10 Best Habit Tracker Apps to Build Better Routines

Forming new habits or breaking old ones is challenging. Habit tracker apps make it easier by providing features to monitor your habits, set goals, establish routines, and stay motivated.

Tracking your progress day-by-day develops self-awareness about your habits over time. Reviewing stats and streaks gives you accountability. Gamification makes habit formation fun.

Whether you want to exercise more, save money, meditate daily, or stop smoking, a habit tracker app can help.

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10 Best Habit Tracker Apps to Build Better Routines

10 Best Habit Tracker Apps to Build Better Routines

Here are the 10 best habit tracker apps available in 2023:

1. Streaks

Streaks approach habit tracking in a streamlined, user-friendly way. You choose up to 12 good habits you want to nurture and up to 5 bad habits to extinguish. For each, set a frequency goal.

The app displays your selected habits on a customizable dashboard. Just check them off each day as you do them.

Streaks add motivation by tracking how long you’ve maintained each habit. Simple, effective, and intuitive.

2. Habitica

Gamifying habit formation, Habitica transforms your goals into a roleplaying game with creatures to care for that grow as you progress. Check off habits to level up, earn coins for rewards, and complete quests.

Neglecting habits causes your character to lose health. Join parties with friends for encouragement. Habitica incentivizes sticking to good habits with fun gaming elements.

3. HabitHub

HabitHub features in-depth customization for detailed habit tracking. Flexible entry types allow tracking times, numbers, durations, locations, etc.

The calendar heatmap gives a visual overview of frequency and consistency.

Integrations with Google Calendar, Notion, and other apps enable tracking habits in your existing services. HabitHub delivers great visualization tools and integrations.

4. HabitShare

HabitShare lets you track habits with friends, family members, or co-workers for mutual motivation. Private groups provide a social support network. Share habitual wins each day and see others’ progress.

Daily reminders, statistics, and streak tracking keep you accountable. Inspire others by sharing the habits you’re working on. HabitShare leverages peer motivation.

5. Habitify

Offering simple, fast habit recording, Habitify is great for tracking multiple habits. Define each habit with a name, reminder frequency, target, and optional notes.

The calendar heat map quickly shows your habit frequency so you can adjust. Records, stats, and history give helpful data. No frills, just consistent tracking.

6. Done

Done focuses on an uncluttered user interface for streamlined habit tracking. Simply tap habits when you complete them. Charts and streak counts provide visual progress feedback.

Done encourages consistent logging through reminders and notifications. Switch between daily, weekly, and monthly views. Done makes tracking feel lightweight, not laborious.

7. Momentum

Momentum has a beautiful, intuitive interface for habit building. Integrate with Apple Health and Google Fit to track activity patterns. Customize dashboards with photos, quotes, reminders, and more to inspire you.

Charts and calendars visualize trends, while awards mark milestones. Premium plans add features like integration with smart home devices. The simple motivation-focused design shines.

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8. TickTick

While a full-featured task manager, TickTick also has excellent habit-tracking capabilities. Flexible settings allow tracking frequency, priority, times, reminders, and more. Integrate habits into your bigger productivity system.

TickTick shows habit performance on calendar and streak views. Tracking can sync across devices. Handsome interface, especially combined with task management.

9. Habitica

Habitify takes a straightforward, no-frills approach to habit tracking. Simply log habits by tapping when completed each day. Configure settings like reminders and notifications to your preferences.

The calendar heat map clearly shows habit frequency, while streaks track consistency. Charts visualize trends, and history provides long-term analysis. Simple but effective.

10. Habit Bull

Habit Bull offers advanced tracking with monthly, weekly, and daily logs, productivity graphs, and notes for each habit entry. Streak counts and timers add motivation to hit goals.

Integrate with Apple Health, Google Fit, and smart home devices for automated tracking. Tag habits and link related positive and negative habits. Great analytics and automation integration.

Benefits of Using a Habit Tracker

Developing good habits with an app provides many proven benefits:

  • Builds self-awareness of daily behavior patterns.
  • Creates structure and routine around desired habits.
  • Provides accountability through tracking and visibility.
  • Motivates with visible progress and milestones.
  • Identifies weaknesses for improvement opportunities.
  • Helps diagnose causes behind failures or slips.
  • Encourages consistency through reminders and prompts.
  • Analyzes trends through graphs and history.
  • Facilitates comparisons of different habits over time.
  • Enables integration with other wellness platforms.

Choosing the Right Habit Tracking App

Selecting the best habit tracker apps for your needs is key with so many options. Consider these factors:

  • Habits to track – Does the app allow tracking all the habits relevant to you with sufficient detail?
  • Ease of use – Is the interface simple and intuitive enough to stick with?
  • Motivational features – Does it include sufficient reminders, alerts, statistics, rewards, etc. to motivate you?
  • Analysis – Are the analytics like calendars, graphs, and logs sufficiently robust?
  • Accountability – Can you involve friends or groups for accountability?
  • Customization – How flexible is tailoring to your specific habits and preferences?
  • Price – Does a free version provide enough functionality, or is the premium version worth it?
  • Platforms – Are there web, iOS, and Android versions so you can track them consistently?

Setting Yourself Up for Habit Tracking Success

Once you’ve chosen the right app, apply these best practices for forming habits:

  • Start with just 1-3 keystone habits to focus your energy without being overwhelmed.
  • Set realistic, specific goals for frequency. Don’t set yourself up to fail.
  • Lay out context and cues to prompt your habit each day.
  • Stack habits, so easier ones trigger more difficult ones.
  • Schedule time for habit practice as you would appointments.
  • Reduce friction by preparing in advance what you need.
  • Involve friends/family for mutual support and accountability.
  • Don’t beat yourself up over slip-ups. Get back on track.
  • Analyze trends to adjust goals and understand influences.
  • Be patient. Habit formation takes an average of 66 days of consistency.

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To Sum Up

Habit tracking apps provide data-driven insights into building routines and reaching goals. Select an app that meets your needs and emphasizes consistent motivation.

Thoughtfully structure habits around triggers for success. Stick with tracking daily, even on difficult days.

Consistency is key. With the right habit-tracking app, you can better understand your behavior, create systems for improvement, and form habits that meaningfully enhance your life.

Just tap that button daily and reap the long-term rewards!


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