10 Best Flight Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android

From frequent flyers to newbies, flight tracking apps appeal to travelers and aviation enthusiasts alike.

These nifty apps allow users to monitor real-time flight status, receive alerts, view live radar screens, predict delays, and more.

To help you take your flight tracking to new heights, we’ve collected the 10 top flight tracker apps available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Read on for details on their key features and why aviation lovers can’t live without them.

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10 Best Flight Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android

Flight Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android

Here are the ten best flight tracking apps for both iPhone and Android:

1. Flightradar24 – Best Overall Flight Tracker

Flightradar24 is undoubtedly the most feature-rich and widely used flight tracking app. View live flight traffic worldwide on the interactive map.

Get detailed info like altitude, speed, aircraft type, origin, destination, and flight number. See delays and cancellations in real-time.

Flightradar24 is a one-stop app for complete global flight tracking.

2. FlightAware – Most Reliable Alerts

Stay on top of your upcoming flights with FlightAware’s highly customizable alerts for delays, gate changes, cancellations, and more.

Live flight status updates keep you informed. Flexible filters and search make finding flights a breeze.

Registered users get additional perks like flight sharing and historical data lookup. For timely, detailed flight notifications, FlightAware delivers.

3. FlightStats – Best Interface

Booking a lot of flights? FlightStats’ well-designed interface lets you easily track travel plans. Sync bookings from your email for automated status alerts.

Handy charts visualize delays. The radar screen displays worldwide air traffic patterns. FlightStats simplifies tracking all your upcoming trips.

4. Skyscanner – Best for Travel Search & Tracking

Skyscanner lets you search for the best deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars all in one place. Get price drop alerts for monitored routes.

The app then continues monitoring selected flights and sends timely status updates. Combining travel search and flight tracking, Skyscanner has you covered from booking to boarding.

5. Flight Tracker – Best Radar View

Avgeeks will love Flight Tracker’s detailed radar interface. View air traffic in real-time on the radar screen. Tap any plane icon to see origin, destination, altitude and more flight specifics.

The radar view can be filtered by aircraft type, airline, altitude, speed parameters and other criteria. Watch flights unfold on the interactive radar display.

6. Flytrex – Best for Drone Users

Flytrex caters specifically to drone operators with features to ensure safe, compliant flights in controlled airspace.

See live info on ground and air traffic, weather conditions, drone regulations, and geofenced no-fly zones. Flytrex keeps recreational and commercial drone pilots aware and within regulations.

7. Plane Finder AR – Most Interactive Augmented Reality

Point your phone toward the sky and see live information overlaid about aircraft flying overhead!

PlaneFinder AR uses augmented reality technology to identify aircraft in view based on your compass direction.

It’s perfect for instantaneously satisfying your curiosity about that plane flying above.

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8. Flightview Free – Best for Frequent Flyers

Flightview Free comes loaded with delay predictions, real-time status alerts, and useful airline terminal maps.

Frequent flyers can conveniently store traveler profiles, upcoming reservations, and passport info. The app even includes TSA wait time functionality. Flightview Free provides an all-in-one travel solution.

9. AirNav RadarBox – Most Detailed Aircraft Data

RadarBox displays extensive technical specs for thousands of aircraft. Click any plane to view its full flight history.

Save favorite aircraft tail numbers for tracking. Look up registration, ownership, manufacturing details, and more for jets, private planes, helicopters, and commercial airliners.

For in-depth aviation data enthusiasts, RadarBox soars.

10. PlaneFinder – Best Crowdsourced Data

PlaneFinder leverages crowdsourcing to deliver enhanced global flight tracking. Over 70,000 community members provide eyewitness reports, photos, and other updates used to supplement flight info.

User-generated content means broader worldwide coverage. Contribute your own sightings while tracking flights for a collaborative experience.

Benefits of Flight Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android

Flight tracking apps offer a range of valuable benefits for both iPhone and Android users. Here are some key advantages:

1. Real-Time Flight Information

Stay updated with real-time flight status, including departure and arrival times, delays, gate changes, and even in-flight progress. This information helps you plan your travel more effectively.

2. Flight Alerts

Receive instant notifications about any changes to your flight, such as delays or cancellations. This allows you to adjust your plans accordingly and avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

3. Gate and Terminal Information

Access gate and terminal details, making it easier to navigate airports, especially in larger and unfamiliar terminals.

4. Track Multiple Flights

Track not only your own flight but also flights of friends or family. This feature is useful when picking up or dropping off passengers at the airport.

5. Weather Updates

Flight tracking apps often provide weather information for your departure and arrival airports. Knowing the weather conditions can help you anticipate potential delays.

6. Interactive Airport Maps

Some apps offer interactive airport maps, helping you locate amenities, restaurants, and services within the airport.

7. Flight History

Retrieve historical flight data to assess an airline’s punctuality or to plan future trips based on past experiences.

8. Check-In Reminders

Get reminders and instructions for online check-ins, ensuring you secure your preferred seat and save time at the airport.

9. Flight Booking

Some apps allow you to book flights directly within the app, streamlining the travel planning process.

10. Travel Itinerary Management

Organize your entire travel itinerary, including flights, accommodations, and car rentals, all in one place for easy reference.

11. In-Flight Amenities

Learn about the amenities available on your flight, such as Wi-Fi availability, entertainment options, and meal service.

12. Family and Friends Tracking

Keep loved ones informed about your flight progress by sharing your flight details with them.

13. Saves Time and Stress

Having access to accurate and up-to-date flight information reduces travel-related stress and saves you time when navigating airports.

14. Emergency Information

In case of unexpected events, flight tracking apps can provide emergency contact information for airlines and airports.

15. Global Coverage

Many flight tracking apps cover flights worldwide, making them suitable for both domestic and international travel.

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To Sum Up

Keeping an eye on the ever-changing flight environment is effortless with these handy apps.

Whether you’re waiting at the airport for loved ones to arrive or just love watching planes go by, flight trackers transform your phone into a command station.

Monitoring travel, spotting aircraft, avoiding no-fly zones, and enriching aviation knowledge is now just taps away thanks to these stellar apps!


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