7 Best Generators to Buy in Kenya 2023

Best generators to buy in Kenya: Power outages are common in Kenya, causing disruptions to homes, businesses, and critical operations.

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A generator on standby can provide backup power to keep things running until electricity is restored.

With many generator brands and models available in the market, choosing the right one suited to your requirements in Kenya can be challenging.

This comprehensive guide discusses the best generators to buy in Kenya based on performance, reliability, cost, availability of parts, and suitability to operate in local conditions.

We will also highlight the key factors to consider when getting a generator in the Kenyan market.

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Top 7 Generators to Buy in Kenya

7 Best Generators to Buy in Kenya 2023
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Here are the top generators to buy in Kenya and their unique features:

1. Cummins C3.3 Generator

Cummins generators from the American brand are the gold standard for reliability. The Cummins C3.3 diesel generator has a power output of 9.1kVA, making it well suited to run an entire household or office essentials.

Key features:

  • Compact rugged design with excellent fuel efficiency.
  • Low noise levels at just 69 dB.
  • Built-in wheel kit for easy portability.
  • Cummins provides extensive service support in Kenya.
  • Costs around KES 350,000.

This robust and durable commercial generator is easy to maintain and operates smoothly even in harsh environments. Though expensive, it offers long-term value for money.

2. Honda EG3600 Generator

Honda’s EG3600 portable inverter generator is powered by an efficient Honda GX200 petrol engine, making it economical to run.

Notable attributes:

  • 2.8kVA power output ideal for backup power at home or worksite.
  • Advanced inverter technology provides clean, stable power.
  • Noise level of 57dB allows indoor operation.
  • Lightweight at just 40 kg for easy portability.
  • The price is approximately KES 78,000.

Honda generators require minimal maintenance and are known for their trouble-free performance.

This model is easy to use and provides hours of affordable runtime, making it one of the best choices for personal backup power.

3. FG Wilson P22-5 Generator

FG Wilson is a popular generator brand from Northern Ireland. The FG Wilson P22-5 is a robust, affordable diesel generator suited for rugged conditions.

Key details:

  • 5.5kVA power output can comfortably run AC and heavy loads.
  • Single phase operation and 5000 hours service interval.
  • Noise level capped at 72 dB for acceptably quiet performance.
  • Can be connected to an external fuel tank for extended runtime.
  • Costs around KES 165,000.

This generator has proven reliability even in off-grid settings. Solid after-sales support from FG Wilson makes it a wise long term investment.

4. Multiquip WhisperWatt DCA-25SSIU Generator

If low noise is your main requirement, the WhisperWatt DCA-25SSIU is your best bet. This ultra-silent inverter generator from Multiquip has the following attributes:

  • 25kVA power capacity for serious backup needs.
  • Incredibly quiet operation at just 52 dB even under load.
  • Compact size with easy mobility using built-in casters.
  • Fuel efficient thanks to eco-mode throttle.
  • The price tag is approximately KES 1.1 million.

While costly, this generator allows noise-free operation, making it perfect for hospitals, hotels and urban areas.

It provides abundant pure sine wave power for uninterrupted functioning during outages.

5. Cooper & Turner CT9000 Generator

For those seeking an affordable mid-range diesel generator option, the Cooper & Turner CT9000 is a suitable choice:

  • 6.8kVA power output.
  • Rugged design with single phase 230V output.
  • 1500 RPM direct injection engine.
  • 72 dB noise rating is average for the category.
  • Budget-friendly cost of around KES 215,000.

Cooper & Turner provide reliable generators at reasonable prices. This model is easy to maintain and offers trouble-free operation for many hours, making it a bang for a buck purchase.

6. Hyundai HY3000SI Generator

Hyundai Power Equipment offers the HY3000SI, an efficient portable inverter petrol generator well suited to local conditions. Noticeable features:

  • 3kVA power capacity for domestic and small business use.
  • Inverter power ensures voltage stability.
  • Low fuel consumption thanks to Eco throttle.
  • 57dB for indoor usable operations.
  • Competitively priced at KES 68,000.

This generator produces clean power, has good runtime per tank, and is easy to move around or store when unused.

Hyundai provides a nationwide dealer network in Kenya for support.

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7. Genelite GL-3500 Generator

On a tight budget? The Genelite GL-3500 petrol generator packs in basic functionality at an affordable price.

Key attributes:

  • 68dB noise level is average for the price.
  • 2.8kVA power capacity for essential appliance backup.
  • 4000 RPM air-cooled engine.
  • Portable compact size with handles.
  • Available for as low as KES 28,000.

Considering the low price, this generator delivers optimum quality. Though reliability lags behind premium brands, it is an inexpensive backup option for cost-conscious buyers.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Generator in Kenya

Here are some important things to keep in mind when selecting a generator in Kenya:

  • Power output: Determine the wattage and voltage you need based on the appliances you want to run. For home use, a 3kVA-5kVA petrol generator suffices for basic lighting, fridge, TV, fans, etc. While businesses may require higher output 10kVA-150kVA generators.
  • Fuel type: Petrol and diesel generator sets are commonly available. Diesel generators tend to be more fuel-efficient and require less maintenance.
  • Portability: Smaller portable inverter generators are easier to move around than standby generators for fixed installations.
  • Noise level: Check the generator’s noise, especially if you plan to use it indoors or in residential areas.
  • Brand reputation: Choose recognized brands like Honda or Cummins for better reliability and after-sales support.
  • Budget: Generator prices vary from KES 15,000 for cheap portable models to over KES 150,000 for heavy-duty industrial generators. Set a budget suitable for your needs.
  • Ease of maintenance: Look for generators with parts easily available in Kenya to avoid delays if repairs are needed.

Generator Buying Tips in Kenya

  • Buy from authorized dealers to get genuine products, warranty, and service support.
  • Match the generator output capacity to your needs. Overpowered units result in wasted fuel and money.
  • Ensure the generator can handle voltage fluctuations and loads like motors without tripping.
  • Compare generator fuel consumption when calculating long-term costs.
  • Opt for electric start models, as manual start types can be strenuous to operate.
  • Keep spare parts like filters, fuses, alternator belts etc handy for quick repairs.
  • Test run the generator before purchase and inspect build quality.

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To Sum Up

Blackouts can bring life to a standstill in Kenya. Installing the right generator tailored to your electrical requirements and budget provides backup power to maintain essential activities when the grid fails.

Carefully weigh factors like output, fuel type, noise, and brand reputation when choosing a suitable generator in Kenya’s conditions.

Models like the Cummins C3.3, Honda EG3600, and Hyundai HY3000SI deliver the best value for money.

Following the tips provided will help you make an informed generator purchase. With the constant threat of power cuts, a generator is an invaluable investment for every Kenyan household and enterprise.


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