9. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio – Most Advanced Mobile DAW

Achieve studio-quality compositions with Audio Evolution Mobile Studio. This powerful DAW allows comprehensive audio editing, MIDI sequencing, instrument layering, and effects processing.

An adaptable interface caters to both pros and amateurs. Audio Evolution is ideal for polished productions.

10. Ampify Groovebox – Top Loop Mixer

Mix beats and melodies on the fly using Ampify Groovebox. Choose from thousands of royalty-free loops to instantly build vibrant tracks.

Apply DJ-style transitions and effects in real-time for dynamic performances. Groovebox makes loop-based music creation a blast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Main Features I Should Look For in a Music Composition App?

Some key features to look for include audio recording/importing, virtual instruments, drum machines/beat programming, editing tools, effects, mixing capabilities, export options, and cross-platform compatibility for collaboration.

The best apps provide an array of tools for songwriting, arrangement, production, and sharing.

Which Apps Are Best for Beginners?

Beginner-friendly options featured on our list include Walk Band, GarageBand, and Music Memos. These apps have simplified interfaces and smart features that make the music creation process easy and fun to learn.

Do I Need Musical Experience to Use These Apps?

While musical knowledge will allow you to get more advanced with compositions, the apps on our list are designed to be accessible for complete newcomers to songwriting and production.

Many include tutorials and templates that help guide you.

What Devices Are These Apps Compatible With?

The apps we selected are all available for iOS and/or Android devices. Some may also have desktop versions available. Compatibility will depend on the specific app but we included both platform options.

Do I Need Any Additional Equipment?

The great thing about these apps is that you can compose full musical arrangements just using your smartphone or tablet’s built-in mic and touchscreen.

For more advanced options, you can connect MIDI keyboards, audio interfaces, or headphones.

How Do I Share My Compositions?

Many of the apps allow you to export your final mixes as common audio formats like MP3 that can then be shared via email, social media, streaming platforms, and more.

Collaborative apps also enable you to share projects among multiple contributors.

Are There Subscription Fees for These Apps?

Most of the apps we listed offer free versions with possible in-app purchases or premium upgrades. However, there are no mandatory subscription fees required simply to download and start creating.

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To Sum Up

Thanks to the magic of mobile technology, you can compose complete songs at home or on the go using just your smartphone or tablet.

Each of these stellar music creation apps provides unique tools to turn your musical ideas into fully realized tracks. Download a few that fit your style and start making the next hit song!


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