10 Best Meditation Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Meditation Apps for Android and iPhone: Meditation has become increasingly popular in recent years as more people discover its many benefits for mental and physical health.

Meditating regularly has been shown to reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, promote emotional well-being, and even help manage conditions like anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

Luckily, there are now many excellent meditation apps available on both Android and iPhone to make it easy to start and stick with a meditation practice.

In this article, we will look at the 10 best meditation apps for Android and iPhone in 2023. For each app, we will discuss its key features, pros and cons, and why it stands out from the competition.

We will cover both free and paid options to suit different needs and budgets. Read on to discover the top meditation apps to try on your Android or iOS device this year!

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10 Best Meditation Apps for Android and iPhone

The Best Meditation Apps for Android and iPhone

Here are the best meditation Apps for Android and iPhone:

1. Headspace

Headspace is widely considered one of the best meditation apps available. It was also one of the first to market.

Headspace provides guided meditations led by former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe. It covers themed basics, techniques, and routines to help both beginners and experienced meditators.

Key features

  • Hundreds of guided meditations and animations explain core concepts
  • Meditation courses like “Basics” and “Relationships”
  • Bite-sized meditation sessions for busy schedules
  • Sleep sounds, music, and wind-down exercises
  • Analytics track time spent, streaks, and usage


  • Great for beginners
  • Engaging, easy-to-follow guidance
  • Structured programs build meditation skills
  • Appealing, intuitive interface


  • Mostly require a paid subscription
  • Can feel repetitive over time

Headspace is an excellent choice for guided meditation, especially for those new to the practice. The structured guidance makes it straightforward to build a habit.

The bite-sized sessions are also convenient for busy lives. While the free content is limited, the premium subscription is reasonably priced and unlocks the full Headspace experience.

2. Calm

Calm is another top-rated meditation app praised for its straightforward approach. It emphasizes learning core meditation techniques in digestible ways.

Calm offers guided meditations for managing stress, sleep, focus, anxiety, and relationships.

Key Features

  • Daily meditations, masterclasses, and guided practices
  • Soothing nature scenes and sounds
  • Calm Body options for gentle movement
  • Sleep stories for better rest
  • Breathing programs, ambient music


  • Great for beginners
  • Smooth, lovely audio and visuals
  • Quality content for many goals
  • Insightful meditation courses


  • Fewer features than some apps
  • Limited free version

Calm makes meditation approachable for beginners, while still offering substantial content for more advanced users.

The sessions are led by soothing voices over serene scenes and sounds. From 3 to 25 minutes, there are options for any schedule.

While the free content is restricted, the premium version delivers high-quality daily guidance. Overall, Calm is ideal for those seeking the core elements of meditation in a graceful package.

3. Insight Timer

Boasting over 20 million users, Insight Timer is one of the most popular meditation apps today. It offers an extensive library of over 100,000 free guided meditations submitted by users from around the world. The content spans techniques, topics, and lengths.

Key Features

  • Massive library of free guided meditations
  • Thousands of discussion groups
  • Calendars, challenges, and reminders
  • Music tracks, ambient sounds
  • Offline access to content


  • Entirely free, nonprofit app
  • Huge variety of mediation
  • Great for exploring different styles
  • Active community of users


  • Overwhelming amount of content
  • Quality varies from mediocre to excellent
  • Fewer courses or structures for beginners

For intermediate or advanced meditators, Insight Timer’s sheer volume of free content makes it an invaluable resource.

There are gems to suit nearly any taste or need. However, the lack of courses or instruction may overwhelm beginners.

But if you already have some experience and seek variety in teachers, topics, and styles, Insight Timer has it all.

4. Ten Percent Happier

Dan Harris of ABC News fame created this popular meditation app after having an on-air panic attack and subsequently exploring mindfulness.

Ten Percent Happier distills meditation into short, actionable videos and audio that explain core concepts clearly.

Key Features

  • Video lessons explain meditation principles
  • Guided meditations 5-20 minutes long
  • Curated content for common issues
  • Motivational messaging keeps you on track


  • Great for skeptical beginners
  • Engaging video content explains “why”
  • Distinguished teachers like Joseph Goldstein
  • Simple habits and coaching


  • Mostly requires subscription
  • Less variety in meditations
  • Some find app interfaces dated

For those brand new to meditation, Ten Percent Happier’s friendly videos help new practitioners understand the benefits.

The straightforward approach and renowned teachers make this app stand out. While light on features, the content quality is excellent.

Ten Percent Happier is great for novices needing a clear on-ramp to meditation.

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5. Buddhify

Buddhify takes a practical approach to meditation, providing audio guidance for practicing mindfulness during everyday activities.

With over 80 narrated sessions, it helps you meditate while commuting, walking, eating, and more.

Key Features

  • 80+ guided meditations for on-the-go
  • Short 3-10 minute sessions
  • Timer tracks statistics
  • Mindfulness instruction
  • Optimized for busy schedules


  • Easy way to build mindfulness habits
  • Helps make meditation portable
  • Excellent narration quality
  • Clean, intuitive interface


  • Narrower focus only on mindfulness
  • Less structure for beginners
  • Limited free version

For anyone seeking to cultivate mindfulness throughout their day, Buddhify delivers. The bite-sized meditations on real-life situations keep practice accessible and convenient.

While best for intermediate meditators familiar with mindfulness basics, Buddhify is an outstanding option for busy lives.

6. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is an Australian nonprofit that provides free mindfulness and meditation content for adults and children.

Developed by psychologists, the app offers programs for different age groups and goals. Smiling Mind aims to make meditation universally accessible.

Key Features

  • Completely free app
  • Programs divided by age groups
  • Mindfulness activities and meditations
  • Infographics explain concepts
  • Optimized for classroom use


  • Quality content suitable for all ages
  • Designed by education experts
  • Nonprofit with a great mission
  • Excellent for classroom use
  • The free web app also available


  • Limited features compared to paid apps
  • Less personalized than some meditation apps

For free mindfulness content for both personal and educational use, Smiling Mind excels. While light on bells and whistles, its programs are age-appropriate, solidly designed, and absolutely free.

For widespread access to meditation, Smiling Mind is a top choice.

7. Aura

Aura mixes meditation, breathing, stories, music, and mindfulness into short, daily micro-courses delivered in 3, 7, and 10-minute sessions.

Designed with busy schedules in mind, Aura is great for beginners seeking a low-barrier entry to meditation.

Key Features

  • Micro-meditations just 3-10 mins
  • Daily mindfulness exercises
  • Personalized meditations
  • Reminders to practice
  • Sleep and relaxation content


  • Quick, convenient sessions
  • Helps build a habit
  • Cheerful design and animations
  • Much can be completed for free


  • Limited course-based structure
  • Quality varies between mediations
  • Marketing emails may annoy some

For beginners with limited time, Aura offers friendly guidance without demanding a big commitment. The micro-sessions and reminders make establishing a practice easy.

While some content works better than others, Aura succeeds for quick yet beneficial meditation minutes on any busy day.

8. Oak

Oak mixes meditation with CBT techniques and breathwork for an interactive approach. It offers training journeys with themes like focus, anxiety, sleep, and self-esteem.

Oak uses chatbot conversations to deliver guided sessions in accessible ways.

Key Features

  • Chatbot-guided training programs
  • Audio and visual sessions
  • Breathwork and meditation combined
  • Build streaks and track progress
  • Group challenges for motivation


  • Innovative conversational format
  • Makes practice interactive
  • Blends multiple modalities
  • The app has a polished, friendly style


  • Mostly requires a paid plan
  • Less content than some apps
  • Wearable integration needs work

For an unusual spin, Oak delivers meditation, CBT, and breathwork via friendly chatbots like a virtual coach.

While light on free content, the paid programs provide motivating journeys that feel fresh. Oak is ideal for anyone seeking guided training in an interactive, digital form.

9. Simple Habit

Simple Habit offers meditations tailored to situations like commute time, lunch breaks, and prep for sleep.

Designed for busy schedules, sessions range from 3-20 minutes. The options for motivation, productivity, relationships, and more make Simple Habit flexible for varied needs.

Key Features

  • Situation-based meditations
  • 5-20 minute guided sessions
  • Motivational options
  • Background music or sounds
  • Stats track streaks and progress


  • Optimized for busy lifestyles
  • Quality narrators
  • Sorts content by duration
  • Suitable for many goals


  • Mostly requires a paid plan
  • Narrations can feel formulaic

By providing meditation guidance for contexts from waking up to commuting to lunch breaks, Simple Habit makes the habit approachable.

Despite some repetition in style, the quality of narrations over relaxing music hit the spot. For busy yet mindful lives, Simple Habit delivers helpful minutes of peace.

10. Stop, Breathe & Think

As the name suggests, Stop, Breathe & Think aims to provide direct yet flexible support for mindfulness.

It offers meditation, yoga videos, acupressure, and breathing reminders. The app presents a range of content while keeping the focus on the present moment.

Key Features

  • Guided meditations, yoga, and acupressure
  • Reminders for mindfulness
  • Kid-friendly content
  • Check-ins track mood and emotions
  • Web access is also available


  • Straightforward recommendations
  • Youth content great for families
  • Balance of varied practices
  • Clean, pleasant interface


  • Limited free version
  • Less structure than some apps
  • Smaller library of content

For straightforward mindfulness assistance, Stop, Breathe & Think hits the mark. The mix of practices interspersed with reminders keeps things simple yet substantial.

While light on courses or learning features, the app excels at brief yet potent support for present-moment awareness.

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To Sum Up

In reviewing the top meditation apps for Android and iPhone, we covered both free and paid options spanning needs from beginners seeking introduction to experts wanting expanded content.

Choices like Headspace, Calm, and Ten Percent Happier offer excellent structured guidance for those starting out. Intermediate practitioners may appreciate an expansive variety via apps like Insight Timer.

Tools like Buddhify and Stop, Breathe & Think optimize for busy lives wanting short yet effective practices throughout the day.

The best meditation app for you depends on your needs and experience level. However, quality options now exist for free or paid, structured or flexible, concise or expansive.

Unarguably, meditation apps have made the benefits of meditation remarkably accessible. By trying out different apps, anyone today can find an ideal fit to discover inner peace and purpose in our busy digital age.


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