6 Best DJ Apps for Android/iPhone

Mobile DJ apps can turn any Android or iPhone into a portable music mixing studio. While pro DJs may use sophisticated physical gear, dozens of apps now provide digital tools to mix, scratch, and add effects on the go.

We will cover the 6 best DJ apps available for Android and iPhone. For each app, we will overview key features, discuss pros and cons, and explain what makes it stand out.

Whether you’re a professional DJ or an amateur mixer, these iPhone and Android DJ apps offer versatile creative options.

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6 Best DJ Apps for Android/iPhone

DJ Apps for AndroidiPhone

Here are the best six Apps for Andriod and iPhone:

1. edjing Mix

edjing Mix provides a full-featured DJ app for beginners and advanced users alike. With two virtual turntables and a mixer, it packs professional tools into mobile devices.

Key Features:

  • Two virtual turntables
  • Mixer with cue, EQ, and effects
  • Instruments, drum pads, and live recording
  • Spotify integration
  • Cloud sync between devices


  • Comprehensive tools ideal for all skill levels
  • Smooth Spotify integration
  • Cloud syncing unlocks more features
  • Weekly challenges to hone skills


  • Subscription required for some instruments
  • Major features require paid plan

For professional tools in the most complete DJ app package, edjing Mix shines. From basics like beat matching to advanced live instruments and cloud sync, it has everything mobile DJs need.

2. Cross DJ

Cross DJ models itself after club DJ gear for an authentic experience. Dual decks, mixer with EQs and effects emulate pro-CDJ rigs.

An intuitive interface helps both hobbyists learn and pros sharpen skills.

Key Features:

  • Two decks with vinyl-style cues
  • Effects like flanger, echo and more
  • Looper to record and layer sounds
  • Cue points, pitch and beat syncing
  • Auto-mixing tracks


  • Professional grade tools
  • Polished, understandable interface
  • Comprehensive editing features
  • Auto-DJ helps learn mixing


  • Advanced features require paid version
  • Less suitable for casual users

For professional DJs or aspiring ones, Cross DJ delivers club-style performance. While too complex for casual users, its detailed mixer tools provide versatile creative options.

3. djay

Pioneer’s djay apps offer seamless Spotify integration, allowing endless mixes using millions of songs.

Multiple modes support beginners learning the ropes while unlocking advanced options for practicing pros.

Key Features:

  • Real-time mixing with Spotify songs
  • Various skill-level modes
  • Loops, cues and sampled drum pads
  • Split screen library previews
  • Auto-mixing from playlists


  • Smooth Spotify integration
  • Modes for all experience levels
  • Useful practice and preview tools


  • Most features require subscription
  • Less customizability than pro apps

By harnessing Spotify’s extensive library, djay opens creative mixing possibilities for DJs at any stage. Useful practice aids help polish skills or enable first-time mixing.

4. WeDJ

For casual hobbyists, WeDJ presents a friendly DJ interface without advanced options overwhelming beginners.

Packed with sounds and effects, it makes basic mixing straightforward and fun.

Key Features:

  • Mixer with cue, FX, loops
  • Drum pads, synthesizers, samplers
  • Sound effects for transitions
  • Auto DJ based on BPM
  • Big collection of songs and loops


  • Approachable for first-time users
  • Wealth of sounds and loops
  • Auto DJ helps learn transitions
  • Weekly challenges


  • Not suitable for advanced DJs
  • Limited mixing compared to pro apps

WeDJ lowers the barrier for novices through its library of loops, sounds and cues alongside auto DJ transitions.

While advanced performers will quickly outgrow it, new users will appreciate the friendly on-ramp.

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5. Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ packs authentic vinyl emulation and DJ tools into mobile devices. It most closely resembles professional CDJ rigs familiar to performing DJs. An advanced tool ready for gigs.

Key Features:

  • Two virtual turntables
  • Robust mixer with EQs and FX
  • Waveform displays, pitch/tempo sync
  • Sampler, cues, loops and more
  • Hardware mixer and MIDI integration


  • Excellent vinyl emulation
  • Tools comparable to pro CDJs
  • Customizable layout mirrors club gear


  • Geared only toward professional use
  • Steep learning curve if new to DJing

For practicing professional DJ routines or taking the club experience mobile, Virtual DJ delivers. Beginners should look elsewhere, but its pro-grade performance setup will delight working DJs.

6. Mixfader

Mixfader focuses on replicating the iconic crossfader performance style in an accessible mobile interface. Catered to hip hop and scratch DJs, it makes scratching easy to learn.

Key Features:

  • Two decks focused on crossfader
  • Scratch pads with popular samples
  • Pitch bend slow down/speed up
  • Mix recorder and tutorials
  • Beat-matching assistance


  • Great for learning scratch techniques
  • Fun samples tailored to hip hop
  • Solid tutorials for beginners


  • Lacks full mixing capabilities
  • Caters only to scratch/hip hop styles

For the scratch enthusiast wanting to develop crossfader skills on their phone, Mixfader delivers.

While limited beyond scratching, its samples and tutorials teach fundamentals in engaging ways.

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To Sum Up

Whether you’re an amateur looking to learn or pro-taking skills mobile, these DJ apps unlock creative mixing potential on Android and iPhone.

With accessibility for beginners, tools for practicing professionals, and everything between, options exist to mix, loop, scratch, and layer tracks from anywhere.

The ideal DJ app for you depends on your experience level and performance style.

However, the power now in anyone’s pocket opens musical possibilities once exclusive to bulky, expensive equipment.


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