10 Best Monopoly Games for iPhone and iPad in 2023

The classic board game Monopoly has been a family game night staple for decades. Now you can enjoy Monopoly games with the fun of building empires, buying properties, and bankrupting opponents on your iPhone or iPad.

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Monopoly lends itself perfectly to mobile gaming. Numerous Monopoly game apps bring new twists and challenges to the classic formula.

Whether you want traditional Monopoly rules or unique variations, there’s a mobile Monopoly game for everyone.

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10 Best Monopoly Games for iPhone and iPad in 2023

10 Best Monopoly Games for iPhone and iPad in 2023

Here are the 10 best Monopoly games to download on your iPhone or iPad for 2023:

1. Monopoly – Classic Board Game

You can’t go wrong with the official classic rules of Monopoly for a traditional game experience. This app retains the original board game with the full content and gameplay.

Pass-and-play multiplayer lets you take turns against friends and family on one device. You can customize your game with house rules, autoscale, and difficulty options.

With great graphics and smooth animations, it captures the classic Monopoly feel.

2. Monopoly Bingo

Monopoly Bingo is a hit for a mashup that combines two beloved games. This clever take merges Bingo and Monopoly mechanics in innovative ways.

You play Bingo boards to earn Monopoly money and buy properties. Special bingos give bonuses like free rent and upgrades.

The app has solo and multiplayer options and various themed boards. Monopoly Bingo mixes luck, strategy, and friendship-ruining fun. The bingo element adds fresh excitement to the Monopoly format.

3. Monopoly Deal

Ideal for quick games on the go, Monopoly Deal simplifies gameplay with fast-paced card mechanics. You build property sets using deal cards and aim to bankrupt opponents.

Matches are much faster than traditional Monopoly, making it perfect for killing time or playing between stops on a trip.

Vibrant animations and effects make gameplay pop. Monopoly Deal condenses all the cunning deals into a streamlined card game.

4. Monopoly Millionaire

Monopoly Millionaire transforms the game into a high-roller battle for wealth. Streamlined rules remove chance cards but ramp up the property values exponentially. Spaces range from $50 million to $1 billion dollars.

Games are fast since there’s no downtime between turns. With accelerated gameplay and sky-high values, this app modernizes Monopoly into an intense bid for fortunes.

5. Monopoly Plus

Monopoly Plus has stunning animations and graphics for a gorgeous contemporary version that makes you feel like you’re in a real city. House rules allow customization for added strategy.

Online multiplayer modes pit you against players worldwide. AI opponents are configured with different difficulty settings and personalities.

Monopoly Plus even includes diverse camera angles as you fly over the board. This polished app shows how superb mobile Monopoly can look.

6. Monopoly Tycoon

Monopoly Tycoon reinvents the real estate concept as a sprawling business simulation game. You start small and slowly build an economic empire across multiple cities.

Earn money from properties, factories, power plants, restaurants, and more. The strategy comes from managing supply chains, raw materials, transportation, and complex investments.

Monopoly Tycoon allows you to dominate economies in new, complex ways.

7. Monopoly Slots and Casino

Monopoly Slots and Casino lets you play digital versions of roulette, slot machines, bingo, poker, and blackjack for casino fun.

Unlock new slot machines themed after classic Monopoly spaces like Boardwalk and Park Place.

You can build your own casino empire by winning big across game modes. VIP rewards and daily bonuses keep gameplay addictive. The Monopoly casino theme adds nostalgic charm to the gambling action.

8. Monopoly Dash

Monopoly Dash adds crazy new rules that make games play out faster than ever. All players race around the board simultaneously to buy properties before others. Quick reflexes help you nab locations and build hotels rapidly.

New chance cards trigger fun effects like stealing or switching spots. Games are quick and frantic for on-the-go sessions. The hectic new format injects energy into the Monopoly experience.

9. Monopoly Junior

Monopoly Junior is a simplified take perfect for younger kids, with a smaller board and shorter play sessions. Kids “race to riches” around a whimsical amusement park board.

All money is paid into a central bank, which reduces complex financial transactions. With colorful graphics, animated tokens, and streamlined gameplay, Monopoly Junior makes the game accessible for children.

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10. Monopoly Mega Edition

The mega edition includes multiple boards in one app. You can play on classic Atlantic City, World Edition, and Mega Edition maps. Rules can be customized, and zany new chance cards keep games exciting.

Up to 6 players can compete via pass and play multiplayer. With 3 maps, fresh chance cards, and customizable rules, this edition packs tons of replay value. The Monopoly Mega app offers variety and flexibility.

Key Benefits of Monopoly Apps

Monopoly game apps provide some great advantages you don’t get from physical board games:

  • Solo play – Apps have AI opponents so that you can enjoy Monopoly even when alone.
  • Fast setup – Starting a digital game is instant without all the board and piece setup.
  • Automated tasks – Apps automatically handle payments, building, card drawing, and other tasks.
  • Game pacing – Some apps speed up or slow game speed for quicker matches.
  • Rule customization – Many apps let you customize official rules and enable “house rules.”
  • Themes and Skins – Apps offer themed Monopoly variants like Lord of the Rings, Mario Kart, and more.
  • HD graphics – Vibrant HD visuals and animations make the board come alive.
  • Online play – Apps enable you to compete against people across the world.
  • Portability – Play Monopoly anywhere on your phone or tablet’s touchscreen.
  • New variations – Fresh takes like Monopoly Bingo and Monopoly Deal offer new experiences.

Choosing the Right Monopoly App

With so many great choices for Monopoly games on your iPhone and iPad, which is right for you?

Here are some factors to consider when deciding:

  • Official or unofficial – Do you want the official game rules, or are you open to unauthorized variations?
  • Complexity – Some apps add more complicated strategies, while others simplify gameplay.
  • Single or multiplayer – Will you play solo against AI or multiplayer against others?
  • Customization – Look for games that allow house rules and game adjustments.
  • Theme – If you enjoy the franchise, select a themed variant like Lord of the Rings.
  • Graphics – Consider apps with more polished visuals and animations if you want immersion.
  • Pricing structure – Apps range from free, paid, or freemium with in-app purchases.
  • Mobile performance – Be sure the app has smooth touchscreen operation optimized for phones and tablets.
  • Online connectivity – If playing with remote friends, ensure the app has online multiplayer support.
  • Storage needs – Games with large file sizes may require extra storage capacity.

Tips for Winning Monopoly on Your Device

Want to up your Monopoly game on mobile? Keep these tips in mind for dominating opponents:

  • Review the game’s rules and settings beforehand so you understand key mechanics.
  • Take advantage of difficulty settings and disable features like “Lucky Rolls” to ensure skill matters most.
  • Play conservatively early on rather than buying every property you land on. Build up cash reserves.
  • Once you have good cash flow from a monopoly, develop houses and hotels rapidly.
  • Try to push trades that benefit you more than your opponents. AI trading can be generous.
  • Robust properties like orange and red typically give the best returns from upgrades.
  • Cut deals or team up against leading players to avoid having a runaway winner.
  • Towards the end, don’t be afraid to use mortgaging to raise more cash if needed.
  • If playing with Chance cards, remember high-value ones for potential comebacks.

House Rules to Try

One benefit of Monopoly apps is the ability to customize rules. Here are some popular house rules you can test out:

  • Free parking cash – All fees and penalties go to Free Parking. Land here to win the jackpot.
  • Auctions – If a player declines to buy a property, any player can bid to buy it.
  • Loans – Players can loan each other money, possibly with interest or property exchanges.
  • Reduced penalty – Reduce tax and penalty spaces to $100 instead of $200.
  • No repairs – Remove the ability to make repairs or avoid fees by mortgaging.
  • Start anywhere – Allow players to start along any side of the board.
  • Snake eyes – Rolling double 1s in jail earns immediate release.
  • Rapid games – Reduce win conditions to bankruptcy by 2 or 3 players instead of all.
  • Free with pass – Railroads and Utilities can be used freely if you own both.

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To Sum Up

Monopoly on iPhone and iPad allows you to enjoy the classic real estate game anywhere. Whether you prefer traditional Monopoly or creative new variations, there are fantastic options to download.

Top apps make it easy to play solo or with multiple people online or via pass-and-play. Plus, you can customize rules exactly how you like.

With beautiful HD visuals and smooth performance optimized for touchscreens, Monopoly is better than ever on mobile.

So gather friends or family around your device and start wheeling and dealing your way to mobile Monopoly supremacy today!


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