Best MTN Tariff Plan for Data and Calls 2023 (See Code to Migrate)

With so many prepaid plan options, choosing the optimal MTN tariff that maximizes your airtime value can be confusing. You want a plan that offers affordable data bundles and cheap call rates.

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In this guide, we break down the best MTN tariff plan for data and calls in 2023 based on bonuses, discounted prices, and value.

Read on to find plans tailored for heavy internet users, frequent callers, or an all-round combo tariff.

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Overview of MTN Tariff Plans

Best MTN Tariff Plan for Data and Calls 2023 (See Code to Migrate)

MTN runs various prepaid plans or tariffs with different pricing and benefits targeted at specific consumer needs:

  • Pulse – Loaded with data bonuses and midnight browsing for internet users.
  • Beta Talk – Focus on airtime bonuses and low call rates for heavy callers.
  • Pay As You Go – Default tariff with standard pay as you use rates.
  • Data Booster – Discounted data prices only for heavy data users.
  • AYCE – Get unlimited data with speed throttling after volume reached.

The best plan depends on your usage behavior. We’ll compare the top picks for data and calls.

Best MTN Tariff for Data – MTN Pulse

If your priority is getting the most affordable data prices and highest internet bonuses, MTN Pulse is the ideal tariff.

Why Choose MTN Pulse for Data?

It offers:

  • Double data – Get free 100% extra data on bundles
  • Midnight browsing – Low cost data from 12am – 5am
  • Social bundles – Cheap limited data for WhatsApp, social media, etc
  • Loyalty bonuses – More data on recharges for tenure
  • Cheap data deals – Discounted bundle prices and promos

For data-centric users, no other MTN plan matches Pulse on price and bonuses.

MTN Pulse Data Plan Prices

Here are the affordable data bundles on MTN Pulse:

DataPriceValidityActivation Code
750MB₦3003 days*406# > Option 7
1.5GB₦5007 days*406# > Option 2
2.5GB₦1,00030 days*406# > Option 4
6GB₦1,5007 days*406# > Option 5
12GB₦3,00030 days*131# > Option 12

Along with great prices, you get midnight data and double data bonuses to maximize value.

How to Migrate to MTN Pulse

To start enjoying Pulse data benefits, migrate using:

  • Dial *406# – Select Option 1 to Migrate to MTN Pulse
  • Text “Pulse” to 131 – Get confirmation message
  • Download MyMTN App – Switch tariff to MTN Pulse

Once migrated, recharge and buy data bundles to leverage the bonuses and savings!

Best MTN Tariff for Calls – Beta Talk

For users where calling minutes matter most, Beta Talk offers the cheapest rates and airtime bonuses.

Why Choose Beta Talk for Calls?

  • Low call rates – ₦4/sec to other MTN numbers
  • Bonus on recharge – 500% of recharge value as call credit
  • FAF discounts – 10 Friends & Family get lower call rates
  • Cheap night calls – Low night calling rates from 11pm-7am

Beta Talk maximizes airtime value with the best call rates and bonus airtime for heavy callers.

Beta Talk Call Rates

Enjoy dirt cheap call rates to all networks in Nigeria with Beta Talk:

  • MTN to MTN – ₦4/sec
  • MTN to Other Networks – ₦12.60/sec
  • Night Calls (11pm-7am) – ₦6/sec

How to Migrate to Beta Talk

Switch to Beta Talk tariff by:

  • Dial *223# – Select Option 1 to Migrate to Beta Talk
  • Text “Talk” to 131 – Get confirmation message
  • Use MyMTN App – Choose Beta Talk as tariff

Start calling more for less once on Beta Talk tariff!

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Best MTN Combo Tariff – Pay As You Go

For a balance of data and calls at good rates, the default Pay As You Go plan is a solid pick.

Why Choose PAYG for Combo Use?

  • No subscriptions – Only pay for exact data and calls used
  • Out-of-bundle rates – ₦12/MB data and ₦12/sec calls
  • Steady rates – No fluctuating prices or expiry date
  • No surprises – Pay for the exact airtime and data utilized

With PAYG you only pay for what you use at fixed rates. No bonuses but no surprises either.

PAYG Data and Call Rates

Pay exact rates without bundles on PAYG:

  • Pay as You Go Data – ₦12/MB
  • Pay as You Go Calls – ₦12/sec to all networks
  • SMS – ₦4/message

How to Migrate to PAYG

Switch tariff to Pay As You Go via:

  • Dial *223# – Select Option 5 for PAYG
  • Text “Standard” to 131 – Get confirming text
  • Use MyMTN App – Choose PAYG as a tariff

For reliable default rates on a combo plan, PAYG works excellently without surprises.

How to Check Current MTN Tariff Plan

To confirm which MTN prepaid tariff your line is currently on:

USSD Method

  • Dial *123#
  • Select Option 2 to view your current tariff plan


  • Text “Tariff” to 131
  • You will receive a response message with your active tariff

Knowing your current tariff status lets you determine if you need to switch plans.

Tips for Choosing the Best MTN Tariff

Here are some tips when picking your ideal MTN tariff plan:

  • Analyze your usage – pick data-focused or call-focused tariff based on your needs
  • Don’t pay for what you won’t use – avoid bonuses if unused
  • Migrate once a month for free – no fees if the current plan is 30 days old
  • Avoid plan hopping – pick one tailored to usage
  • Use apps for rates – MyMTN app shows tariff rates and info

Choosing the tariff that aligns with your usage ensures maximum value and savings on recharges.

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To Sum Up

MTN Pulse is the best bet for heavy data users with its combo of low prices, double data, midnight plans, and bonuses.

For frequent callers, Beta Talk provides the cheapest call rates, night call discounts, and a 500% airtime bonus on recharge.

If you need a bit of both, the default PAYG plan charges out-of-bundle rates only for exact usage with no surprises.

Use the USSD migration codes provided to easily switch to the optimal tariff based on your internet and calling needs for maximum savings.

We hope this guide helps pick your ideal MTN tariff plan for 2023.


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