Best Generators in Nigeria and their Prices (2023)

Due to the inconsistent power supply issue that has troubled Nigeria for years, generators are a common alternative power source choice among most Nigerians.

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Due to their accessibility, dependability, cheap maintenance requirements, and range of capacities, generators are highly popular.

With practically every generator manufacturer claiming a share of the Nigerian generator market, Nigeria is now one of the largest marketplaces for generator brands.

To meet consumer demands, these firms provide a range of generators with varying capacities and features.

We have provided a thorough list of the top 15 outdoor generators available in Nigeria, including their costs and their features.

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15 Best Generators in Nigeria and Their Prices

Best Generators in Nigeria and their Prices (2023)

Here is a quick list of the 15 best generators in Nigeria and their features:

1. Senwei 1.8KVA Manual Start Generator ECO

Senwei has some of the best and cheapest generators in Nigeria. The generator functions well and doesn’t call for large apparatus.

However, avoid using large equipment like air conditioners, chest freezers, enormous refrigerators, pumping machines, boilers, and pressing irons to preserve longevity. It is available in the ECO 2020 edition.


  • Model ECO 2020, 
  • AC Frequency 50Hz, 
  • Rated AC Voltage 220V,
  • Rated AC Current 5.45A.
  • Max AC Output 1.8KVA.
  • Rated AC Output 1.4KVA.
  • Max AC Output 1.4KVA.

Price: ₦78,600

2. Sumec Firman SDG7000SE Soundproof Generator

5KVA soundproof generator, Sumec Firman SDG7000SE model. The Sumec FirmanSPG 7000SE is a reasonably priced generator for your home or large business.

This generator provides exceptional value for the money since it is dependable, durable, and low-cost to maintain.

This generator is very useful in locations where noise pollution is prohibited.


  • Model: FIRMAN
  • Alternator Type Brush.
  • AVR 100% Copper
  • Enamelled Wire Voltage Regulation 220V
  • Frequency 50 Hz 
  • Starting Watts7500W 
  • Running Watts 6500W
  • Single Phase Engine: SDE186FAE, 4-stroke, OHV.
  • Air Cooled DC Output (HP/KW)System Starting at 12V/8.3ATank Capacity for Electric.
  • Fuel and Diesel Fuel 
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 980*580*695
  • Oil Capacity: 15L Noise Level: 72 dB at 7 meters
  • Weight: 160 KG 

Price: ₦799,700

3.  Elepaq Constant 4.5KVA Key Start Generator – SV6800E2 Pure Copper

It is now possible to purchase the powerful Elepaq Constant 4.5KVA Key Start Generator -100% Copper.

Modern design and performance technologies, exclusive to the Elepaq Brand, are used in this amazing
generator. The brand name is Elepaq constant type.


  • Model: Elepaq
  • 50 hertz (Hz)
  • Starting power is 4.5 KVA.
  • The running power is 4.0 KVA. 
  • Type of Alternator: Brushless
  • 100% Copper 2-pole
  • Enameled Wire220 VP Voltage Regulation
  • Just One Phase4-stroke, OHV,
  • Air-cooled engine DC
  • 12V/8.3A as output system of Starting: Electric/Recoil (Manual)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity for Petrol: 15L
  • Battery: Yes
  • Tires: Yes
  • Noise Level at 7 Meters
  • Dimensions (715*460*460)55 kilograms

Price: ₦ 195,000.

4.  Firman 5.5kva AC Master Generator 100% Copper AC6000E2

The New Sumec Firman AC6000E2 zero gravity power generator is a semi-quiet device. Its maximum power output is 5500W, and its average output power is equivalent to 9 hours at 75% load, 15 liters of gasoline, and 0.6 liters of oil.


  • AC6000E2
  • 5 kVA maximum rating
  • 4.5kva minimum rating
  • Tire and wheel
  • Dependable 100% copper

Price: ₦ 450,000

5.  Haier Thermocool Hustler Elect Generator 4800ES (4.1KVA Keyless Button Start)

The 1.5HP AC, a large refrigerator or freezer, and other appliances may all be powered by the 3.3/3.6kW TEC Hustler 4800ES Generator, which has an improved alternator design.


  • 100% Copper Coil
  • Low Noise Level
  • Petrol Efficient 
  • Automatic
    Voltage Regulator, 
  • 3.3kw/4.15kva (AVR)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 18L

 Price: ₦280,500

6.  Lutian 12KVA Electric Starting Professional Gasoline Generator With Remote Control

The improved 10KVA Lutian Professional Series Generator with Electric Starter, model number LS9375EB, is handed to you.

Thanks to its remarkable Petrol economy, this semi-quiet generator completely embraces the elegance of
design unique to the Lutian brand.


  • Automatic Choke for Easy Button Start
  • Improved cooling system
  • Flexibility in handling elastic
  • Use a steel tube frame with a fold-down handle for optimum job site and protection.
  • Battery and 12V electric starting mechanism provided for quick and simple starting.
  • 220V 50Hz frequency, 12 KVA operating capacity, and 11 KVA starting capacity
  • 100% copper noise intensity of 97 dB

Price: ₦ 545,800

7. Tigmax Generator TH6800DX 2.2KVA

This generator brand has undoubtedly had the fastest development. Japanese technology is of the highest caliber and is inexpensive.

Fully electrically powered, with an 18-liter fuel tank, and capable of running all the appliances in a house.


  • Electrically powered 2.5kva Japanese Technology 
  • 100% Copper Wire
  • Manual Starter.
  • A generator with an 18-liter fuel tank can run a refrigerator and all other home appliances.

Price: ₦118,500

8. Senwei 4.5KVA Key Start Generator SV6200E2 Full Coil

You can ensure a constant supply of electricity in your home and place of business with the Senwei SV6200E2 Manual Starter Generator.

It features a sturdy construction and has been designed to provide trustworthy performance every time.

This generator is ideal for usage at any time of day due to its low-noise operation. It features a 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine.

It includes a recoil manual and an electronic starting system for extra convenience.


  • AC 50 hertz (Hz)
  • 4.5KVA as a starting capacity ( Not suitable for ACs)
  • 4.0 KVA Running Capacity
  • Brushless, self-exciting.
  • 2-pole, enameled wire alternator
  • Regulation of Voltage: 220V
  • Single phase.
  • Type of Engine: Air-cooled
  • 4-stroke OHV.
  • DC Output: 12V/8.3A (KW)
  • Electrical and manual starter.
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • 15L Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Charge: Yes
  • Wheels: Yes
  • 7 meters away Noise level.
  • Dimensions are 715*460*460 (LxWxH).
  • 55 kilograms

Price: ₦ 145,999

9. Elepaq Constant 1.5KVA Manual Start Generator SV2500 100% Copper

Elepaq brand has some of the best generators in Nigeria. The low fuel consumption rate of the Elepaq SV2200 manual start generator is one of its best features.

It may work alone or as a backup generator for your bigger generator thanks to its 6-liter fuel tank.


  • 220V AC output 1.5kva maximum; rated at 1.2kva
  • 12V/8.3A as the DC output
  • Single Phase 
  • Engine GX90, 
  • Max 2.8 HP, 4-stroke OHV.
  • Air Cooled 
  • Alternator Brushless
  • 2-pole 100% Copper 
  • Enameled Wire
  • Starting System: Manual
  • Fuel Capacity: 6.0L Petrol
  • 7 hours at 75% run time per tankful 
  • Dimensions (L, W, and H) 460*380*330
  • Noise level at 7 meters
  • Size: 26.5

Price: ₦ 98,600

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The premium, quiet, and fuel-efficient Corolla 4.5kva key starting generator might result in excellent customer satisfaction.

It is designed to provide enough electricity for your home’s appliances during a power outage.

With this generator’s help, you can be sure that your home or place of business will have electricity when you need it.

Generators made by Corrolla POWER are simple to start and quiet to run.


  • Exceptional caliber
  • Key Starter 
  • 4.5kva Max output 
  • 15liter Tank capacity 
  • Air-cooled
  • Low Noise Tech

 Price: ₦155,500

11. Sumec Firman 5.5 Kva Rugged Generator RD3910EX

To ensure excellent performance and efficiency, high-quality components are used to construct Firman Sumec Generators.

A 5.5KVA semi-silent zero-gravity generator with a 15L fuel tank and 1.6L of oil capacity is one of the most fuel-efficient generators on the market.

At 50% load, it operates for ten hours. It is simpler to run from home thanks to the remote control, which can start and stop the generator from up to 65 meters away.

Despite being a very powerful generator, its loudness is a downside. It’s a really good generator.


  • Copper Coil Generator
  • Power output maximum: 6.5 HP
  • Electric plus recoil for starting
  • AC 50 hertz (Hz)
  • Maximum AC Voltage: 240V
  • AC Current Rated: 11.8 A
  • Watts at startup: 5500W
  • Operating Watts: 5000W
  • Security level: IP23 
  • Noise Pressure Level: 92 dB(A)
  • Bore x Stroke: 68 x 54 mm

 Price: ₦225,900

12. Tiger Generator TG1580

The Tiger microgenerator is a portable generator used at home and in small and medium-sized companies.

It is appropriate for use in homes and businesses, has an automatic overload circuit breaker and steady output, and is light, portable, and generally quiet and durable with certainty.

Their product does not come with a warranty. It is perfect for use in the privacy of one’s own home.


  • The price of an auto circuit breaker with a manual start: 50,000

13. A 40 kVA Perkins Generator

Modern, high-quality designs and dependability are hallmarks of Perkins generators. They put much effort into offering off-grid power alternatives and setting up new generators and other alternative power sources.


  • To guarantee that they offer the most dependable generators for sale.
  • They give clients the finest value for their money and long-lasting generators.
  • Their new generator line includes 15 to 2250
    kVA models in both three-phase and single-phase configurations.
  • They are UK-based generator manufacturers/suppliers that can provide from stock but can also build to order and can do this within a maximum of 1 to 2 days if you’re seeking new generators made to high standards.

Price: ₦ 4,600,000

14. Maxmech 3800 Manual Start Generator

It is perfect for your household appliances since it has 3000 watts, is simple to start, is semi-quiet, and has a steady voltage.

RWD-3800GZ The producer and distributor of products sold under the Maxmech name is Maxmech Generator, an industrial supply company in Nigeria.

The Maxmech Generator RWD-3800 is designed to increase 2KVA of electrical output.

It features a gentle sound that won’t threaten the neighborhood or house and is constructed entirely of copper wire coil. Additionally, it is made to power 2500-watt appliances.


  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Generator for key entry
  • 2 KVA is the maximum output.
  • Output Rating: 2.8 KVA
  • 40 kg Durable Weight

Price: ₦ 155,000

15. Haier Thermocool Max1500 Generator

An improved alternator design may be used to load medium-sized freezers, refrigerators, and other appliances.

Thermocool max1500 alternators were developed specifically to meet the requirement for inductive
loading from customers.


  • A medium-sized refrigerator/freezer and other appliances can be loaded using an optimized alternator design.
  • Design for Continuous Running for 300 Hours with Better Fuel Economy and Engine Vibration.
  • Simple Start-Up
  • Includes an AVR.

Prize: ₦118,150

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To Sum Up

These top generators in Nigeria are different from others because of their size, strength, and durability. The keys are used to light some of them.

Others use the traditional approach. But it’s important to emphasize that they are Nigeria’s top generator experts.

Remember that the Prices above are estimates based on the cost of the items that will help you make the best option at the time of writing.


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