10 Best Mailchimp Alternatives

Mailchimp is a popular email marketing service used by many businesses and content creators. However, you may want to explore Mailchimp alternatives for better pricing, features, or ease of use.

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Email marketing is important for businesses to reach customers. Services like Mailchimp make it easy to create and send emails. But Mailchimp has some downsides.

The free plan only allows 2,000 subscribers. The pricing is expensive for advanced features. Some users also find Mailchimp complex to use.

This article will discuss 10 alternatives to Mailchimp. Each service is compared to Mailchimp for key factors.

The goal is to understand what each service offers if you need an alternative to Mailchimp. Detailed comparisons allow you to pick the right email marketing platform for your needs.

Let’s explore the top 10 Mailchimp alternatives!

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10 Best Mailchimp Alternatives

Mailchimp Alternatives

Here are the best Mailchimp alternatives:

1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a good Mailchimp alternative with generous free plan limits and advanced automation features.

  • Pricing – The free plan allows 300 subscribers and unlimited emails. Paid plans start at $25/month.
  • Features – Easy drag and drop builder, automation, SMS marketing, templates
  • Ease of use – User-friendly editor and workflows
  • Limits – 300 subscribers free, growing to millions in paid plans

It competes well with Mailchimp on features while offering higher free tier limits for subscribers and emails.

2. ConvertKit

ConvertKit focuses on creators and online influencers with excellent automation tools.

  • Pricing – $29/month starter plan, up to $379/month for advanced
  • Features – Landing pages, automation, custom forms, tagging
  • Ease of use – Simple interface tailored for bloggers
  • Limits – Up to 1,000 subscribers in starter plan

It costs more but provides generous limits for smaller audiences. The workflows are optimized for bloggers and creators.

3. GetResponse

GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing platform combining email, landing pages, webinars, and more.

  • Pricing – $15/month starter plan. Up to $299/month for advanced accounts
  • Features – Email marketing, landing pages, forms, webinars
  • Ease of use – Simple drag-and-drop editor
  • Limits – Up to 1,000 subscribers in starter plan

It competes with Mailchimp on features while offering better value plans for smaller businesses.

4. Omnisend

Omnisend specializes in advanced automation and segmentation tailored for e-commerce.

  • Pricing – $9/month starter plan to $199/month for enterprise
  • Features – Product recommendations, abandoned cart automation, segmentation
  • Ease of use – Very customizable for tech users
  • Limits – Unlimited contacts and emails across all plans

It provides deep e-commerce-focused features lacking in Mailchimp at competitive prices.

5. Moosend

Moosend focuses on small business email marketing with a generous free plan.

  • Pricing – The free plan allows up to 1,000 subscribers. Paid from $9/month.
  • Features – Drag and drop builder, A/B testing, subscriptions
  • Ease of use – Intuitive and very simple interface
  • Limits – 1,000 subscribers free. Unlimited on paid plans.

It competes favorably with Mailchimp on price while offering a higher free tier limit.

6. MailerLite

MailerLite balances capabilities and ease of use with excellent free tier limits.

  • Pricing – Free 1,000 subscribers and unlimited emails. Paid from $10/month.
  • Features – Email builder, landing pages, automation
  • Ease of use – Simple and lightweight interface
  • Limits – 1,000 free subscribers. Up to 50,000 on paid plans.

It challenges Mailchimp with higher free tier limits and lower pricing.

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7. Mailjet

Mailjet focuses on deliverability and inboxing with excellent routing and tracking tools.

  • Pricing – 6,000 free emails monthly. Paid plans from $14/month.
  • Features – Detailed delivery analytics, message testing, abuse handling
  • Ease of use – Steeper learning curve but very advanced
  • Limits – Limited free plan of 6,000 but grows in paid tiers

It prioritizes deliverability and tracking over ease of use. But provides enterprise-level capabilities.

8. MailModo

MailModo is the most generous free Mailchimp alternative with automation included.

  • Pricing – Unlimited free: subscribers, lists, emails per month
  • Features – Visual builder, automation, Facebook messenger
  • Ease of use – Very simple and intuitive interface
  • Limits – Unlimited subscribers, lists on free plan

It offers the most generous free plan making it accessible for anyone.

9. MailerCap

MailerCap balances ease of use with a forever free plan for starter email needs.

  • Pricing – Free for up to 150 subscribers forever
  • Features – Simple builder, basic reports, integration with CRMs
  • Ease of use – Designed to be simple for beginners
  • Limits – 150 subscribers free forever. Up to 50,000 on paid plans.

It competes on being very easy and free for smaller email lists.

10. MailGenius

MailGenius focuses on small business email with automation in a value-driven package.

  • Pricing – $5/month basic plan to $35/month for a premium plan
  • Features – Visual builder, basic automation, A/B testing
  • Ease of use – Very lightweight and easy editor
  • Limits – 500 subscriber starter plan. Unlimited on paid plans.

It balances capabilities with strong value pricing for SMBs.

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To Sum Up

This covers top alternatives for Mailchimp across varied pricing models, features, ease of use, and limits.

MailModo and Sendinblue offer the most generous free plans. Moosend, MailerLite, and MailGenius provide affordable paid options.

Advanced platforms like GetResponse, Omnisend, and ConvertKit offer robust suites tailored for creators and e-commerce.

Overall, you have great choices suiting all needs outside of Mailchimp. Evaluate these platforms based on subscribers, features, and pricing to pick the right service.


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